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The Bridge II docking station for iPod from Harman Kardon.

Harman Kardon has announced the successor to its Bridge docking station for iPod. The appropriately titled Bridge II retains the smooth curved line of the original Bridge docking station, connecting the iPod touch, nano and all Click Wheel models to a Harman Kardon Bridge-ready audio/video component and enables expanded capabilities such as audio/video playback from the iPod through a home entertainment system, on-screen menu display, remote control operation and charging.  Read More

SmartBeam automates main beam use to optimize forward lighting

Audi will offer the Gentex SmartBeam system as an option on the A4, A5 and Q7 models, to be released this spring. The SmartBeam High-Beam Headlamp Assist system, or “Fernlichtassistent”, uses a miniature camera to automate a vehicle’s high beams at night.  Read More

GE Security's portable StreetLab Mobile

GE Security has introduced a handheld device that can identify the chemical makeup of unknown substances in liquid, powder and solid forms. StreetLab Mobile can presently identify over one thousand potentially dangerous chemicals, including formaldehyde, liquid and solid explosives, and Cresol and Benzene.  Read More


The ION AUDIO LP DOCK has all the hallmarks of a killer gizmo in our humble opinion. Firstly, it enables the direct conversion of legacy music collections you’ve paid for in 33 1/3 and 45 RPM vinyl format to iTunes and/or iPod. Throw a computer into the mix and the included software cleans up the pops and scratches and will even consult Gracenote MusicID technology to automatically retrieve album, artist and song information from the Internet, simplifying the conversion and cataloging process of your entire record collection to a few mouse clicks. It even has line level outputs and can hence add a turntable to any AV set-up.  Read More

Flaik snowsports tracking device

Flaik is a personal tracking device for skiers and snowboarders that fuses GPS & GSM/GPRS technologies to monitor personal performance criteria including speed, distance, altitude and airtime.  Read More

UK appearance: Citroën C-Métisse concept

Citroën’s C-Métisse concept will be among the smorgasbord of automotive eye-candy on offer at this year's Festival of Speed at Goodwood. The appearance will be the first in the UK for the 155mph supercar which debuted at the Paris Motor Show in 2006.  Read More

Milestone for Sikorsky X2 helicopter

Helicopter development is hampered by the fact that for so long it has been a zero sum game, with designers only able to improve forward speed at the expense of hovering ability and low speed control, and vice versa. This, combined with other inherent design restrictions, has kept the top cruise speed for conventional helicopters at roughly 150—170 knots. Looking to overcome these limitations, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. is working on a coaxial design aimed at realizing a cruising speed of 250 knots. The X2 technology demonstrator can hover, land vertically, manoeuvre at low speeds, and transition seamlessly from hovering to forward flight. In the words of Sikorsky’s president, Jeffrey Pino, it could prove to be a real ‘game changer’ for the industry.  Read More

Tiffany & Co. silver-mounted lady’s bicycle

Most noted for high-end jewelry, Tiffany & Co. was also a creator of unusual objects in the 19th century. One such item, a silver-mounted lady’s bicycle, is set to go under the hammer at Bonhams fine art auction house in Manhattan on June 4.  Read More

Airborne Laser
 Photo: USAF Photo by Jim Shryne

Boeing and the US Missile Defense Agency have completed the first laser activation testing for the Airborne Laser missile defense program. The tests involved circulating water through the laser to verify its integrity, before circulating chemicals through the laser to confirm sequencing and control.  Read More

Nick Notara's collapsible surfboard concept

Things that travel well on water are usually equally as cumbersome on dry land. We've seen collapsible solutions for larger craft like catamarans but what about the humble surfboard? Although modern designs are much less of a hassle to transport than the long boards of old, wrestling six feett of fiberglass into the back of the wagon, tying it to the roof, or even negotiating airports can still present quite a challenge. An inflatable surfboard is one solution, another is this collapsible concept design from Nick Notara - it's a surfboard that breaks down into two pieces for transportation purposes whilst retaining its structural integrity via the use of a carbon fiber backbone and two self centering, constant loading pin joints.  Read More

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