Highlights from the 2014 LA Auto Show
Samsung's N110 netbook

The netbook marketplace is getting more and more competitive and following hot on the heels of the recently released ASUS Eee PC 1000HE is Samsung’s latest entry into the market, the N110 mini notebook. The N110 boasts many of the features of the 1000HE including a 10.1-inch screen, 160GB HDD, 1GB of RAM and claims of up to 9.5 hours of battery life in a unit that is slightly thinner and lighter than its ASUS competitor.  Read More

Dishwashers save water

To handwash or not to handwash? When it comes to saving water, it seems some people firmly believe that the dishwasher is one of those things that need to be sacrificed. Too much water and energy is the argument. A new study firmly refutes this idea and - keeping in mind that it's presented by Electrolux, a company that makes washing machines - revisits the debate on dishwashers.  Read More

Warwick Audio Technologies shows off the wafer-thin Flat Flexible Loudspeaker

A loudspeaker that’s so flat and flexible it can be tacked to a wall just like a picture? That’s precisely what engineers at Warwick Audio Technologies in the UK have cooked up. The speaker – dubbed the Flat Flexible Loudspeaker (FFL) for obvious reasons – is less than 0.25mm and thin enough to be concealed inside office ceiling tiles, cars or printed with a design and attached to any flat surface, like a wall.  Read More

The GlideCycle

The GlideCycle offers a whole new world of mobility, independence and exercise to people of almost any age with disabilities and injuries. Looking a little like a bike, but with no pedals and a frame over the top of the body rather than underneath, the GlideCycle uses a suspended ergonomic saddle that holds the pelvis to support body weight so that the rider can walk, run or glide with no pressure on the crotch or perineum. It provides major cardio benefits with virtually zero impact, is easily mastered, comfortable and fun to use, quick to assemble – and it’s affordable. So what’s the catch? There isn’t one.  Read More

The new Mercedes Benz E63 AMG

AMG, the high performance brand within Mercedes Benz, has just launched the new E63 AMG sports saloon. The 6208 cc fast-revving, naturally aspirated power plant delivers a sizzling output of 525hp and torque of 630Nm, reaching 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. The E63 AMG further distinguishes itself from the regular E-class with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7-speed sports transmission featured recently on the SL 63 AMG high-performance Roadster. Also featured is the newly developed AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension with electronically controlled damping, a new front axle and a reduction in fuel consumption of 12 percent.  Read More

The Helix Hotel

The winning design from Leeser Architects for this visually stunning five star hotel in Abu Dhabi maximizes the use of natural resources in a spiraling design that makes use of natural light and coastal air along with an exterior clad with polyethylene GROW panels to harness solar and wind power. Poised on the edge of the Persian Gulf, the (aptly named) Helix Hotel will feature a helical floor space which wraps unevenly around a central void. Guests will be able to look up at, and down on, various public areas, including the rooftop deck with a glass-bottomed swimming pool.  Read More

Graphene is a one-atom-thick gauze of carbon atoms resembling chicken wire (Image: Dr Thom...

Since its discovery in 2004 graphene has promised some truly astounding developments in the realm of computer technology. We’ve previously looked at how graphene could provide the means to keep pace with Moore’s Law. Now engineers at Ohio State University are developing a technique for mass-producing computer chips made from graphene that meshes with standard chip-making practices.  Read More

Fish oils may reduce the methane released by cattle

Omega fatty acids in fish oils have many documented benefits to humans including the reduction of cholesterol, but what of the benefits to animals and the environment in general? While assisting the heart and circulatory system in animals and improving the meat quality in cattle, it is also, according to researchers at the University College Dublin beneficial in reducing methane levels from flatulence when added to the diet of cattle, meaning it's also good for the environment.  Read More

The ViBook

We've previously written at length about the productivity benefits associated with multiple desktop screens and the latest offering to cross our desk in this arena is the ViBook from Village Tronic. Bundled with its exclusive desktop managing software, this device allows the user to extend their desktop onto five additional screens, utilizing the USB port instead of the DVI socket on the back of your graphics card.  Read More

Simulated image of asteroid 2008 TC3 (Credit: Queens University Belfast)

Asteroid impact is a very real threat to the earth. While the statistics on the probability of such occurrences vary in certainty, it is generally accepted that objects 5-10m in diameter hit the earth once every year while the odds of a devastating asteroid strike is approximately one in ten chance of hitting per century. Clearly, with the potentially monumental costs of such a devastating strike occurring, it is in our best interest to know as much as we can about potential strikes. Any ability to see such a catastrophe in advance has the potential to be of civilization saving significance, which brings us to the unprecedented observations made of 2008 TC3, an asteroid that fell to Earth late last year.  Read More

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