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— Automotive

The world's fastest road car - 1900 rear wheel horsepower and 267 mph after one mile

By - May 11, 2010 1 Picture
The emerging sport of One Mile Racing has a new champion – Ray Hofman's 2006 Ford GT runs a twin-turbo motor with a reputed 1900 rear wheel horsepower. A fortnight ago, Hofman piloted his Heffner Performance modified Ford GT over the measured mile with a terminal velocity of 266.9 mph, beating out the other two logical contenders for the title of the world's fastest street car. Just for the record, a Bugatti Veyron exits the standing mile at just over 200 mph. Hofman is now aiming for 280 mph. Is this the world's fastest road car? Read More
— Military

Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle-2 (HTV-2) test flight

By - May 11, 2010 1 Picture
DARPA has launched an unmanned hypersonic gliding vehicle that can reach speeds up to Mach 20 (13,000mph). The Falcon program aims to develop and demonstrate hypersonic technologies for prompt use in global reach missions and the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2) forms part of this quest to produce an unmanned, rocket-launched, maneuverable air vehicle that glides through the Earth’s atmosphere at incredibly fast speeds. Read More
— Medical

New detection technology identifies thousands of bacteria and viruses within 24 hours

By - May 11, 2010 2 Pictures
Researchers from a national security laboratory in the U.S. have announced a technology which can detect the presence of thousands of microorganisms in just 24 hours. Hundreds of thousands of probes on a 1 x 3 inch glass slide can look for the entire range of known viruses and bacteria in a single test, which could prove invaluable in product safety testing, medical diagnosis and bioterrorism detection and prevention. Read More
— Good Thinking

Loftbox 101 provides office privacy... in a box

By - May 11, 2010 7 Pictures
Nowadays any hip office worth its salt will eschew the traditional partitions or cubicles in favor of open plan office setups – preferably in a converted warehouse or loft. That’s great for encouraging communication (work-related of course) between employees, but what about when some privacy is required, whether it be for a meeting or just to avoid that annoying guy from accounting? Enter the Loftbox 101, a mobile rectangular box from Atelier Graff that unfolds to form a table with high backed facing chairs for private conversations. Read More
— Aircraft

The Air Deck: a balcony for your private jet

By - May 10, 2010 5 Pictures
BAE Systems has partnered with luxury transport design consultancy firm Design Q to develop an "Air Deck" viewing platform concept for BAE’s Avro Business Jet (ABJ). Aimed at jet setters that like heading off the beaten flight path, the Air Deck transforms the rear of the aircraft into an extended living space by way of an elevated outdoor viewing deck. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Sony's 3G VAIO P: accelerometer, digital compass and stand-up controls

By - May 10, 2010 14 Pictures
With so many variations of smartphones, netbooks, and tablet PCs on the market it's hard to imagine the categories of mobile tech getting more confusing - but they are. Sony has just thrown another unclassifiable beast into the mix with its new VAIO P Series. The first Type P had a sexy and ultra-portable form factor that could be stuffed into one of your larger pockets and while this new Type P might not be a game changer, it certainly has a boat-load of mobile-friendly features. Read More
— Home Entertainment

Fancy a US$30,000 bottle of Whisky?

By - May 10, 2010 4 Pictures
Whisky may not be everyone's idea of a sound financial investment, but as we have reported previously, as long as you choose wisely and resist drinking it, IT IS! With that in mind, you may wish to consider an exceptionally rare bottle of Glenfiddich coming up for auction next month. It is one of only 61 bottles produced by the distillery in 1937 and is the first to appear at auction. Having matured for 64 years it is also one of the oldest whiskies ever released and is expected to fetch between GBP15,000 - 20,000 (US$22,250 – 29,670). Read More
— Science

New metamaterial could lead to more efficient solar cells

By - May 10, 2010 1 Picture
Metamaterials are manmade substances designed to do some very weird things that natural materials don’t. The path of a beam of light through a natural material like glass is predictable, but scientists from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have engineered an optical material that bends light in the wrong direction. This new negative-index metamaterial (NIM) could have several valuable uses including invisibility cloaking, superlensing (imaging nano-scale objects using visible light) and improved light collection in solar cells. Read More
— Music

Sleek Audio SA7 - world's fanciest set of earbuds?

By - May 10, 2010 3 Pictures
Back in August 2007, we told you about Sleek Audio’s SA6 in-ear headphone system. It featured adjustable bass and treble, interchangeable ear tips, replaceable cables... oh yeah, and it cost $US250. Not exactly your $5 drug store system. Well, the SA6 is still around, but it’s about to lose its title of World’s Fanciest Earbud. Later this year, Sleek Audio will be rolling out the carbon fiber/aluminum/titanium SA7. Read More

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