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Yellow crazy ants  Image: CSIRO

While the implications of climate change for biodiversity have been widely recognised, the insidious effect of invasive alien species (IAS) on global biodiversity stays under the radar. Last Friday was the United Nations’ International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) and the International Convention on Biological Diversity sees IAS as “one of the greatest threats to biodiversity, and to the ecological and economic well-being of society and the planet”. “Increasing globalisation has led to greater movement of new species around the world, and native species killed or stressed by global change will all too often be replaced by these weeds and feral animals,” says CSIRO Biodiversity Research Director, Dr Mark Lonsdale. CSIRO Podcast  Read More

Philips LED-illuminated wine cooler

Domestic bliss can get a tad dull from time to time – but you have to hand it to Dutch electronics giant Philips for trying to brighten the home front up with its range of LED-illuminated home accessories. The products include a vase, wine cooler, coasters and platter and have been designed so as to be used in various combinations to create different moods around the home.  Read More

Image taken by the Surface Stereo Imager of NASA's Phoenix Lander, shows Martian soil pile...

Despite falling silent late last year after five months on the arctic plains of the Red Planet, scientists around the globe continue to analyze data gathered by the Phoenix lander and uncover more clues in the search for evidence of life elsewhere. This latest news comes from researchers at the University of Arkansas who have shown that salts discovered at the Phoenix landing site have the potential to be found as liquid water - an essential ingredient for life - under the temperature and pressure conditions present on Mars.  Read More

Australian researchers estimate that nanotechnology can boost DVD storage 2000-fold, witho...

Until recently, the idea of holding your entire collection of movies on a single super-sized DVD was the stuff of science fiction. According to Australian researchers at Melbourne's Swinburne University of Technology, advances in their study of nanoparticles have raised the possibility of storing vast amounts of data on the one disc in the not-too-distant future.  Read More

The “roulette wheels” created by MIT researchers to show the range of probability of poten...

Research carried out by the MIT's Center for Global Change Science has predicted that global warming will be roughly double previous estimates – and could be even worse than that. While a major 2003 study indicated a median projected increase in earth surface warming of 2.4 degrees Celsius, the new study, which takes into account possible changes in human activities, points to a median probability of surface warming of 5.2 degrees Celsius by 2100 unless drastic action is taken.  Read More

Samsung releases slimline SPF-87H Digital Photo Frame

Slim is in. As flat screen TVs strive for a wafer-like profile so do their diminutive digital photo frame cousins, and at 23 mm (.91 inches) thin, Samsung's SPF-87H is not about to buck the trend. The unit's 8-inch, 800x480 resolution LCD screen has a 500:1 contrast ratio and there's 1GB of on-board memory loadable via SD slot or USB.  Read More

Swiss Super Coupe – the 858 bhp Sportec SPR1 4WD Super Coupe

Start with a Porsche, throw away all the bits and reengineer or replace everything, then slot in an 858 bhp twin turbo engine – that's the Swiss-made Sportec SPR1. It's one of the few production cars in the world capable of more than 380 km/h. Using exotic materials of all kinds, weight has been pared down to just 1345 kg, enabling the beastie to hit 100kmh in three seconds and 200 kmh in 8.7 seconds. The electrically adjustable chassis adapts itself to any requirements at the push of a button and those massive, ultra-light forged rims enable gigantic brakes capable of stopping from 100 km/h in just 36 metres More than half of Sportec’s limited SPR1 production run has already been sold and the UKP600,000 car will be seen outside Switzerland for the first time at the hyper exclusive Salon Privé at London's Hurlingham Club in July so prospective British customers can appreciate it in the flesh.  Read More

Assist. Prof. Dean Ho and Prof. Horacio Espinosa

Nanomaterials less than 100-thousand-millionths of a meter in size have the potential to radically change current drug delivery techniques with early trials showing the ability of nanomaterials to moderate the release of highly toxic chemotherapy drugs with reduced side effects and improved targeting. Using nanodiamonds, researchers at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science have demonstrated a new tool designed to precisely deliver tiny doses of drug-carrying to individual cells - the Nanofountain Probe.  Read More

Daimler acquires stake in Tesla

Daimler AG has announced the acquisition of almost 10 percent of fledgling Californian EV producer Tesla. The deal, which should help Tesla meet its planned 2011 launch date for the Model S sedan, is the latest news in an ongoing relationship between Tesla and the German automotive giant which also includes a previously announced agreement to supply lithium-ion battery packs in the first 1,000 units of Daimler’s electric smart car.  Read More

LG's Wi-Fi enabled BD390 Network Blu-ray Disc Player

At CES earlier this year LG signaled its intention to release stablemates for its first entry into the Blu-ray player market, the BD300. Having already delivered the BD370 earlier this year, LG continues to expand its Blu-ray offerings with the BD390 Network Blu-ray Disc Player. The new player includes all the bells and whistles of the BD370 and adds expanded online content, wireless connectivity and 1GB of built-in storage to the mix.  Read More

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