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New research stirs corn-ethanol debate
 Photo: Noel McKeegan

A team of researchers from the University of Washington researched the impact on soil fertility and effects on food supply when fuels based on crops such as corn and soybeans are mixed with fossil fuels. They discovered that the large amounts of energy required to grow corn and then convert it to produce ethanol had a net energy gain that was modest and that corn-based ethanol was the worst offender amongst the alternative energy fuels.  Read More

Cirque du Soleil ticketing system - screenshot

Known most notably for on-stage spectaculars, Cirque du Soleil is now offering an innovative and time-saving off-stage experience for customers buying tickets. The company’s new online ticketing system offers audience members the chance to select their seat(s) from 3-D images of the venue set up.  Read More

The WASP Injector Knife

No matter how far personal weaponry advances, the last line of defence has remained the same. If a threat gets really up close and personal, divers, soldiers, campers and hunters all have to rely on their trusty knife when all else has failed. The trouble is, if your shark, elephant or enemy combatant is close enough for you to stab them, they're well within range to lay some serious hurt on you if your knife aim isn't true - and there's plenty of angry animals out there capable of disposing of you even with a blade hanging out of them. That's why WASP have created the Injector Knife, which forces a massive charge of freezing compressed air into the stab wound. WASP claims the shock and tissue freezing can stop the largest of land predators in its tracks, and it's even more effective on underwater predators.  Read More

ProNav GPS software for heavy vehicles

Navevo has developed GPS software for heavy vehicles that keeps drivers informed about the unique obstacles they face on the road. The £199.99 ProNav system offers dynamic routing and navigation optimization based on vehicle dimensions, legal restrictions, and weather and road conditions.  Read More

JVC Everio GZ-HD30

JVC has announced three new models for their Everio range of HD camcorders - the entry-level GZ-HD10, the GZ-HD30 and the GZ-HD40. All three models feature a newly-developed CMOS sensor, JVC's first departure from the CCD array.  Read More

The as yet unnamed Mazda Nagare concept

Mazda has announced that the latest member of its Nagare design series will be revealed at the Moscow International Automobile Salon. The pursuit of the Nagare design philosophy - the term is Japanese for ‘flow’ and the embodiment of motion - has resulted in several compelling concepts hitting the auto-show circuit in recent years including the futuristic Taiki and the 180mph Furai Concept.  Read More

Research into the cloaking properties of “left handed” metamaterials is continuing, with the latest news coming from scientists at the Polytechnic University of Valencia who have proven that these man-made substance can make objects impervious to sound waves. A proposed "acoustic cloak" would use sonic crystals, a class of metamaterial, to bend sound waves around an object, and could be used to render vessels Sonar-invisible... perhaps even bring to life that staple of spy technology: the Cone of Silence.  Read More

Fat Shark's first person RC racer 
 Photo: Fat Shark

This all-in-one RC vision system bundles a set wearable VR display glasses and a 4WD remote controlled car equipped with an on-board camera to deliver a drivers-eye view of the action. We've encountered realtime RC systems before, but what grabs us about this incarnation is the gyro-controlled pan-tilt tracking mechanism that's integrated into the camera mount so you can alter the camera direction with your head movement.  Read More

Wingscapes BirdCam digital camera

Backyard birdwatchers will love this wildlife spy-cam from Wingscapes. The motion-activated BirdCam is designed to capture video and digital photos of birds and small animals while you’re not around to see them.  Read More

AltusLumen TRI-L LED flashlight

Working with a portable light source like a flashlight can quickly become a headache when both hands are required for the job you are doing. Head-mounted torches are a great solution, but they don't always solve the issue if the light beam needs to come from another direction. Short of growing another arm, this practical and versatile LED light design from AltusLumen is one of the best answers we've seen. Targeted primarily at the engineering market, the TRI-L Magnesium Rechargeable LED Light uses two light sources and a 360 degree hinge to deliver distinctive foldable tripod shapes that should cater for almost any situation.  Read More

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