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The Solar I concentrating solar plant will have 3,500  parabolic mirrors trapping the sun'...

The race to build the world’s largest solar power plant continues with Arizona Public Service and Starwood Energy Group Global LLC unveiling plans for a 290-megawatt concentrating solar plant in the Harquahala Valley, 75 miles west of Phoenix. As one of the largest solar plants in the world Starwood Solar I will produce enough electricity to power more than 73,000 homes and is scheduled for completion by 2013.  Read More

The solar bullet train could make the 116 mile journey from Tucson to Phoenix in just 30 m...

Bullet trains are considered by many to be one of the greener forms of transport, so imagine how environmentally friendly they might be if the sun’s power was harnessed to power them. That’s precisely what Solar Bullet LLC hopes to do with its 220mph solar bullet train, which the company claims can travel from Tucson to Phoenix in just 30 minutes.  Read More

Lenovo S12 Netbook - the first ION-based netbook to market

We were starting to worry that it had been a couple of hours since we'd heard news of another netbook launch, but Lenovo has put our minds at ease by announcing the IdeaPad S12 - a Nvidia ION-based netbook with a 12.1-inch LED display and full-sized keyboard.  Read More

AT&T subsidized netbooks available across the U.S. this summer

Over at The Mobiler, we've recently looked at Lenovo's NVIDIA ION-based IdeaPad S12 netbook, Microsoft clarifying its Windows Marketplace app sharing policy, the Android Cupcake OS 1.5 being released for US T-Mobile G1s, leaked details of Nokia's N900 Maemo tablet, Virgin Mobile offering Wi-Fi on every flight, and AT&T's subsidized netbook program going US-wide this summer.  Read More

The Scuderi prototype

For more than 100 years people have been trying to come up with an engine design to supercede Nicolaus Otto's four-stroke internal combustion motor. Scuderi is the latest to take a stab, recently unveiling a prototype of a split-cycle engine that relegates the "suck" and "squeeze" strokes to one cylinder, and the "bang" and "blow" strokes to another - for a claimed efficiency improvement of up to 50%, emission reductions of up to 80% and a power density improvement of up to 70%. Meanwhile, it's also able to store large amounts of compressed air, allowing it to run as an air/petrol hybrid when cruising. President Obama's new national efficiency standards represent an opportunity for groups like Scuderi to pitch clever clean engine technology to major manufacturers - but has the split cycle engine got what it takes?  Read More

The Powerbrella does the work of two: it provides shade and solar-generated power

A retractable alfresco umbrella that converts sunlight into electricity to charge laptops, mobile phones, iPods or any other portable device that might be used relaxing or working outdoors is in development following a partnership between Skyshades, a supplier of shade structures, and Konarka Technologies, the developer of Power Plastic.  Read More

The Solar Ketai waterproof, solar-powered mobile phone

Mobile phones and the beach are generally not a great mix, but for anyone looking to stay in touch while soaking up the rays there are a few more details filtering through regarding Sharp’s waterproof, solar-powered phone. Due for a June release in Japan through Japan’s KDDI wireless provider the new phone has finally gained a title, the Solar Ketai (Solar Mobile) and will be released as part of KDDI’s “au” line.  Read More

Quizzes and applications in your Facebook feed? No thanks.

Most users have come to accept the new Twitter-style Facebook home page - but one thing continues to infuriate: all the annoying quiz and application updates in your news feed. But all is not lost if you are sick of learning "what Simpsons character" your friends are - here's a quick and easy way to make those annoying quizzes disappear from your news feed.  Read More

New BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

BMW has announced the 5 Series Gran Turismo, a car which combines a coupé-like silhouette with the luxurious interior of a BMW 7 Series, while at the same time giving the functionality of a BMW 5 Series Touring or X5. Available as either a four-seat Executive specification car or in a five-seat SE configuration, the Gran Turismo's truly innovative feature is a two-piece tailgate offering two ways of opening the rear of the vehicle depending on the objects needed to be stowed.  Read More

KEF Concept Blade loudspeaker is made from a carbon-fiber, balsa-wood composite found in u...

Three years of exhaustive research, testing and experimentation has resulted in the KEF Concept Blade loudspeaker. In particular, the loudspeaker showcases KEF’s cutting-edge capabilities and commitment to furthering innovative design.  Read More

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