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Inherited outlook – can our feelings effect our children?

Now here's a frightening thought! Brain chemicals such as endorphins, and drugs, such as marijuana and heroin are known to have significant effects on sperm and eggs, altering the patterns of genes that are active in them. In an article published in the latest issue of the journal Bioscience Hypotheses, Dr Alberto Halabe Bucay of Research Center Halabe and Darwich, Mexico, suggested that the hormones and chemicals resulting from happiness, depression and other mental states can affect our eggs and sperm, resulting in lasting changes in our children at the time of their conception. Bucay suggests that a wide range of chemicals that our brain generates when we are in different moods could affect ‘germ cells’ (eggs and sperm), the cells that ultimately produce the next generation. Such natural chemicals could affect the way that specific genes are expressed in the germ cells, and hence how a child develops.  Read More

LaCie DataShare SD and MicroSD Dual USB Card Reader

The clever creation of 5.5 designers, LaCie's latest data sharing offering is a twin-barreled USB Card reader designed to bring a new lease of life to old SD and MicroSD Cards.  Read More

The Liftt baby sling offers comfort, support and, most importantly, a touch of style

It is not always easy to find a functional and attractive baby sling. More often than not, they are difficult to put on, have too many buckles, are uncomfortable or come in a color that manages to clash with every outfit you wear. A new baby sling design from Liftt promises to offer support and comfort for both you and your baby and comes in a range of colors that is more likely to complement rather than clash with your wardrobe.  Read More

The millions of tourists who spin Tibetan prayer wheels each year could provide a much-nee...

Tibetan prayer wheels have been used for centuries to create harmony, enhance compassion and generate positive karmic energy. Now the kinetic energy created by the millions of tourists and Tibetans who spin the wheels each year could be harnessed to provide additional electricity for street lighting and homes.  Read More

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa fetches 9,020,000 Euro

The world record for a car sold at auction tumbled as predicted on the weekend when this 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa fetched 9,020,000 Euro (more than USD$12 million) at the “Ferrari Leggenda e Passione” in Maranello, Italy. Beautiful, rare (only 22 similar models were made) and with a rich and successful race history that began with a debut in the Buenos Aires 1000km in 1958, the 250 TR chassis no. 0714TR was snapped up by an anonymous phone bidder.  Read More

Sparkling Mineral Water for Dogs at $8 a bottle

Australian premium pet products company, Pets Palace, is launching a range of natural mineral water for dogs. Even more remarkably, the top-of-the-line sparkling natural mineral water named Bellaqua comes in handmade crystal bottles, encrusted with jewels no less, and costs AUD $42.50 (USD $32) for a box of four, plus delivery. For cheapskates who don't really love their faux children, there are four cheaper, non-sparkling varieties of Pet Pop, coloured, flavoured still mineral water which sell for AUD22.95 (USD $16.90) for a box of four.  Read More

Comparison of the SHV and 4K2K formats with HD

Demand for hi-res applications such as monitoring, remote health and digital cinema is ensuring we are forever moving towards higher definition moving imagery and JVC zoomed the future a lot closer this week in announcing the world’s first 4K2K 60p video camera and the world’s first full-coverage, high-resolution Super Hi-Vision (SHV) D-ILA projector. Both offer remarkable resolution and their size belies the remarkable technology inside, with the 4K2K camera weighing just 3 kilograms yet capable of 60 progressive frame live signal output and 8.29 megapixel (3,840 x 2,160) images - approximately four times the resolution of full HD (1,920 x 1,080). The SHV D-ILA projector can render video in a resolution of 33 megapixels (7,680 x 4,320 pixels) with 10,000 lumens of brightness and a staggering 5,500:1 contrast ratio. The camera will go on sale this year and advance orders are now being taken.  Read More

The LED-enhanced workstation is one of the entries in this year’s Emotionalize Your Light ...

A bright idea (pun intended) for lighting a workstation is one of the entries in this year’s Emotionalize Your Light competition. Andres4, the designer of the LED-enhanced workstation, has created a working prototype that features a band of LED lighting running around the desktop edge and additional lighting suspended from the ceiling. The disc in the middle of the upper panel is a “must for every Star Trek fan”, according to the designer. The colored lights of the desk can be changed using switches, but the designer is working on a way of switching the lights using a computer controller.  Read More

The Lolaloo rocking device takes care of rocking baby to sleep while you relax

Unfortunately, all babies are not created equal when it comes to sleeping. While one child will contentedly drop off to sleep, another will only visit the Land of Nod after interminable minutes of rocking. The Lolaloo is a clever, German-designed, rocking device that, with bit of luck, helps put baby to sleep.  Read More

Philips GoGear Spark media player

Philips has launched a portable media player (PMP) that glows while your songs are playing. Powered by Philips' patented FullSound technology, the GoGear Spark also features voice recording and PC download capability via USB 2.0.  Read More

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