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iRobot Looj

Cleaning the gutters is an unloved yet necessary - even dangerous - household chore that is inevitably given the lowest priority until gutters are clogged and overflowing with leaves. The latest offering from home robotics specialists iRobot uses remote control to solve the problem – the Looj blasts out debris and brushes gutters clean while your feet remain firmly planted on the ground.  Read More

The ControlR can be read out via Bluetooth connection using a laptop or PDA

A Californian based company has produced the world’s first disposable photonic lab-on-a-chip solution for next-generation water and food analysis, chemical and biological agent detection, and point-of-care diagnostics. The PhotonicLab Platform from Bioident Technology Inc. enables rapid in-vitro diagnostics, chemical and biological threat detection, and environmental testing without the need for off-site lab analysis. This offers greater mobility and sensitivity compared to existing biological and chemical assays and delivers a cost-effective disposable lab-on-a-chip solution by eliminating the need for complex and expensive readout systems.  Read More

Sidekick LX

T-Mobile has unveiled two new additions to its Sidekick line; the Sidekick LX and the Sidekick Slide. Designed by Sharp, the new Sidekick LX retains its distinctive swivel display but features a thinner profile and larger screen than its predecessor.  Read More

Suzuki unveils radical mobility concepts

Suzuki has announced several radical prototype vehicles to be shown at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show. Remarkably, there will be a second generation Kizashi show car based on the machine shown at Frankfurt just three weeks ago. In addition, there’s an interesting sustainable mobility concept called the Pixy which houses another more personal electric vehicle concept known as the SSC. On top of that there’s a motorcycle modelled after an aircraft (Biplane), a fuel cell motorcycle (crosscage), a four-seater minivan with two power sliding doors (Palette) .  Read More

BMW Motorrad launches fast, light, DOHC Boxer and intends to go racing

BMW’s iconic boxer engine is set for another lease of life with the launch of the new BMW HP2 Sport - the sportiest, most powerful and lightest Boxer motorcycle of all time. The new motor is the first to sport a double overhead camshaft and includes a host of innovative features including a quickshifter for clutchless gear changes and the news that the factory will enter the World Superbike Championship with the new bike in 2009, indicating that it intends to take on Ducati as a rival on both the road and the track.  Read More

Secure-It's STOP-lock

Until now most laptop security systems have either physically secured the laptop or helped track it down once it’s been lost or stolen. The STOP-Lock from security manufacturer Secure-It, Inc. has combined these elements in a laptop security system which combines a tracking system with a locking mechanism to help deter thieves.  Read More

Headland’s innovative retractable helipads for yachts

Increasingly, yacht buyers are demanding the ability to land a helicopter on deck – but not all yachts have sufficient clear deck space free for a designated helipad. France’s Headland Consulting are solving this issue Transformers-style with a range of very clever retractable landing pads that deploy mechanically to suit a wide range of different yacht and helicopter sizes.  Read More

BlackBerry Curve 8320, in Gold

Mobile phones are increasingly taking over as the primary contact number for many people, with home landlines hanging on largely by virtue of cheap local call rates. Aiming to offer the "best of both worlds" in one package, the new BlackBerry Curve 8320 is WiFi enabled, meaning that it can seamlessly switch between mobile calls and unlimited local and long-distance calls in the presence of your home wireless network.  Read More

Andalay solar panel system

Akeena's new Andalay solar panel technology combines savvy design with a number of enhancements designed to decrease installation time. With 70% fewer roof-assembled parts and 50% less labor needed to install the system, the company says the Andalay system can cut installation time from half a day to half an hour.  Read More

SafeNet's iKey 4000 USB security dongle

Where credit card and banking information is being processed, user authentication, accountability and data security are of paramount importance. The iKey 4000 is a USB device that authorized users carry with them at all times in order to gain access to secure systems. It adds an extra factor to the access control puzzle – you need to both have the physical key and know the correct password to get in, thus satisfying the highest Payment Card Industry security protocols.  Read More

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