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Boomer mobility aid

With the post-war baby boomer population moving closer to retirement, devices that enable the elderly to remain mobile not only have a critical role to play in improving quality of life, they have a lucrative market to access. Student designer Daniel Molloy's Boomer mobility aid is well placed to do both. The shape-shifting Boomer can be a shopping cart, a comfy seat or a walking frame which can be used to maneuver safely up and down stairs.  Read More

Patek Philippe wristwatches retailed and signed by Tiffany & Co. are highly prized by coll...

Bonhams' next auction of fine watches on June 10 will feature some celebrated timepieces, including a Patek Phillipe watch from Tiffany & Co, and another Patek Phillipe once owned by Isabel Perón, the former President of Argentina and the first non-royal female to lead a western country. While the Peron watch is expected to fetch between UKP 3,000 and UKP 4,000, the Tiffany Patek Phillip, an 18ct gold perpetual calendar chronograph with moon phases, is regarded as something quite special. Patek Philippe wristwatches retailed and signed by Tiffany & Co. are highly prized by collectors and may fetch as much as 100X that amount. Wanna get a close look at a watch worth as much as a house?  Read More

New GPU-based SuperServer delivers 12X more computing power

NVIDIA and Supermicro today announced the immediate availability of a new class of server that combines massively parallel NVIDIA Tesla GPUs with multi-core CPUs in a single 1U rack-mount server. This unique configuration delivers 12 times the performance of a traditional quad-core CPU-based 1U server. Supermicro will be demonstrating the NVIDIA Tesla-based SuperServer 6016T-GF-TM2 at Computex 2009 in Taiwan this week.  Read More

TTX01 electric superbike

In less than a fortnight (June 12), the world will witness the FIRST clean emissions Grand Prix. Known as the TTX GP, the race represents history in the making - the modern day equivalent of the landmark Paris-Rouen Horseless Carriage Competition (Concours des Voitures sans Chevaux) of 1894. The winning bike and its rider, will claim an eternal place in the history books. In the build up to the race, TTX GP founder Azhar Hussein built a demonstrator electric superbike based around a Suzuki GSX 750 and dubbed it the TTX01. It's the first prototype of what he hopes will become a production motorcycle within a year or three. Long-time motorcycle writer Stuart Barker journeyed to the Isle of Man to become one of the first people in the world to sample the battery-powered TTX01 and his impressions are our first glimpse into the future of motorcycling. Stuart discovered that riding a silent motorcycle is an eerie experience, but not completely devoid of fun. Welcome to the future!  Read More

Mercedes-Benz's latest bike collection includes a clever Foldingbike with a choice of fold...

Mercedes-Benz pushbikes are always special but the latest collection, released this week, includes a very clever Foldingbike with two different folded positions. Fully folded, it’s a very small package, while the “shuttle” position allows the bike to be pushed and steered - ideal for easy carriage using public transport.  Read More

NEC develops white LED-based LCD module covering 100% of the Adobe RGB Color Range

NEC Electronics America is set to show an important new white LED-based LCD module this week at the Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week 2009 in San Antonio, Texas. The amorphous-silicon color thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) module achieves an ultra-wide color gamut for 100 percent of the Adobe RGB color range by incorporating a newly developed LED light-source unit into the backlight system and a newly developed color filter.  Read More

MAGIX Music Maker RockStar for PS2: lets you become your own rock star

Playing music is therapeutic in myriad ways. It can soothe the mind, lower blood pressure, increase your IQ – but most of all, it's fun. The recent advent of the Personal Media Player may have taken music to the masses, but it's a fair bet that musical console games will be seen in decades to come as the true democratizing force behind creating your own music. Now, the massive success of play-along games, such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero, is about to progress to the next level with the European release of MAGIX Music Maker RockStar for PlayStation 2, which turns your guitar controller into an instrument to be played with complete freedom.  Read More

The new addition to the HP Mini family

Those on the go who like to do it in style will be pleased to hear that HP has added three new models to its popular HP Mini companion PC range. The new editions offer a host of customizable designs and configurations, all in a small package that’s light on weight but heavy on features.  Read More

X Sting Wish fire extinguisher

If Ferrari made fire extinguishers it might well be knocking on Adam Scott's door. The UK designer's X Sting Wish concept sports a sleekly contoured exterior backed by some good thinking aimed at making it safe and easy to use: it's lightweight, ergonomic, color-coded, uses durable non-conductive materials and incorporates LED lights to help navigate through smoke.  Read More

British Mac Motorcycles unveils range of Buell-engined bikes

The once dominant British Motorcycle Industry does not have a lot of champion brands left these days with only Triumph competitive on a global scale. Now a new marque will fly the Union Jack with the news that a British motorcycle company named 'Mac Motorcycles' is set to produce a range of four lightweight, air-cooled singles using the 500cc Buell ‘Blast’ motor in a tubular backbone frame. Expected pricing is in the UKP 8,000 -10,000 (USD$12,750 to USD$16,000) bracket.  Read More

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