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Toshiba's TG01

Toshiba plans to take on the smartphone market with their TG01, based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon platform running Windows Mobile 6.1. The 9.9mm thick device sports a 4.1-inch widescreen VGA (800x480) touchscreen, a GUI designed specifically for easy one-handed navigation, and the standard HSDPA 3G, WiFi, and GPS/aGPS connectivity options.  Read More

2009 Aptera 2e specs released

Aptera have displayed two prototypes at the Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) conference held annually at Long Beach California and have revealed more specifications for the 2009 production 2e. The big news is that we finally have some specs for the powertrain. The 1500lb (680kg) curb weight Aptera 2e will have a 60 ft/lb (81 Nm) electric motor driving the front wheels through a 10:1 single speed gearbox with power provided at 336 volts by a 10 – 13 kw/hr Lithium iron phosphate battery pack.  Read More

Skype 4.0 released

Skype has launched version 4.0 for Windows offering full-screen video calling, a new built-in bandwidth manager that optimizes calls in relation to your connection, a new audio codec which promises wideband audio quality using 50% less bandwidth than required by previous versions, plus a number of changes designed to make the user experience easier.  Read More

K-9 the robot dog circa 2009

The latest winner in this round of the Trossen Robotics competition combines both of man's best friends - dogs and computers. Despite its high tech capabilities, the autonomous pooch dubbed K-9 looks suitably low-budget from the exterior in-line with its namesake from the original Dr. Who television series.  Read More

Nikon boosts COOLPIX digital camera line-up

In an announcement that seems hot on the heels of Nikon's last major COOLPIX update (though five months is a long time in the digital era), the company has released details of eight new cameras due to hit shelves soon. The four Style Series, one Performance Series and three Life Series cameras all share NIKKOR lenses and EXPEED™ digital image processing along with new features such as Blink proofing, "Enhanced Face-priority Auto Focus", which can detect up to 12 faces-per-image, and an automatic scene selection function.  Read More

The AutoMoto tilting three-wheeler

There was lots of interest last year when we wrote about Sidam's Xnovo, which essentially looked like a 500cc micro-minivan on three wheels. But the Xnovo hasn't materialized on the market yet, and its USD$10,000 projected price robs it of any practical claim to economy. The California-built AutoMoto, however, achieves many of the Xnovo's aims for less than half the price. It's got a roof, a windshield, wipers, an MP3 stereo, CVT, two seats and a large, lockable storage trunk - and it has three wheels, with two at the rear, which attach to a platform that allows the body to tilt when cornering. Its 150cc engine gets 83mpg in daily use - 30mpg better than the Toyota Prius - and it's much easier to park. It can squeeze through traffic like any other scoot, but it doesn't require a motorcycle license or helmet in many US states. The AutoMoto should prove itself to be a practical and fun way to get around and it looks like a bargain too, at only USD$3800.  Read More

Noriyuki Haga follows Michel Fabrizio

The global financial crisis has clearly hammered the highest echelons of prototype racing, with established teams like Honda and Kawasaki pulling out of F1 and MotoGP respectively in the last couple of months. But for the production-based (and much cheaper) World Superbike series, things have never looked better than they do at the start of 2009. Despite the retirement of beloved champion Troy Bayliss, the 2009 WSBK grid will field a record 32 bikes from a record 7 manufacturers as BMW and Aprilia join the fray with exotic new machinery. There's also an influx of phenomenally talented riders - including AMA champ Ben Spies, BSB champ and ex-GP god Shakey Byrne, and precocious youngsters Tom Sykes and Leon Haslam to do battle with battle-hardened veterans like Nitro Nori Haga, Biaggi, Corser and Kagayama. The first pre-season test has been run, giving us a glimpse at who's fast and who's faster, so it's time for a WSBK season preview, looking at the class, the teams, the bikes and the personalities that make SBK the race series to watch in 2009.  Read More


While some of you might remember the Chinese Olympic Games kicking off at 08:08:08pm on 08/08/08, here's one for the developers (or just plain geeky) in our audience. At 11:31:30pm UTC on Friday, February the 13th, "UNIX time", that is, the number of seconds since midnight UTC on January 1, 1970, will reach 1234567890.  Read More

Samsung's 4Gb DRAM chip

Samsung Electronics has developed the first four gigabit DRAM memory chip using its 50 nanometer technology. 16GB modules using the 4Gb chips use 40% less power than previous DDR3 modules thanks to higher density and half the number of chips.  Read More

Toyota's hypermiling iQ topped 500 miles to a tank

We're a competitive bunch us human beings, with the same evolutionary skill sets which took us to unquestioned lords of the fuel chain, seemingly able to turn our competitiveness to any challenge. Witness the alarming gas price rises of recent times, a marked change in our driving habits and … the advent of hypermiling - the best new word of the year according to the New Oxford American Dictionary. Last week a pair of Toyota-employed hypermilers managed to push Toyota's new iQ way beyond its official mpg figures.  Read More

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