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iGo's Green Technology charger

iGo has refined its product line with their upcoming "green" charger and their everywhereMAX travel charger, an improved 90W AC/auto/air power adapter that can be used to simultaneously charge your laptop and handheld mobile devices.  Read More

Powerfilm's USB charger

PowerFilm demonstrated a very cool USB+2 AA battery flexible folding charger at CES 2009. We were lucky enough to snap a few pictures of the device and get a look at some samples of their amorphous silicon solar technology for printing cells onto fabric or other materials.  Read More

Kinesis' K2

Kinesis' K2 device combines a wind turbine, solar panel and internal 3800mAh battery to create a smart charger for all your handheld gadgets The device can be left in a sunny or windy place during the day and can be charge the internal battery 20 hours via wind alone or 8 hours via solar (in direct sunlight) or presumably less than 8 hours by both simultaneously.  Read More

The Pogoplug home file server

The Pogoplug is a diskless file server that plugs into your wall, and connects to your home network and to any external hard drive of your choice. OK, this sounds similar to dozens of existing home servers already on the market, but Pogoplug's secret sauce is a proprietary tunneling mechanism that let you access files on the device both at home and on the road, via your PC, Mac, or even iPhone.  Read More

SanDisk pSSD-P2

During CES SanDisk Corporation unveiled its next-generation of flash memory-based solid-state drives (SSD) to support the netbook market - SanDisk pSSD. The new SanDisk pSSD-P2 and SanDisk pSSD-S2 SSDs have the same interface and functionality of traditional SSDs, but without the bulky packaging that's used to emulate 1.8" and 2.5" magnetic drives.  Read More

Callpod's V2 ChargePod.

Version 2 of Callpod's ChargePod product is still a few months away, but we can't wait to get hold of the product already. The 2nd Generation ChargePod is a 120W AC/auto/air adapter that can power a laptop, 3 small devices, and 3 USB devices all simultaneously.  Read More

Audi R8 V105.2 FSI

"The Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro was my pick of the first day at Detroit,“ writes Noel McKeegan from the North American International Auto Show which opened today. "It was the most aesthetically striking car that wasn’t a concept, and with the 525 hp 5.2 liter V10 engine replacing the 420 bhp 4.2 V8, performance has gone another level. With the quattro all-wheel drive, LED-headlights and aluminum body with a very curvaceous rear end treatment, it really is a knockout."  Read More

Dakar Rally – 26 countries and counting

We once dubbed it the world’s most dangerous legally-sanctioned sporting event, but the three decade history of the Dakar Rally almost certainly makes it one of the most influential and relevant sporting events to a large proportion of the world - it already had the second highest TV viewing audience of any sporting event other than the FIFA World Cup before it changed continents this week. On the weekend Chile became the 26th country in which it has been staged and from the massive following the race has developed already in South America, it won’t be the last. Since it began in 1979, the Dakar Rally has run through Senegal, Mali, France, Mauritania , Nigeria, Morocco, Spain, Algeria , Burkina Faso, Libya, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Egypt, Chad, Portugal, South Africa, Angola, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Namibia, Rep. Centrafricaine , Sierra Leone and Argentina became the 25th country on January 3. Volkswagen Touaregs swept through Chile in 1-2-3 formation at the head of the field, while KTM did likewise in the bikes – no doubt enhancing their brand names massively in a populous and rapidly developing continent.  Read More

MiFi (top) size comparison with iPhone

Novatel's clever, compact and compelling MiFi device combines a wireless access point, an internet router, and a 3G modem card into a package that's the size of a business card. Dave Weinstein spoke to Jon Driscoll, Novatel Wireless' VP of Global Product Managment, to learn more. See the video after the jump.  Read More

KITT at CES 2009

Mio needed a little help promoting their Knight Rider GPS at CES 2009, and we can't complain about their choice of KITT - it's certainly holding up a lot better than David Hasslehoff. Whether you're a fan of the TV show or not, you'd be hard pressed to convince any of the team at Gizmag that this isn't a gorgeous machine. Having said that, two things disappointed us - the fact that no-one was keeping it clean, and the fact that we weren't allowed to jump in the driver's seat! Don't miss the gallery.  Read More

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