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Reduce weight for soldiers

Estimates put the number of people without access to safe drinking water at a staggering one billion, and with thousands – most of them children - dying daily from the risks associated with waterborne disease there is no doubting the significance of this new all-in one ultra filtration water bottle. The LIFESAVER bottle is a World first breakthrough for access to clean drinking water that removes waterborne pathogens without the use of expensive overheads or chemicals. The device has huge potential to save lives in humanitarian and disaster relief operations as well in military situations where its pressurized system also allows it to be used as a sterile wound wash.  Read More

The Mangusta 165 - World's largest Open yacht

One of the many first views at the first boat show of the European season, the Salon Nautique in Cannes, was the Mangusta 165’ (50 meters), the largest Open yacht in the world. Towering over just about everything in the resplendent harbour, and with invites aboard restricted to Greek Shipping magnates and the like, the EUR 20 million yacht is the new record holder for size in the open class. Besting the existing record held by with its Mangusta 130, the largest open super yacht is destined to remain in the near vicinity as the European home of Australian entrepreneur Jamie Packer, son of the Late Kerry and Grandson of Sir Frank, who has moved the family business out of publishing and into casinos and hence has a lot of business to do in Europe. Combining the recurrence and cost-effectiveness of a Semi-Custom, the Rodriguez Group hopes to deliver two Mangusta 165s a year from 2009.  Read More

Apple iPhone

Sales of a new class of “always-on”, Internet-connected products categorized as “Ultra-Mobile Devices” (UMDs) will reach somewhere in the realm of 95 million units by 2012 according to a new report from ABI Research. The report covers a range of emerging devices that will vary in form and functionality, with established manufacturers such as Nokia and Apple clearly standing to benefit from this next boom.  Read More

iSlide: Segway meets skateboard in radical urban transport concept

These days the term skateboard tends to refer to a whole raft of different transport modes that go way beyond the two-axle, four wheeled conveyances that rose to prominence in the 1970s – everything from in-line caster boards to spokeless mini-motorcycles and sit-down street machines tend to be categorized under the genre. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the ramp, a new concept has emerged that could see self-balancing technology and electric propulsion incorporated into the skateboard design. The iSlide concept by industrial designer Ofir Tal is a one wheel motorized board that utilizes a hydrogen fuel cell and onboard gyroscope to attain speeds of around 15 kph.  Read More

The USA's Massive Ordnance Penetrator, pictured here, is no match for the latest Russian e...

Russia has just announced the completion of successful testing of what it dubs the “Father of All Bombs” – four times more powerful than the USA’s comparatively placid “Mother of All Bombs". Both devices are viewed - somewhat dubiously - as “environmentally friendly” alternatives to nuclear devices, as they leave no radioactive fallout.  Read More

Zeno robot learns through artificial intelligence

For the last decade Honda’s ASIMO humanoid robot has been the most visible public face of personal robotics but Hanson Robotics and Massive Software have partnered to change all that with the arrival of Zeno, a robot that can see, hear, talk and remembers who you are.  Read More

Sandisk's 16GB ExpressCard

The rise and rise of Flash memory continues with SanDisk, the original inventor of Flash storage cards, launching its Express line of high-performance Flash memory products. Aimed at professional videographers and photographers who demand speed, durability and reliability the new 8GB and 16GB flash memory cards record high-definition video at 35 megabits per second.  Read More

The Fritz Institute has released innovative new software designed to help humanitarian organizations manage relief chain logistics by cataloging, tracking and delivering supplies to disaster victims. Known as HELIOS, the software platform has been implemented by World Vision International and Oxfam to assist their efforts in Africa.  Read More

EOS winery gates

The EOS Estate Winery has announced a $3.8 million plan to convert its California Central Coast winery entirely to solar power. To be completed by April, the project will include the installation of more than two acres of ground-mounted tracking solar arrays that will provide all the electrical power needs for the winery and tasting room, while additional roof-mounted solar arrays will provide all the hot water needs. The system will be installed by SunTechnics and will contain 3,084 photovoltaic modules totalling 540 kWp and 60 solar hot water collectors.  Read More

Fold-up sports helmet easy to stash

Bicycle helmets might be light, but they’re still very annoying to carry around because of their awkward shape. Stashkit have taken aim at this problem by producing a fold-up helmet that offers all the protection of a regular lid, but stows away much more easily. It’s the perfect companion for a fold-up bicycle.  Read More

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