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Luxury Electric launches trans-continental trek

Luxury Electric will drive its prototype electric vehicle cross the United States in an effort to prove that fully electric vehicles will be practical for longer journeys as well as the short-range commuting at which they already excel. Known simply as "The Electric", the retrofitted Acura TL has 24 Lithium-ion cells which give it a range of around 140 miles.  Read More

The SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s Edition SDHC cards allow users to record 39 images in conti...

New cards in the SanDisk Extreme III SDHC line have set a transfer speed record of 30 megabytes per second – 50% faster than the company's 20MB/s cards. The SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s Edition SDHCcards will hit shelves in September, for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$64.99 for the 4GB model, $109.99 for the 8GB model, and $179.99 for the 16GB model.  Read More

Philips Wake-up Light

Philips has shown the second generation of its Wake-up Light at IFA 2008, while Lenco, is displaying a multi-colored approach on the same theme. Both lights are designed to mimic the natural process of waking up with the sun and, hopefully, make it just that little bit easier to get out of bed in the morning.  Read More

Logitech Squeezebox All-in-One Network Music Player

The concept of the Boombox is no doubt reminiscent to many of our readers of people walking the streets with large objects the size of a sheep on their shoulder, doing irreparable damage to their hearing and conveying their lack of taste to everyone within shooting distance. Those readers, like yours truly, should get set for a brain reconfiguration with this story. The US$300 Logitech Squeezebox Boom all-in-one network music player looks like a boombox but it ain’t – it has an integrated amplifier, high-performance speakers and an 802.11g wireless network connection. With it you can listen to your digital music in any room of your home. There are no wires to connect. Just plug it into a power outlet. Then, using your existing home network, you can listen to the music on your computer, podcasts, Internet radio stations, and subscription services, even when the computer is off.  Read More

The Sountina sound fountain – 1.85 metre tall glass and leather column delivering 360 degr...

It’s taken us a few decades to fully wrap our brain cells around the fact that a loudspeaker doesn’t need to be box-shaped with an array of woofers and tweeters and equally, that remarkable sound quality can be produced from a single speaker. Taking it one step further is the new Sony Sountina: this single, elegant column, combining glass, leather and room-enhancing illumination, delivers music over 360 degrees, providing a sonic and visual focal-point for any room. The name comes from a fusion of the words ‘sound’ and ‘fountain’; just as people gather around a fountain, so the 1.85m tall Sountina will deliver amazing music to those all around it. Sony calls it a Circle Sound Stage, and it’s all made possible by brand-new Vertical Drive Technology. Check out the image library - beeeeautiful!  Read More

 LG unveils N4B1 Total Network Attached Storage Solution

Gizmag’s Noel McKeegan reports that one of the more interesting products to see first light of day at IFA this week was LG’s new N4B1 Network Attached Storage (NAS) for home and small business users. The system goes beyond just data sharing and provides advanced integrated data management including a built-in Blu-ray drive and version management. Available in two- and four-bay configurations, LG’s N4B1 accepts hard drives as large as one terabyte and makes it possible to share a single Blu-ray, DVD or CD among many users by creating a virtual disc library. After inserting a disc, the NAS can create and store an image of the disc which is then accessible by all of the users on the network. This not only saves time, but also reduces wear and tear on discs. Very cool!  Read More

Sony Cyber-shot T500 now with HD video

In the ongoing quest for manufacturers to differentiate their product in the compact digital camera market, the feature sets keep growing and growing and the killer app at IFA this week was undoubtedly high def video in digital cameras. With mobile phones fast catching the compact camera market in basic functionality, the integration of HD video was a no brainer and Sony’s new Cyber-shot T500 is the first to deliver in this marketplace. In addition to producing MPEG4 HD (1280x720 ) movies at 30fps with stereo sound, the T500 produces a 10.1 megapixel still image and switches instantly between still and movie modes at the touch of a comfortably placed button on top of the camera. You can even grab crisp still images (1280x720 pixels) without interrupting video shooting and a new ring-type adjustment allows easy zooming of the Carl Zeiss lens throughout the 5x range while you’re shooting movies.  Read More

Sikorsky’s X2 Demonstrator First Flight

Three years ago we wrote of Sikorsky’s intention to build a technology demonstrator for its X2 Coaxial helicopter technology, and earlier this year we expanded on the principals of the revolutionary aircraft. Today, we’re pleased to announce “it flies.” Earlier this week, Sikorsky successfully completed the first flight of its X2 Demonstrator, maneuvering the prototype aircraft through hover, forward flight, and a hover turn, in a test flight that lasted approximately 30 minutes.  Read More

A top-of-the-line image processor delivers 1080p/24 resolution, and converts color informa...

Pioneer is unleashing a Blu-ray player that will out-do the PS3 – and probably outweigh it too. The US$2,200 Elite BDP-09FD is hyped as the most powerful Blu-ray player ever built, and will feature Ethernet, BD-Live playback, and 4GB of internal memory for downloads.  Read More

Sony's top-of-the-line CDX-GT630UI head  unit

If you’re sick of fumbling with your iPod while hurtling down the freeway Sony have just the thing with the announcement of four new Xplod in-dash head units that are able to connect directly to compatible iPods and allow users to charge and control their iPod devices on the road. Each new unit supports HPF/LPF sound quality, feature 52 watts X 4 peak output enhancements and, if you’re one of the few holding out from joining the iPod brigade, there’s an auxiliary input on the faceplates, facilitating the use of other portable music players with a standard 1/8-inch mini jack cord, which is available separately.  Read More

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