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TAG Heuer’s MERIDIIST mobile communication instrument

TAG Heuer is best known for its exclusive watches and involvement in time-keeping and sponsorship of elite sporting events, so it’s a logical step for the company to move into the mobile telephone area now that a lot of people are dispensing with their wristwatch and monitoring the hour of day with their phone. The result is the MERIDIIST, a communication instrument that is the culmination of all the company’s experience and “the complete modern expression of everything for which TAG Heuer stands”. Apart from top-shelf everything, a stunning visual impact, master craftsmanship, remarkable battery life and superb acoustics, it’s just like any other mobile phone. Oh, except for the dual display screens and the TAG Heuer switch, which allow for discreet checking of the time and call management in meetings, and then there’s the …  Read More

IQinVision's IQeye 4 offers cost-effective 2-megapixel IP Video

September IqinVision specialises in high-performance network cameras, smart IP cameras, and network video recording systems, and the range-topper in its new IQeye 4 series of IP video cameras is both simple and ever-so-powerful with 2-megapixel resolution. Whatsmore, it sends power, video and camera management over a single network cable making it ideal as a cost-effective solution that can integrate seamlessly with all leading network video recording systems and video analytics systems.  Read More

The first Kitahaus relocatable living and office pods

As technology evolves, our ability to create remarkable, sustainable temporary living and working environments has grown considerably, as can be evidenced by Gizmag stories on relocatable structures such as the off-the-grid home, the Sphere House, the Nackros Villa, the Free Spirit Sphere, the LoftCube and the first mobile hotel room. Two years ago we wrote about the KitaHaus Pod which is designed as a stand-alone accommodation or temporary office and can also be interlinked to create unique temporary or permanent living and working environments. The KitaHaus legs are adjustable so it can be situated in almost any site including normally unusable sloped and wooded areas. The first built Kitahaus pods are currently going into Elleray Prep School in Windermere, UK as three classrooms and the designer is now seeking JV partners wishing to create eco-tourism resorts.  Read More

Works riders Loris Capirosi and Chris Vermeulen and the replica

September Suzuki has had a relatively lean run in MotoGP since the four-stroke era began but since the 800cc limit was introduced, the Suzuki GSV-R has been slowly pegging back the frontrunners and is reliably at the front of the front of the rest, after Messrs Rossi, Stoner, Pedrosa and Lorenzo have decided the podium order. To celebrate this newfound competitiveness, the company has launched a Limited Edition MotoGP-inspired Suzuki GSX-R1000.  Read More

Honda offers Motion Adaptive Electric Power Steering (EPS)

Honda’s new Legend, which went on sale in Japan yesterday, features a new technology which has been dubbed “Motion Adaptive Electric Power Steering” (EPS). It’s a new driving stability technology which initiates steering inputs that prompt the driver to steer in the correct direction during cornering and in slippery road conditions. Motion Adaptive EPS is also planned for implementation on other models such as the new Odyssey and the new Accord series, both scheduled for release in Japan in the near future.  Read More

Xerox scientist Rob Rolleston looks over a finished document as Xerox's new 3D Document vi...

Xerox has been responsible for some of the most important innovations of our time and graphic artists the world over will almost certainly count this one as equal to any that have come before. Preparing detailed brochures and flyers with special folds can be an incredibly exacting, time-consuming and costly process. The company’s latest is a new technology that uses 3-D software to view the entire layout of a piece before it goes to print. Aimed at eliminating one of the most costly bottlenecks in printing, the new technology will speed document preparation and approval – a process that costs six dollars for every one dollar spent on the print job itself, according to InfoTrends. With Xerox’s 3-D visualization software, users can see what prints will look like – texture, gloss, folds, binding and all – before any ink or toner is put to paper.  Read More

New Boxer Diesel Forester And Impreza

We’d been looking at pictures and static displays of Subaru’s horizontally-opposed diesel engine for several years before seeing it in the Legacy and Outback earlier this year. The engine is exceptionally compact, very light and has a low centre-of-gravity which benefits handling agility and makes best use of the all-wheel drive system. Throw in gobs of torque (the 2.0 litre version produces 258 lb ft at 1,800 rpm), class-leading fuel economy and emissions and the refinement, smoothness and sharp throttle-response it has already displayed and it makes the coming Forester Boxer Diesel which goes on sale in later this month and the Impreza Boxer Diesel (January 2009) very enticing indeed. The Forester will be unveiled in Paris next week.  Read More

Game Console Online Content set to boom

It’s a wireless world we are living in, and the next decade will see countless changes in the way we access, consume and pay for what we want. Further evidence of this arrived today in the form of Parks Associates’ forecast revenue streams for online content and services for Internet-connected game consoles. The research company expects the three game console manufacturers (Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo) to be generating over US$8 billion in global revenue by 2013. The anticipated increase in revenue is expected to come from digital video distribution, downloadable games and content, virtual worlds and avatar-based microtransactions, multiplayer gaming services, and dynamic in-game advertising.  Read More

Revo BLOK iPod speaker dock

Revo Technologies has used Europe's biggest consumer electronics tradeshow to launch their first dedicated iPod speaker dock - the BLOC - and it's quite a refreshing little product. Uncomplicated, compact design, a high standard of manufacturing and materials including the use of furniture-grade wood for the cabinet and CNC machined aluminum for the switches, bezels and inlays, plus a unique remote control, all backed by 40 watts of hi-fi sound.  Read More

The spell-binding Citroen Hypnos Concept

With the Paris Motor Show just a few weeks away, the world’s oldest automotive industry is getting set to strut its stuff on home ground. Not surprisingly, the French like to save the best for the Paris Show and this year, Citroën is unveiling the Hypnos. An elegant cross-over vehicle, Hypnos draws on a range of creative technologies to deliver performance and environmental efficiency, combined with subtle but powerful motoring sensations. Powerful, flowing and expressive, the exterior styling identifies the car as one to rouse the emotions. If you’re wondering about the image, that’s the interior – pretty amazing heh what?  Read More

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