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ShotSpotter dispatch desk

When battling gun related crime, police are often faced with the problem of being unable to pinpoint the direction or proximity of overheard gunfire. In order to combat this issue over a wide area, the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System uses acoustical triangulation to accurately detect incidences of gunfire and combines this with an integrated camera network to provide law enforcement with instant situation reports. After its celebrated role in capturing the Columbus sniper of 2003/2004, 20 major US cities, most recently Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have adopted the ShotSpotter GLS as a tool to combat gun related crime and as a deterrent against future crimes.  Read More

Lexus' LF-Xh concept SUV

The Lexus LF-Xh hybrid concept will be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Featuring a high-output electric motor supplementing a V6 petrol engine, it also drops some hints about the company’s new styling direction.  Read More

The Dataflex-500

DSPCon has launched the DataFlex-500TM, a portable, high-speed data recorder designed for field-testing of jet engines, turbine pumps, combat vehicles and precision weapons systems. The unit, weighing less than 22 lbs., features real-time playback, display and analysis, and provides a sustained, continuous recording speed of up to 256,000 samples per second.  Read More

Uniquely shaped Flux

Sports watch maker Reactor has announced a new range of watches aimed at the action sports enthusiast. Starting with the "Graviton", a water-sports watch featuring a pre-programmed database of tide information for 275 worldwide locations, the new watches adhere to six key attributes that Reactor calls the “DNA” of the brand: all cases and bracelets are solid 316L stainless steel; all watches have screw-in crowns with crown guards; the bracelet/case interface has a stainless steel screw bar attached with allen-head screws; Swiss Superluminova on markers and hands; a forged caseback; and secure folding clasps on all metal bracelets.  Read More

KUKA KR 40 robot

KUKA Robotics Corporation has announced a new robotic packing solution for pallets designed to virtually eliminate package damage caused by conventional palletizers without impacting on speed.  Read More

Omron’s smile measurement technology

Facial recognition specialist OMROM has unveiled what is essentially a “smile detector” – a piece of software capable of objectively measuring smiles and giving them a percentage rating. On the surface it sounds like a novel idea, but there are some interesting practical applications for this technology ranging from market research to consumer electronics, where for example, cameras could be equipped with the ability to ensure that everyone in frame is smiling before a photograph is taken.  Read More

Toyota’s i-REAL personal mobility concept nears commercialization

One of the most exciting transportation developments in recent years has been the ongoing series of Personal Mobility devices we have seen from Toyota. It began with the PM (Personal Mobility) Concept, and was followed by the i-unit and i-swing concepts, and we have watched these developments with the parallel exploration of mobility, partner and guide robots, as the company has surged to become the world’s largest automotive manufacturer. Now the next installment in this exciting personal mobility series is here, with the promise of commercialization drawing tantalizingly close. And it looks like it "carves", meaning it tilts into a corner in the same way a motorcycle does!  Read More

Konarka's 'Power Plastic(R)' organic photovoltaic

Traditionally, solar panels for buildings have predominantly been stand alone systems mounted to roofs in order to capture sunlight. The growing focus on "green" energy and a move away from reliance on fossil fuels is driving smarter and more integrated methods of procuring alternative energy sources such as solar, and in line with this, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has invested $4.7 million to develop technology that would allow windows and other building applications to be converted into solar panels.  Read More

Lancer Evolution X course car

Mitsubishi Motors’ latest addition to the Lancer Evolution line, the Lancer Evolution X, will be hitting the FIA World Rally Championship as a Course Car for Rally Japan. Mitsubishi, in association with Ralliart, have made extensive changes to the 4WD sedan, including the integration of a roll cage into the body of the car, and the installation of custom built components for the running gear and brakes.  Read More

ICD-1300 projector

Project-a-Phone has launched the ICD-1300, an image capture and display system which allows users to screen a live display of their mobile device onto a computer via a USB cable, where content can then be recorded, projected on a screen, or uploaded to the Internet.  Read More

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