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The US$2,900 NACSound Kayak Single Stereo Loudspeaker

Sonance will introduce a striking new loudspeaker at the 2008 CEDIA Expo in Denver, next month. The NACSound for Sonance Kayak is a single-source stereo speaker able to reproduce natural stereo sound from a single visually striking component. The Kayak can be suspended vertically or horizontally, and utilizes elements of both omnidirectional and multidimensional sound reproduction to produce an unprecedented stereo effect in either orientation.  Read More

QinetiQ's Zephyr breaks world record for longest unmanned flight

Qinetiq’s Zephyr solar powered high-altitude long-endurance (HALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has flown a world-beating three and a half day flight at the US Army's Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. The solar powered plane flew for 82 hours 37 minutes, exceeding the current official world record for unmanned flight which stands at 30 hours 24 minutes set by Global Hawk in 2001 and Zephyr's previous longest flight of 54 hours achieved last year.  Read More

The TouchKit open source multi-touch screen developer's kit

The Apple iPhone has given us a tiny glimpse of the huge potential of multi-touch screens as a next-gen super-interactive computer interface. And while we wait for Microsoft Surface to get its act together as a consumer product, a cheap and simple kit has just been launched that allows open source developers to experiment and build applications in C++ using a full multi-touch screen interface.  Read More

The Dillon M134 - the second coming of the Gatling Gun

Just over a 140 years ago, Richard Gatling’s famous multiple barrel invention became the scourge of the battlefield with its fearsome firepower and was used by colonising European powers to decimate the warriors of the non-industrialized nations they sought to conquer. Nowadays, the electrically-powered Dillon Aero M134D Minigun is taking the concept to new heights, using six barrels to fire up to 4,000 7.62 MM bullets per minute. As the modular M134D system can be easily adapted to any platform, it is finding favour in a host of new fearsome forms, most notably in the BAE-built Remote Guardian System being tested beneath V-22 Ospreys. Perhaps even scarier is the prospect of the weapon being used aboard the Ripsaw MS-1, a tracked 650-horsepower Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) under development which is capable of accelerating to 50 mph from standstill in around four seconds, turning in its own length and taking a 30 foot high 45 degree hill in its stride. Now is not a good time to be on the wrong team. Proof? Watch this!  Read More

WaveBlades - US$200 Body Surfing gloves

Bodysurfing is almost unique in that it requires nothing more than a human being to capture nature’s forces for fun and physical wellbeing, but like most human pursuits, a little extra help can make it so much more. We first wrote up WaveBlades six years ago – the Waveblade is a hand-worn glove-like Bodysurfing device that enables you to catch waves that were previously uncatchable, go faster and further and do new tricks thanks to the extra control available. You can also swim faster – all for US$200.  Read More

In photosynthesis, protons and electrons would be converted to carbohydrates for the plant...

An international team of researchers led by Monash University has used manganese, a chemical involved in photosynthesis, to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using only sunlight and an electrical potential of 1.2 volts. Scientists claim the process could provide a clean, cheap method of producing hydrogen for fuel cells and energy generation.  Read More

VUDU box

VUDU enables users with high-speed broadband to get instant access via their TV to video entertainment including 1080p HD movies and television shows. Now the company is offering a summer special, which will see customers rent one of 99 films for just US$0.99.  Read More

Radio 5.1: DAB Surround broadcast first at IFA

The Fraunhofer stand at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin will achieve a world first by broadcasting a radio station in DAB Surround and MP3 Surround Internet radio. ROCK ANTENNE will be transmitted in the MPEG Surround standard, which compresses the six channels of a surround music track to the extent that they require no more memory than a compressed stereo signal.  Read More

The Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle
 Photos: Lotus

Look closely and you'll see a Lotus badge on the side of this fascinating device. Built to act as a scout to plan routes for heavier vehicles on flat, hard-packed ice, the Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV) is set to perform its first tour of duty in Antarctica with the Moon Regan Transarctic Expedition. Three oversize, suspended skis give the ultra-light CIV a low friction contact patch, and handle the steering as the biofuel-powered propeller drives the vehicle forward. Braking is another issue - a large, spiked metal arm is forced down into the smooth ice, dragging the CIV to a halt - and it comes equipped with a radar to detect hidden ice crevasses that could spell trouble for the rest of the team.  Read More

DataCase allows consumers to turn their iPhone or iPod Touch into a hand held wireless dri...

The USD$8.99 DataCase allows consumers to turn their iPhone or iPod Touch into a hand held wireless drive and file viewer. The program is Mac and PC compatible, works directly with Finder and Bonjour, and requires no upload program or server configuration - users simply drag and drop files to and from their computer.  Read More

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