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The Yu Type: salvation for two-fingered typists

This product makes a lot of sense – a goodly proportion of the people we know are two-fingered typists. In the world of programming, we’d hesitate to suggest the percentage of hunt-and-peckers is close to 100 percent. This creates stress ion the eyes and slows the input rates significantly, as we (yes, guilty) constantly need to refocus on the keys of the keyboard then move our focus to the screen and back again and again …. The Yu Type is a compact computer peripheral that sits on the keyboard in the user’s eyeline, displaying words as they are typed. Designed to improve speed and accuracy, it avoids the need for less accomplished typists to keep switching their focus from keyboard to monitor.  Read More

The Schlage LiNK remotely-controllable door lock (and the demise of the key)

Locksmithing, one of man’s oldest and most venerable professions, appears set to join the digital convergence mix with the first wirelessly-controlled door lock now on the market. It's also further proof that the device formerly known as the mobile phone will one day become the remote control for much of our lives. Schlage LiNK deadbolts and locks offer consumers the ability to remotely control and monitor access to their home 24/7 with any web-enabled mobile phone or computer. The locks provide keyless entry through 4-digit access codes that can be entered, activated, deleted or disabled on the lock's 11-digit push button keypad or via the Schlage LiNK web portal. This means never having to circulate multiple sets of keys, never needing to stay home to meet the handyman, and the peace of mind of having a listing of which codes (i.e. who?) opened each lock and when for the last 90 days. The $300 starter kits (and subsequently $200 locks) might also be suitable for real estate agents wishing to streamline their ability to show properties.  Read More

The first modern diver’s watch

One of the most desirable technological boys toys throughout the last 50 years has been the Blancpain 50 fathoms watch. The Fifty Fathoms watch was born in the 1950s when Blancpain was asked by the French Ministry of Defence to create an elite “Combat Divers” watch that was reliable and readable to a depth of 50 fathoms (91.45 metres). Blancpain delivered, and the hardcore military kit was subsequently commercialised in 1953 with the first modern diver’s watch - that's an original 1954 advert at right. A new exhibition opens tomorrow in Geneva, the Cité du Temps, tracing the history of the watch with all the models and variations of the collection assembled under a single roof.  Read More

Cambridge Audio’s Azur 640 Blu-Ray player and Version 2 AV receiver

On show at CES 09 this year was Cambridge Audio’s latest offering to the Blu-Ray player market, the Azur 640BD. As this is the company's first Blu-Ray offering they’ve released a Version 2 update of their Azur 640R AV Receiver that partners nicely with their new player.  Read More

The nearest escape from certain death in history!

Forty years ago this week saw one of the most spectacular escapes from certain death in recorded history. Soviet Commander Boris Volynov was returning to earth in Soyuz 5 when the service module failed to separate and he found himself entering the earth’s atmosphere with an inverted craft and the heat shields facing backwards. He was just moments from incineration when the service module sheared and the craft resumed the correct orientation. The heat damage was extensive though, and the descent parachute only partially deployed, then the chute-mounted soft-landing rockets failed, and it landed so hard Volynov smashed teeth. Crawling out of the craft, he found himself in minus 38 C temperatures in wilderness, hundreds of kilometres outside his landing zone, so he walked until finding a peasant hut. Volynov is also a contender for the most frightening case of déjà vu in history – seven years later, while flying Soyuz 21 …  Read More

The new Cadillac One
 Image: Cadillac/GM

The United States will celebrate the inauguration of its 44th President tomorrow, and the President has a new set of wheels. Continuing a tradition that's almost as old as the automobile itself, President Barack Obama will cruise down Pennsylvania Avenue in an all-new Cadillac Presidential Limousine. The completely redesigned limo replaces the DTS Presidential Limousine introduced in 2004 and while official details of the car's drivetrain, on-board tech and armored capabilities of course remain top secret, speculation has it (possibly) equipped with five-inch thick bulletproof glass and high strength ceramic armor. We don't expect confirmation on these details any time soon, but it's safe to say that this rolling fortress incorporates the best in protection (and comfort) that modern bespoke automobile production has to offer.  Read More

Meade EXT-LS 'all-in-one' telescope

Telescopes that use computerized navigation to help stargazers find their way around the heavens have been with us for some time, but there's still a problem for the amateur astronomer - knowing where to start. The new Meade EXT-LS telescope makes this task of finding a starting reference point easy by combining a range of technologies including a built in CCD camera, magnetic sensors and GPS to automatically align itself, making it a truly "point-and-shoot" telescope.  Read More

Bug Labs' BUG

While we've heard the term "mashup" apply to music and web services before, we think the hardware mashups that Bug Labs' BUG platform enables have far more to offer.  Read More

HeartMath's emWave Personal Stress Reliever

Here at Gizmag we try to keep our stress levels down, but sometimes a stiff drink and a quick match at Guitar Hero doesn't quite cut it, so we naturally fell in love with HeartMath's emWave Personal Stress Reliever. The emWave PSR is a handheld device that monitors your heart rate and provides feedback that allows you to train yourself to maintain a regular heart rate and breathing rhythm - resulting in reduced stress. We originally covered the emWave PSR when it was first released in 2006 - but at CES 2009, Gizmag's Kate Seamer got a chance to try it out and have a chat with Catherine Calarco from HeartMath.  Read More

Akai's APC40

Akai has unveiled the APC40 controller, designed in conjunction with Ableton specifically for use with Live 7. The APC40 is the first controller to feature bi-directional communication with Ableton, allowing it to give visual feedback on the state of 40 clips and 16 parameters.  Read More

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