Photokina 2014 highlights
Evergreen Solar introduces new String Ribbon panels
 (Pictured: Evergreen Solar Spruce lin...

Evergreen Solar has introduced a new line of solar panels manufactured using its String Ribbon technique which offer several consumer friendly design innovations as well as being the most powerful products the company has ever produced.  Read More

Audi A1 Sportback concept

Audi has used the Paris Motor Show to unveil a compact 5-door variation of the 3-door A1 project quattro car first shown in Tokyo last year. The concept, which the company says "shows another possible direction for forthcoming production A1", features updated hybrid technology which combines a 1.4 TFSI petrol engine with a 20 kW (27 hp) electric motor that adds up to 150 Nm of torque during acceleration and can also run purely on electric power for more than 60 miles on a single charge.  Read More

Takumi Yoshida's SENS phone concept design

"SENS", from Takumi Yoshida, is a mobile phone design catering for those with visual impairment including complete blindness. The phone assists visually impaired users through a special keypad design, real-time audio feedback and touch sensing technology.  Read More

The cabin of the Airship can seat the pilot, flight attendant, and 12 passengers.

Starting this month, Airship Ventures is offering tourists the chance to travel aboard a 246-foot long, semi-rigid Zeppelin NT – the first giant Zeppelin to grace the skies of the US since the Hindenburg tragically caught fire more than 70 years ago. Passengers can enjoy birds-eye views of the San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley, Sonoma/Napa wine regions, and the Monterey/Big Sur coastline.  Read More

Apple’s new MacBook Family

Apple today unveiled an all new MacBook family with a new construction method (from a single block of aluminum), high-performance NVIDIA graphics, instant-on LED-backlit displays with the most significant being the introduction of large glass trackpads that support an array of multi-touch gestures that will further enhance Apple’s advanced notebook interface, making the traditional button part of the trackpad. There was also a 24-inch widescreen LED Cinema Display designed to easily connect a MacBook and desktop peripherals.  Read More

The stylish Miguel Caballero bullet-proof polo shirt.

For those occasions when a bullet-proof gentleman’s square just won’t do, there is the bullet-proof polo shirt. The US$12,000 anti-ballistic shirt from Columbian designer Miguel Caballerois is made of ultra-lightweight, bullet-proof fabric and features removable ballistic panels designed to offer protection from weaponry ranging from a 9mm pistol to an Uzi.  Read More

GrandCliff Double Retrograde Skyscrapers wristwatch

Ultra-contemporary timepiece designs can sometimes let aesthetic considerations get in the way of actually being able to tell the time, but Swiss watchmaker Pierre DeRoche has struck a sophisticated balance with it's latest offering - the GrandCliff Double Retrograde Skyscrapers.  Read More

Soyuz Spacecraft
 Image: NASA / Space Adventures

Millionaire video game designer Richard Garriott has made history by becoming the world’s first second-generation American astronaut to set off into outer space. Unlike his NASA astronaut father, Owen Garriott, Richard has made his journey courtesy of space tourism provider, Space Adventures.  Read More

The 'fit anywhere' eMachine EL1200 Desktop Series PC.

Thankfully the days of the big, beige box seem to be well and truly behind us. Now PCs are available in all shapes and sizes with eMachines EL1200 Desktop series opting for the popular smaller end of the spectrum and at a budget price. With PCs making their way out of the study in recent years the compact eMachines EL1200 Desktop Series PCs are designed to fit neatly into main living areas such as kitchens, family rooms, family den, studio apartments, dorm rooms, smaller bedrooms and home offices.  Read More

Internet updateable SmartGlobe

This update to the original interactive SmartGlobe from Oregon Scientific makes sure your geographic knowledge is up to date via downloadable weekly information updates.  Read More

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