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Your robotic twin can connect to the Internet and recite your RSS feeds

A Japanese company called Little Island will manufacture your own custom-made robotic doppelganger. The pint-sized bot is produced based on a picture you send in and at USD$2,215, it definitely overshoots the “novelty buy” demographic, aiming for the true-believer market that is really, really into robotics.  Read More

Image courtesy of the Character Education page of the Lebanon R-3 School District - what w...

Cooperation, despite being now considered the third force of evolution, just behind mutation and natural selection, is difficult to explain in the context of an evolutionary process based on competition between individuals and selfish behavior. But this puzzle, that has haunted scientists for decades, is now a little closer to be solved by research about to be published on the journal Physical Review Letters.  Read More

Prof. Rowe with the TEG equipped Volkswagen

Thermoelectrics - the phenomena in which a temperature difference creates an electric potential - have been known about for almost 200 years, but practical applications have not been widespread due to their low energy efficiency. That may all now be about to change as Germany automakers Volkswagen and BMW have developed thermoelectric generators (TEG) that recover waste heat from a combustion engine.  Read More

The Mars Organic Analyzer
 Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Mars Organic Analyzer, fresh from seeking evidence of life on the red planet, has taken a new job to assist life on Earth. The MOA has been modified by researchers in California to detect potentially carcinogenic molecules, providing valuable information in environmental cleanup sites.  Read More

Podzilla, the 1200 bhp Monster Truck

With arctic conditions bringing the entire United Kingdom to a halt, the staff at Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire decided to employ Podzilla, the racetrack's 1200 bhp Monster Truck, to travel the otherwise inaccessible 180 acre grounds. With a fuel consumption of 15 gallons per mile (that's not a misprint), Podzilla isn't exactly practical winter transport, but it is a lot of fun in the snow and the six foot tall tires get traction everywhere.  Read More

The 1957 Ferrari 250 TR Image: Darin Schnabel

IMAGE LIBRARY UPDATED The world record auction price for a motor car was set last May at the Ferrari Leggenda e Passione by a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder which sold for USD 10,894,400 (€7,040,000, £5,598,208 GBP). The event is held annually in Maranello, during the final stretch of the Mille Miglia and the RM/Sothebys auction always sees the finest available specimens of the Prancing Horse go under the hammer. This year a Scaglietti-designed, ‘pontoon-fender’ 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (pictured) is expected to break the record once more.  Read More

Buffalo LinkStation Mini SSD - Solid State NAS device fits in the palm of your hand

Buffalo Technology today launched the LinkStation Mini SSD, the world’s first Network Attached Storage (NAS) Solid State Drive (SSD) device for consumers. The LinkStation Mini SSD weighs 0.5 kg (1.1 pounds), has a capacity of 240GB and a built-in DNLA media server that allows users to seamlessly stream movies to a PC, Mac, multi-media device or DNLA supported TV. It also has built-in WebAccess™ providing users with access to all their digital media files via the Internet from their PC, Mac or iPhone, from anywhere in the world.  Read More

Amazon Kindle 2

Alexander Turcic at the MobileRead forums has leaked what appear to be 10 press images of the Kindle 2, and claims the device will be on sale February 24 at a cost of USD$359. We can't tell you whether the images are legit or not, but we're largely convinced, and Amazon has a press event scheduled for next Monday, February the 9th - so it's not long until we'll know for sure.  Read More

Ricardo's combination two and four stroke motor

Automotive technology specialist Ricardo has revealed the development of technology that optimizes ethanol-fuelled engines to a level of performance that exceeds gasoline engine efficiency and approaches levels previously reached only by diesel engines. The technology, called Ethanol Boosted Direct Injection (EBDI), takes full advantage of ethanol’s best properties – higher octane and higher heat of vaporization – to create a renewable fuel scenario that is independent of the cost of oil.  Read More

Australian Scientists developing spray on solar panels

Researchers in Australia have started a three-year project to develop a spray-on coating for solar panels and more efficient cells that are less costly than today's PV. Australian National University (ANU) is working with new Australian solar company Spark Solar and Finnish materials company Braggone Oy on the method, which could be commercially available by 2011.  Read More

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