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The Micoder rips CDs to MP3 format and transfers them to a portable MP3 player in 5-7 minu...

The Micoder is a simple device that converts audio CDs into MP3 format and transfers the music-files directly to an MP3 player or USB mass storage device. You can have a CD fully transferred to an MP3 player within 5-7 minutes, without the use of a computer, and without any technical knowledge whatsoever.  Read More

Sortimo's passenger seat organiser

Sortimo have made a business out of configuring work vehicles for effective storage and usability – like these click-in, click-out van racks for tools and equipment. Their latest utility device is a passenger-seat organizer for travelling sales agents and the like that gives you access to your laptop, files and samples whilst lashing securely and locking into the car, and easily mounting on a trolley for portability.  Read More

1 million euro Lamborghini Reventon – 20 only

Lamborghini yesterday unveiled the Lamborghini Reventon at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Only 20 cars will be produced and they come with a very exclusive price tag - EUR1 million (US$1.38 million) plus taxes. Although it is based on the Murciélago LP640, the exterior design of the Reventón is completely new and combines extraordinary styling with its limited edition status and price tag to make the supercar a symbol of extreme exclusivity.  Read More

Australian rugby players in Canterbury's new ionically charged IonX sports clothing

New Zealand’s famous All Blacks rugby team are about to miss out on a significant Kiwi advance in sports clothing technology that their Australian, South African, Irish and Scottish teams will bring to the World Cup. The All Blacks’ Adidas sponsorship will prevent them from using the revolutionary new IonX sportswear from Canterbury - a smart fabric that uses ionic energy to maximize blood flow, cool and calm the wearer, and deliver measurable performance gains in power output and recovery times.  Read More

World’s first Ferrari stretch limousine

Now here’s something very much out of the ordinary. This unique black Ferrari 360 Modena carbon fibre stretch limousine will undoubtedly spin heads when it’s unveiled at the European Limousine and Chauffeur Show in the UK this month. The fastest limo in the world according to owner Dan Cawley, the 23 feet long, 400bhp vehicle achieves 0-60mph in less than six seconds and has a top speed of 170mph.  Read More

Inwindow Outdoor interactive storefront advertising
 Photo: Inwindow Outdoor (Copyright 20...

Inwindow Outdoor has launched a large-format interactive video projection platform for retail storefront outdoor advertising. The new product utilizes larger than life images linked to sophisticated motion detecting Human Locator technology to allow displays to interact with passersby.  Read More

Motorized Bulldozer

Lego is a household brand synonymous with childhood fun that also aides learning and motor skills. The toy giant has just announced its latest offerings in the Lego Technic range for 2007 with some notable improvements in technology including remote controlled functionality for models designed to replicate real-life vehicle movement and functions.  Read More

Sliding Boom

Plantronics have introduced a Bluetooth convertible mono to stereo headset for MP3 Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. The Voyager 855 headset offers a convertible design for listening to calls in mono as well as listening to music in stereo as headphones via a detachable stereo cable. Drop the second earbud or detach the cable and the headset serves as a high-quality mono Bluetooth device.  Read More

The awesome Mercedes-Benz F 700 Research Car

Unveiled yesterday at the Frankfurt Show, the Mercedes-Benz F 700 research car is arguably what a luxury touring sedan might look a few years from now. A small (1.8 litre) new design for the internal combustion engine in the form of the DIESOTTO motor (which combines the best properties of the spark-ignition engine and the diesel engine), a seating design that breaks with tradition to enable a spacious interior and a plethora of innovative technologies designed to create an exceedingly comfortable mode of travel. The technology which really interested us most was the suspension system - the car can anticipatively recognize the condition of the road and level out the uneven spots with its active PRE-SCAN suspension, further improving suspension comfort substantially. Click here to see more highlights from the 62nd International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt.  Read More

GM Flextreme offers integrated personal transport

Now here’s an idea that might well catch on – personal transport integrated within a larger vehicle, all of it cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. GM’s Flextreme carries two Segways below the cargo floor, allowing a further 38 km of electric mobility and completing the city commute or extending mobility into environments where cars cannot go.  Read More

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