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Logitech V550 Nano cordless mouse

Logitech has introduced its new V550 Nano cordless mouse which is designed to go where your laptop goes by means of a Clip-and-Go dock that attaches the mouse to your computer.  Read More

Limbo String

After something a little different for your box of party tricks? At the click of a button, the compact Limbo Stringunit releases a colorful circular string which arches across the room. The string is constantly fed through the unit so it remains airborne at all times and if you turn off the lights, the multi-colored, fluorescent string will glow in the dark.  Read More

Popcorn Hour's A-110 Networked Media Tank

AV enthusiasts need never leave the couch again with the aid of the Popcorn Hour A-110 networked media tank. The A-110 is a combination of a digital media player, network attached storage and a media server. Supporting a mammoth list of all the latest video and audio formats, the A-110 includes HDMI v1.3a for playing full 1080p video, and S/PDIF Optical Digital Audio. Retailing at USD$215, the A-110 is within reach of most home entertainment budgets, and is leaving the Apple TV for dead.  Read More

The world's fastest Ford GT: up for sale on eBay.

Packing over 1000 horsepower after its GT1000 twin turbo upgrade, and with an eye-watering measured top speed of 235.4mph (378kph) that it can reach in less than 2 miles of straight road, this 2005 Ford GT has been given the full treatment by the high-velocity tuning gods at Hennessey Performance Engineering. Now it's up for sale on eBay - for the price of a small house.  Read More

Sony's PS3 makes a damn fine Blu-ray player

The PS3’s credibility as a Blu-ray player has received another boost with the news that the folks at the Criterion Collection – the distributors of “important and classic and contemporary films” – use the PS3 as their reference Blu-ray player in their new HD home theater. The news might come as a surprise to those that would assume a stand-alone player would trump a game console/Blu-ray player in the picture quality department, but the PS3 has consistently received favorable reviews of its Blu-ray playback capabilities after overcoming some early teething problems...  Read More

Teaser pics of the 2010 Chevy Volt

GM's extended-range electric Chevy Volt is slated to hit showrooms in 2010. After a rave reception of the sporty concept vehicle in early 2007, GM have been going full steam ahead on the production model - and now the Volt's Director of Design is calling for feedback on the first teaser pics of the production design.  Read More

BenQ's new E900HD widescreen monitor

Two new 19” LCD monitors from BenQ replace the traditional four-lamp apparatus with two without affecting the brightness of the monitor screen. The energy saving technology used in the E900HD and G900HDA allows users to cut down power consumption by 25%, decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 25% and cut mercury emissions by 50%.  Read More

The ElectraFlyer C plug-n-fly electric plane

The ElectraFlyer C is an electric aircraft based around the now defunct 1980s Moni kit plane designed by John Monnett which features in the Smithsonian Air and Space museum no less. The original and unreliable KFM 107 two-stroke air-cooled motor has been replaced with a modified version of ElectraFlyer’s US$8500 5.6 kWh lithium battery and US$4200 propulsion parts kit, will top 90 mph, fly for 90 minutes plus and recharges from a household power outlet in six hours at a cost of, would-you-believe, sixty cents. That’s serious bang-per-buck for an aircraft and bodes well for the coming era of personal flight being based around sustainable energy and as it’s almost totally silent, sustainable hearing without the need for earplugs. Silent aircraft, like silent RVs, are the way to a sustainable future for the sport.  Read More

We’ve written about Boston Dynamics’s BigDog Quadruped Robot before, but felt it was worth updating given there’s an impressive new video out showing the incredible beastie doing its stuff. BigDog is a gasoline-powered, hydraulically-actuated quadruped robot that walks, runs, and climbs over almost any terrain. Watch BigDog get kicked heavily and recover, walk across ice, rocks and incredibly, carry twice its weight while doing it. The DARPA-funded robot is chock full of technology, squeezing gyroscopes, a bunch of sensors and its own stereo vision system into a weight of just 75 kg.  Read More

Easy-to-produce plastic microneedles offer pain-free injections

Singapore’s A*STAR continues to put the country on the technology map, this time with the news that the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) has perfected an innovative range of microneedles that can be mass produced more readily and at a much lower cost than current microneedle technologies. The microneedles can be made from plastics as well as conventional materials such as silicon and metal and offer unique structures for better drug delivery. Microneedles are a fraction of the size of hypodermic needles and hence can penetrate the skin enough to deliver the medicine (or extract bodily fluids) but miss the nerve receptors so they induce no pain. Combined with the appropriate electronics, they can be worn as a skin patch, for regular doses of drugs to be delivered automatically to patients.  Read More

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