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2008 Ninja ZX-10R gets traction control

UPDATED - NEW IMAGES Demonstrating the company’s total commitment to uncompromising racetrack focus, Kawasaki has revealed their 2008 ZX-10R flagship superbike will feature traction control as standard. The 08 model is a complete overhaul of the model, featuring a new chassis, updated suspension, a reworked engine and new front-end styling.  Read More

Honda unveils six cylinder sports motorcycle prototype

Honda will unveil a series of show motorcycles at this year’s Tokyo Motorcycle Show, headed by a radical six cylinder prototype to be known as the EVO6, which will be based on Honda’s six cylinder Gold Wing engine, but in a form far from its long-distance tourer guise. Seemingly aimed squarely at the Suzuki B-King muscle machine which was unveiled at this show four years ago, the 1832cc engine is much lighter and sportier than its touring brethren and is housed in an ultra-modern lightweight frame and is clearly designed for very rapid acceleration.  Read More

3jam “SMS 2.0” service

We are all familiar with the convenience of the “reply all” function when using email to enable us to have group discussions. Virgin Mobile USA has adapted the same principal to TXT to enable phone users to stay in touch with groups of friends.  Read More

Not smart - a British driver has been clocked at 172 mph in a Porsche 911 Turbo (note: ima...

The road is not a racetrack - but if it was, Britain would have a new national champion. Londoner Tim Brady is now serving a 10-week jail sentence after being clocked at a record 172mph (277 kmh) in a Porsche (not pictured) he borrowed from his employer – that’s 16mph faster than the previous four-wheeled record holder.  Read More

New GT-R set for launch in October

Nissan has begun the pre-launch build-up for its new, high performance GT-R sports car ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show on October 24. Japan will be the first to get the GT-R (previous models were known as the Skyline GT-R) in December with an expected price of 7.8 million yen (US$67,500).  Read More

A new standard for interior space and comfort

Honda Aircraft Company has released further details of the interior design concept for its forthcoming HondaJet. Expected to set a new standard for interior space and comfort, the focus will be on human fit, ergonomic efficiency and safety for the customer. Billed as the fastest and most fuel-efficient aircraft in its class, first deliveries of the US$3.65 million aircraft are expected in 2010.  Read More

World’s largest outdoor ads to target airline passengers

Fledgling company Ad-Air has announced plans to target airline passengers with enormous flight path ads at the world’s busiest airports. The first of its kind project will see digitally printed ad skins of 20,000 square meters (215,000 square feet) – that twice the size of London’s Trafalgar Square – placed within view of window seat passengers.  Read More

Texas Instruments releases TI-Nspire calculator range

Forty years after the invention of the first portable calculator, Texas Instruments has released TI-Nspire - a product designed to provide up to four representations of a problem at one time in order to engender a deeper understanding of mathematical principles and - believe or not - help students get excited about math.  Read More

The CQ-2 twin seater personal submarine

The 2-seater personal submarine was recently debuted by C-Quester at Monte Carlo after the success of their earlier single-seater. Fully electric, the CQ-2 keeps cabin pressure at one atmosphere, meaning you can travel up and down with no decompression issues. A charge will last you 2 1/2 hours underwater, and there’s a bunch of safety systems including enough air for 36 hours in the case of an emergency. A four-seater model is expected soon.  Read More

DVD CCA paves way for legal burning of digital movies to DVD

In a move designed to help combat DVD piracy the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA), the group responsible for the licensing of the Content Scramble System (CSS), has cleared the way for commercial vendors and individual consumers to be able to legally create CSS copy-protected DVDs for playback on existing DVD players.  Read More

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