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World Champion Casey Stoner will be joined at Ducati by Marco Melandri in 2008

This year's World Champion Casey Stoner, as well as Rossi, Vermeulen and the Honda team are staying where they are for season 2008 – but beyond that, MotoGP has been a huge game of musical chairs as riders jump from team to team hoping to secure the best bikes for next year. With teams finally settling, here’s what we know.  Read More

The Cayago Magnum in a rare public appearance

The Seabob electric underwater propulsion device captured our imagination earlier in the year, acting like a 20kmh powered bodyboard and allowing users to dart along coral reefs and the ocean floor like they were born with fins. We’ve since discovered that the company has now produced a souped up version called the Cayago Magnum with 2½ times the available power or endurance. With the existing Seabob models already setting a pretty thrilling pace for leisure use, the high performance Magnum will be pitched as a military and special forces tool that will enable operatives to move exceptionally quickly from point to point, underwater and in total silence.  Read More

National Identity Fraud Prevention Week

Identity fraud is an increasingly prevalent global problem and this week marks the third annual National Identity Fraud Prevention Week in the UK. The campaign, backed by both the public and private sectors, aims to educate consumers and businesses as to the dangers of identity fraud and the preventative steps that can be taken.  Read More

IMPRINT car audio system

When automotive designers create car interiors, acoustics are not the number one priority. From glass to carpets and seat coverings, cars contain many materials that obstruct and degrade audio quality - add to this the uneven positioning of speakers in relation to the listener and you have a recipe for less than ideal listening environment. No correction system has been able to overcome them but Alpine Electronics claim that its new IMPRINT technology has the ability to solve these problems and optimize sound reproduction to fit the specific vehicle.  Read More

Meade mySKY: the personal, point-and-shoot, multimedia guide to the heavens

The US$400 Meade mySKY is a remarkable mash up of technologies that creates a very cool educational toy and the first of a new breed of augmented reality informational products. It is NOT a telescope! mySKY is an interactive, hand-held, point-and-identify multimedia guide to the heavens. It locates, identifies, and describes 30,000 celestial objects in the night sky – every object visible to your unaided eye, as well as many you’ll need a separate telescope to see. If you like this new “browse function for the heavens” ability, it has the added ability to control a Meade computerized telescope. No knowledge is needed - just turn it on and mySKY does the rest. It incorporates full GPS Auto Alignment using a 12-channel GPS receiver which aligns itself on the sky without any input from you.  Read More

New technology accurately identifies imperfect fingerprints

Current technology is limited and time consuming in correctly identifying people from partial, distorted, scratched, smudged, or otherwise warped fingerprints. Researchers at the University of Warwick in the UK have now devised a way of recognizing these types of prints in just a few seconds.  Read More

Poggenpohl Porsche kitchen designed for men

Since the world’s marketers have become aware that women account for more purchasing power than they’ve previously been given credit for, there’s been a distinct lack of “women’s domain” appliances designed for men. Recognizing that men are showing an increasing interest in developing the kitchen as part of their habitat, Porsche Design Group and Poggenpohl Mobelwerke have taken the covers off their first co-designed kitchen, the P’7340.  Read More

Sea King Mk IV-X used by QinetiQ during HawkOwl trial

Helicopter pilots are often faced with demanding environmental conditions that make navigation difficult and lead to grounding of the aircraft as the only safe option – fog, cloud, rain and snow along with flying over featureless terrain or “brownout” conditions caused by dust all present problems for pilots, particularly when landing. International defence company QinetiQ has developed and successfully flight trialled a solution that integrates a range of imaging technologies into a single system with the aim of expanding the operational envelope of the aircraft under these circumstances.  Read More

ASIMO on stage

ASIMO is quite possibly the world’s busiest non-human celebrity with recent appearances in Estonia, the Isle of Man, Barcelona and even Disneyland in the US as part of a stage show. His world tour continues with a trip now planned to the land downunder, Australia.  Read More

Aeroscraft ML866: superyacht for the sky officially launched

It’s as big as a superyacht and not quite as fast as a supercar, but it does have a range of over 3000 miles and can do it over land, sea or snow, lingering anywhere you like the view. A new category of aircraft that fits somewhere in between a blimp, airship or dirigible, the Aeroscraft ML866 project was recently presented at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) show in Atlanta, Georgia. The key factor of the ML866 design is that it offers superyacht size and comfort in a platform that can operate independently from airports, meaning that a new class of luxury conveyance is about to become available which appears to trump them all.  Read More

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