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The Fritz Institute has released innovative new software designed to help humanitarian organizations manage relief chain logistics by cataloging, tracking and delivering supplies to disaster victims. Known as HELIOS, the software platform has been implemented by World Vision International and Oxfam to assist their efforts in Africa.  Read More

EOS winery gates

The EOS Estate Winery has announced a $3.8 million plan to convert its California Central Coast winery entirely to solar power. To be completed by April, the project will include the installation of more than two acres of ground-mounted tracking solar arrays that will provide all the electrical power needs for the winery and tasting room, while additional roof-mounted solar arrays will provide all the hot water needs. The system will be installed by SunTechnics and will contain 3,084 photovoltaic modules totalling 540 kWp and 60 solar hot water collectors.  Read More

Fold-up sports helmet easy to stash

Bicycle helmets might be light, but they’re still very annoying to carry around because of their awkward shape. Stashkit have taken aim at this problem by producing a fold-up helmet that offers all the protection of a regular lid, but stows away much more easily. It’s the perfect companion for a fold-up bicycle.  Read More

Owner Bill Dube with the Killacycle electric drag bike - before he crashed it into a van.

We recently covered the record-setting Killacycle electric drag bike, a 350bhp animal of a machine that has been verified at the drag strip as the fastest electric motorcycle ever. The bike’s in need of some TLC now, though, after owner Bill Dube accidentally ploughed it into a parked van while showing off for the video cameras. Thankfully, he wasn’t too badly hurt and the Killacycle will live to drag again.  Read More

Photograph taken from the Moon's surface during the Apollo 8 mission. Photo: NASA

The prize that saw the world's first private spaceship reach beyond the Earth's atmosphere in 2004 is headed for the moon. The X PRIZE Foundation and internet giant Google are offering a US$30 million prize purse in the Google Lunar X PRIZE, a competition to land a privately funded robotic rover on the Moon by 2012.  Read More

QinetiQ's Sentry - an unmanned surveillance vehicle on a jet-ski platform.

UK-based defense contractor QinetiQ is preparing to demonstrate the Sentry – an unmanned watercraft the size of a jet-ski that’s set up to perform remote-controlled patrol, reconnaissance and damage assessment missions. Its six hour mission endurance and control range of up to 16 nautical miles will make this stealthy vehicle a very practical security tool.  Read More

MW-705 BT GPS watch - Click image to enlarge

Mainnav has released the Innovator MW-705 BT GPS watch - a timepiece that teams inbuilt Global Positioning System (GPS) functionality with a Bluetooth transmitter and also manages to pack-in a heart rate monitor, speed and distance sensor, temperature sensor, pedometer as well as the standard countdown timer and alarm.  Read More

The Vectrix Electric Maxi-Scooter

It’s a special sort of road test when you get to try out not only a brand new bike, but one of the first viable examples of a whole different engine technology. Loz Blain and Noel McKeegan get their hands on the Vectrix Electric Maxi-Scooter, an Italian/American beauty with a 100kph top speed, a 110km commuting range, and a two-way throttle that engages a very handy regenerative braking system. It’s a promising early taste of what’s in store when electric motorcycles hit the market in force.  Read More

BMW concept X6 ActiveHybrid

BMW has showcased two innovative new systems in the guise BMW Concept X6 Sport Activity Coupé at the 62nd International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. As well as being the first vehicle to be fitted with a unique stabilization system known as Dynamic Performance Control, the concept incorporates BMW's ActiveHybrid system – a combination of a combustion engine and two high-performance electric motors aimed at delivering greater efficiency over a wider speed range than conventional hybrid designs.  Read More

Planta Solar de Salamanca, Spain

Although the use of solar energy has is seen as viable for the operation of stand-alone devices such as phone-chargers and even a computer mouse, the question remains in some minds: is solar a viable alternative energy source on a mass scale? The proliferation of large scale solar power plants worldwide and plans to build several new ones seems to suggest that the renewable energy sector believes that solar does indeed have a bright future.  Read More

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