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The 'Muecke' (mosquito) single seater lightweight helicopter concept

The "Muecke" (mosquito) is a single seater lightweight sport helicopter concept that combines low weight and corresponding low flying costs in an easily transportable design which would make this flying machine the ultimate in personal aviation. The mini chopper is intended to be powered by a shaft driven turbine and features counter rotating blades. This means it does not require a tail rotor, instead utilizing movable paddles at the tip of the rotor blades which act like a kind of thrust vectoring of the turbine exhaust to help make course corrections in forward flight as well as in hover.  Read More

Ferrari set to withdraw from Formula One

In an announcement that shocked the motor racing world yesterday, Ferrari has signalled its intentions to withdraw from Formula One next year. Ferrari’s Board of Directors announced a EUR 54 million Q1, 2009 trading profit, only slightly down compared to EUR 59 million last year. At the same time it criticised the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile for its decision to introduce “two different sets of regulations based on arbitrary technical rules and economic parameters.” The Board announced that unless the regulatory framework for Formula 1 is changed, then “the reasons underlying Ferrari’s uninterrupted participation in the World Championship over the last 60 years – the only constructor to have taken part ever since its inception in 1950 – would come to a close.”  Read More

World MotoGP Championship-winning Suzuki for sale

The opportunity to own a world championship winning motorcycle is extremely rare. Usually, the only chance to obtain such a beastie is reserved for the people who have ridden them, and hence very few championship winning bikes exist outside the private collections of former world champions, or in factory museums. Now former Grand Prix motorcycle road racing world champion Franco Uncini has decided to auction the Suzuki 500 XR40 on which he won the his 1982 World MotoGP Championship via international Auction House COYS in Monaco on May 18.  Read More

New multi-speed Electric Vehicle transmission improves EV performance and range

The Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS) opens in Norway today and will see the official unveiling of a novel multi-speed electric vehicle gearbox by transmission specialist Vocis. Simulations show that a two-speed configuration could reduce the battery energy consumed by 5-10 percent over the industry-standard New European Drive Cycle, without any significant increase in overall cost or packaging volume, as well as extending battery life and providing the potential to substantially downsize the powertrain and battery pack.  Read More

Under the hood of the Xerox ColorQube 9200 Series multifunction printer

Although solid ink technology has been around for over a decade, solid ink printers have largely remained the domain of the graphic arts industry because they print more slowly and are unsuitable for higher volume printing. But Xerox has now firmly set its sights on the office market with its ColorQube 9200 Series multifunction printer, which uses new print head technology, with nozzles half the width of a human hair, to overcome past problems.  Read More

The PediSedate is designed to distract and calm children while they are being sedated

It’s not entirely brand new but interest in the PediSedate has been resurrected by Technologizer looking at Game Boy oddities as part of a 20th anniversary tribute to Nintendo’s handheld gaming console. The PediSedate is a clever medical gadget consisting of a colorful, toy-like headset that connects to a game console like a Game Boy system or some portable digital music player.  Read More

The Golden-i Bluetooth headset: you never leave work without it

Mobile phones and laptop computers have made traditional 9-to-5 workdays a thing of the past for many workers. That ability to work from any location, however, can be a double-edged sword. The flexibility to be freed from the office also means that work is increasingly encroaching on people’s recreation time, as they find they are never really off the clock. That situation looks set to worsen, or improve, depending on your perspective, with the introduction of the Golden-i from Kopin Corporation. The Golden-i is a Bluetooth headset that provides a 15-inch virtual display with a hands-free, natural-speech-recognition interface for wireless remote control over a range of devices including mobile phones, PCs, company networks and wireless systems.  Read More

Researchers calculated the nocturnal helmet gecko's cone vision was more than 350 times mo...

There’s a lot more to the Gecko than a cute little acrobatic creature that has sticky feet and can walk up walls. The helmet gecko - a nocturnal lizard - is among a few living creatures that can see colors at night. The trick to this unique characteristic is a series of distinct concentric zones of different refractive powers, according to a recent study published by the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology. The research team hopes these studies may provide insight into creating better cameras and contact lenses.  Read More

Boeing Business Jet Convertible repurposes from 50-passenger to full cargo config in eight...

Boeing has used EBACE to announce its Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Convertible is now available to prospective customers with very special needs. The USD50 million plus airplane reconfigures from all-passenger to all-cargo configuration in less than eight hours, making it ideal for Governments, corporations and independently-wealthy citizens who forsee usefulness in being able to quickly repurpose the craft from mobile boardroom to transporting up to 50 VIPs, staff or troops to delivering disaster-relief supplies or configuring for medical evacuation. Thanks to a new Overhead Space Utilization kit, which adds 75 square metres of space, it could also be easily used for transporting race cars, race horses or the entourage of touring musical groups.  Read More

Century-old French cabinet expected to fetch USD $1.5 million

An extraordinary cabinet described as the equivalent of the Cullinan diamond for French furniture will go under the hammer next month. First exhibited at the Salon du Mobilier in Paris in 1908 , the cabinet was made by the great French furniture maker Francois Linke, a leading light of the makers of French meubles de luxe in Paris during the Belle Epoque.  Read More

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