Highlights from the 2014 LA Auto Show
Survey shows successful women use a distinctive gender-associated influencing style

A recent survey of women leaders in information technology shows that 92% of those surveyed believe that the ability to influence stakeholders is key to their overall success, and view their influencing approach as very different from the style of their male colleagues. The study was conducted The Leader's Edge/Leaders By Design in partnership with a major professional association for CIOs.  Read More

Bang & Olufsen's BeoVision 4-103 plasma: 500 kilos, 103 inches, USD$123,000

Danish design company Bang & Olufsen has gone mega with its BeoVision 4 HDTV, formerly available in 50 and 65 inch versions, and announced the BeoVision 4-103 – a 103 inch plasma that weighs in at 500 kgs and will sell for GBP 85,000 (USD 123,000) when it hits showrooms in June. The screen is manufactured by Panasonic, but comes with a host of B&O picture improvement and home theatre technologies, the usual B&O knock-out styling and functionality, and a motorized stand that can be used to adjust the viewing angle and rotate the display, plus a motorized centre channel speaker which moves up and down so it can be concealed when not in use.  Read More

The Slik-Stik nexgen high-tech walking stick

The SLIK-STIK is a next-generation walking stick that just might be a killer app with the post war baby boom moving into senior citizenhood. It's adjustable in height, folds up for convenient storage and portability, has a rubberised non-slip hand grip, a forward facing super bright LED torch light and a foot-fall floodlight to ensure safe footing at night on pavements, steps, and other trip hazards. It also has a panic alarm and best of all, it incorporates an induction generator system inside, so a minute of winding the retractable handle is sufficient to provide several minutes of emergency illumination.  Read More

Memphis Car Audio SClass Flat Subwoofer

At just 3 inches deep, it’s not surprising that the Memphis Car Audio SClass Flat Subwoofer has won awards for innovation. If you want big bass you usually need big space. Memphis however, has developed a new method of attaching the spider to the voice coil that improves both durability and sound quality. Generally the spider/voice coil combination needs more space so as to maximize performance and the throw distance the speaker is capable of – more cone movement equals more bass.  Read More

Toyota PHV at the charging outlet

In a world of increasing green house gases and global warming, Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHV’s) appear to be one of the key technologies moving ahead, that hold genuine promise of a reduced carbon footprint. In a partnership between EDF and Toyota this promise looks even more optimistic. Today they announced a major step forward in their joint road-trials in France, involving the release of about 100 PHVs equipped with lithium-ion batteries and an innovative charging infrastructure.  Read More

Hi-Flow integrated filtering system - bottle quality from the tap

The Hi-Flow integrated filtering system is a unique and clever way to deliver fresh, filtered tap water at home. Unlike some other filtration systems, the Hi-Flow metal cartridge is installed under the sink without the need to drill a separate hole in the sink or bench top. The system is then plumbed inline to an existing standard cold tap or mixer tap, therefore eliminating the need to have a separate filtration unit or tap. Once connected the Hi-Flow delivers mains pressure, freshly filtered water directly from the kitchen tap.  Read More

The Brown University robot interprets human silhouttes as calls to action.
 Image via Br...

A team from Brown University has developed a robot capable of following verbal and nonverbal commands in indoor and outdoor environments. Based on iRobot's brain-trust, previously known for developing PackBot, the machine was presented at the Human-Robot Interaction conference from March 11-13.  Read More

The Milli-Grip adjustable spanner

When you think you have come across all the tools that could possibly add any value, along comes a new one to the ranks. The Milli-grip spanner, from HTM Products of Sussex, is a "must have" for the home handyman. It is an adjustable spanner that fits metric nuts and bolts from 2mm through to 32mm, in 1mm increments. Through its ratchet system, it eliminates the slippage problems (and associated skinned knuckles) inherent in the traditional shifting spanner/wrench, with its worm-gear operation. Suitable for use by both left and right handed people, the Milli-grip can be adjusted to a precise fit with just one hand in a fraction of the time required with the old shifting spanner. Once locked onto the nut or bolt, it will not alter its setting during use.  Read More

UKP20,000 robotic fish to act as water pollution police

A number of robotic fish are to be trialled into the port of Gijon in Spain to evaluate how effectively and cost-efficiently they can detect water pollution. The 1.5 meter carp-shaped robots are part of a three-year research project funded by the European Commission and if successful, the fish could be used in rivers, lakes and seas across the world. The life-like creatures, which will mimic the undulating movement of real fish, will be equipped with tiny chemical sensors to find the source of potentially hazardous pollutants in the water, such as leaks from vessels in the port or underwater pipelines.  Read More

Caparo's T1 Race Extreme – 620 bhp pushing 550 kg

We've written a lot about the Caparo T1 supercar - an aluminium V8 in a carbon fibre tub designed by former McLaren employees to simulate an F1 car on the road. When the Stig ran the T1 on Top Gear's test track, it beat all previous lap times by a whopping SEVEN seconds. Just to prove that too much is never enough, the T1 is now available in a 620 bhp Race Extreme version, aimed specifically at the high end track day market. It can generate 4 G under brakes and 3.5 G during cornering - the sort of G-forces an aerobatic pilot experiences. It accelerates from 0-100 kmh in 2.8 seconds and 0-100mph in 5.8 seconds - faster than a base-jumper in free fall! With a power to weight ratio better than double that of a Bugatti Veyron, this is almost certainly the fastest accelerating production car on the planet!  Read More

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