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North American NAVIGON on board navigation system for the iPhone

The convergence of the mobile phone and GPS took a quantum leap this week when NAVIGON released a North American version of its on-board navigation software for the iPhone. MobileNavigator transforms any iPhone 3G (or S) with OS 3.0 into a complete navigation device. The on-board approach means the software and map data is on the iPhone, so there are no subscription fees to pay or map downloads to wait for during navigation. It includes most regular NAVIGON functionality such as Reality View Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, Speed Assistant and Day & Night Mode, branded POIs along the route with more features to be added with software updates later this year.  Read More

When tattoos go horribly wrong.

Gone are the days when tattoos were only for registered bad-asses - today's tattoo owner is just as likely to get inked up with a tramp stamp or football team crest as a Hells Angels insignia. If you're thinking of getting a tatt to commemorate a relationship, or for fashion reasons, or simply as a dare or a joke, you might want to make sure the artist is using InfinitInk - a high-tech tattoo ink that's just as permanent as regular ink, but four times quicker to remove through laser treatment if you ever want to get rid of it down the track.  Read More

Don't ya wish your hybrid was hot like mine?

Hybrid automotive engineering finally made its way to the forefront of the world's most important motorsport series on the weekend when cars running the “hybrid” Kinetic Energy Recovery System finished first and second at the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix. The winning McLaren Mercedes MP4/24 of reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton and second-placed Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen both used KERS systems, increasing the likelihood that both manufacturers will introduce high performance hybrid sports cars in the near future. Wired recently reported that McLaren was preparing a hybrid supercar, and Car and Driver is also speculating that the expected F430 successor includes a KERS system directly descendant from the F1 car. Ironically, the KERS system is likely to be dumped from F1 in 2010 as part of radical cost-cutting measures.  Read More

Attaching molecules to semiconducting silicon affects the threshold voltage, or gate volta...

Scientists at Rice University and North Carolina State University have found a method of attaching molecules to semiconducting silicon that may help manufacturers reach past the current limits of Moore's Law as microprocessors become smaller and more powerful.  Read More

Careful, you never know when an ATM might attack

Who’d want to work for a bank in South Africa? If violent attacks on ATMs weren’t enough – more than 500 were bombed last year – then the ATMs themselves start turning on you. In a desperate attempt to stem the growing tide of crime, Absa Bank fitted pepper spray to 11 cash machines in Western Cape, a popular tourist area. But, so far, the spray has only prevented three maintenance workers from doing their jobs.  Read More

The beauty of sunspots has been revealed through the use of supercomputers (Photos: Matthi...

An international team of scientists led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has created the first-ever comprehensive computer model of sunspots. It is hoped the use of the supercomputer modeling - the supercomputers undertake 76 trillion calculations per second - will help scientists unlock mysteries of the sun and its impacts on Earth.  Read More

The Circulus concept design by Santosh Chawla

Did you marvel at the impressive cornering and maneuverability of the Dyson Ball when it first raced around the floor in TV ads? If such a ball design can take a vacuum cleaner to places no others would dare to go, what could such a thing could do for a car? Graphic designer Santosh Chawla has incorporated a similar principle into his hydrogen powered Circulus concept car design.  Read More

A range of waterproof keyboards and mice from Seal Shield are fully washable

Seal Shield's range of keyboards and mice are waterproof, dishwasher safe and contain antimicrobial properties to resist the spread of harmful germs and bacteria, which means a cleaner, healthier work and play environment.  Read More

Gizcast 8: The Cranklock

There's some controversy in the original Cranklock article comments over whether Chris Toal's latest invention will actually work - in this week's podcast we hear a little from the man himself about the device he believes could revolutionize the cycling world. We'll also hear from Geoffrey Baird in the booth about what he's been enjoying at gizmag.com this week.  Read More

Google Wave is set to turn online communication on its head when it begins to accept publi...

E-mail has been dawdling along in much the same form since the early days of the Internet. In fact, e-mail now feels like a pretty stodgy, clunky and formal style of online communication. But hold onto your seats, because Google is about to turn e-mail on its head with the release of a revolutionary new technology called Google Wave that's due to start trickling into users' hands this September. Wave combines the strengths of e-mail with the immediacy of instant messaging and the collaborative power of social networking - and wraps that all up into a killer web application that can then be embedded into any web page or used as a private communication system. Sound complicated? It is - but you'll understand it perfectly after watching this ten-minute video.  Read More

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