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Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer

Shaped like a regular pacifier with a small display screen on the front, the Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer simplifies the tricky process of taking the temperature of small children.  Read More

Marcel Just and Tom M. Mitchell
 Photo: Carnegie Mellon

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a computational model that can predict the unique brain activation patterns associated with concrete nouns with a mean accuracy of 77 percent.  Read More

HoloVizio system

Holografica's HoloVizio technology provides multiple viewers with a three-dimensional display that naturally changes as people shift their perspective. The technology is being researched by the 3.7 million EU-funded Coherent Project, which aims to provide a networked holographic audio-visual platform to support real-time collaborative 3D interaction between geographically distributed teams.  Read More

Apple's 3G iPhone

After months of speculation the odds were pretty safe - Apple has announced the roll-out of the new iPhone™ 3G.  Read More

It may have taken a while to get traction, but GPS appears to be the next technology destined for ubiquity. A new research report from Parks Associates indicates that by 2012, more than one in ten humans will buy a GPS-enabled mobile device each year.  Read More

ProActive safety helmet

A young industrial designer has created a new type of safety helmet for the construction industry that is a little smarter than most. The “ProActive” helmet features a flexible inner layer that remains soft and comfortable during normal use, but immediately becomes hard and shock-absorbent when subjected to impact.  Read More

Bone cells grown on bioactive glass after two weeks
 Image courtesy Imperial College

Bone growth and joint replacement is a painful process, but British scientists claim that one possible solution for a glass jaw is, well, a jaw made from glass. A porous "bioactive" glass substance that activates the genes responsible for stimulating bone growth has the potential to replace the need for bone transplants.  Read More

Project Green Jet

We cover many wondrous things on Gizmag but few fall into this category for elegance and technological excellence and sheer beauty. Project GreenJet is the modern day equivalent of the jet aircraft on the water and builds on the automated functionality of Erik Sifrer’s highly-acclaimed 36 metre SY120 concept only on a grander 57 metre scale. Going several steps further than the breathtaking, already-in-the-water 88 m Maltese Falcon, Green Jet uses automated systems controlling non-conventional sails to offer a glimpse of the future of sail – faster, more efficient, less labour intensive with minimal environmental impact. The vision is a superyacht sailed by one man with a touchscreen. Gizmag investigates the potential for automated sailing in this feature article.  Read More

Ferry Porsche (centre), his father Ferdinand Porsche (right) and Erwin Komenda (left), 194...

One of the world's best-known sportscar marques is turning 60. Created by Ferdinand Alexander “Ferry” Porsche, in a small workshop in the Austrian Alps, the first Porsche prototype identified as 356-001 received official approval for road service on June 8, 1948.  Read More

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