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The Gorenje SmarTable - beautiful, functional and a killer wow factor

Emanating from a small Slovenian village of the same name in 1950, Gorenje is quickly forging a name for itself in the manufacture and design of quality and innovative household goods. Its SmarTable will not harm that cause. The SmarTable is a unique prestigious table with a remotely controlled refrigerator and lift, integrated in the table's central cylinder foot.The SmarTable's fundamental value is in freeing the table from its direct environment of the kitchen, in the common sense of the word, and in paving the way for its placement into any room of choice. If your guests were not aware of its capabilities, the SmarTable is capable of a spectacular entrance when its platform raises up with the next course. Showtime indeed, and very clever, and an innovation certain to find its way into some of the world’s most exclusive dinner parties.  Read More

The Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder gets some compelling accessories

August The Olympus LS-10 is a pocket-size Linear PCM compact recording device that captures audio in the highest quality. It perfect for use on the go, and enjoys a fine reputation with musicians, journalists and podcasters (gotta be a joke in there somewhere). Olympus trotted out an infrared remote control and an exceptionally effective windshield for the LS-10 at IFA this week that make it even more attractive to these oft maligned professionals. The mandatory introductory stunt at IFA was to have a guitarist record a song in a sound proof phone box (pictured) and then play it backed - it worked ... impressive sound reproduction meeting promised CD quality.  Read More

The weather really does have weekly cycles

Impirical evidence gathered by countless millions of people chained to a desk indoors during weekdays would suggest that the weather on the weekends is different to that during the week. As much as it might seem like a nonsense that the weather could possibly fall into a cycle based on an arbitrary human measurement of time, Spanish researchers have found evidence that in some parts of Europe the weather really does follow a weekly cycle. Evidence has been mounting over the years that the weather in certain parts of the world, including the US, Japan and China, can be driven by the weekly cycle of human activity. This is because we tend to produce more air pollution during the week and less at the weekend. Evidence that such an effect occurs in Europe is controversial and has been harder to come by.  Read More

The Prinics 8 inch photo frame that prints pics too

Gizmag editor Noel McKeegan was quite bullish about the prospects for the Korean Prinics photoframe he saw at IFA in Berlin this week. “How many times does someone say, “can I get a copy of that?”, said Noel. “Photoframes are where digital imaging meets the real world – it’s where you put you most special pics on display, and quite rightfully, you don’t want to necessarily give away the original digital file. So this is the ideal solution!” The top-of-the-line model boasts an eight inch LCD screen and produces borderless 6” x 4” pictures, and can even produce ID photos at the touch of a button.  Read More

Team FORZE on track - but for a few tenths of a second, history in the making.

Formula Zero is the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell racing series and the historic first ever event was held last weekend in Rotterdam. Four teams clearly stood out from the field in vying for the celebrated first ever victory for a fuel cell racing machine, with the Dutch Greenchoice-FORZE Team (Technical University of Delft) setting the fastest time of 38.416 seconds of the portable racetrack in Saturday’s qualifying, narrowly ahead of Spain’s EuplatecH2 (Escuela Universitaria Politécnica La Almunia de Doña Godina). Sadly, the speed shown by the Belgian Zero Emission Racing Team on Friday (37.800) did not materialize on Sunday, and the British Imperial Racing Green Team’s reliability over race distance did not stand up well in the non-traditional FORMULA ZERO race format. Though Team FORZE won the main race on Sunday, the Spaniards won the initial sprint race, and will go down in history as the winners of the first fuel cell racing event.  Read More

IFA eye-candy: Samsung all-in-one slimline TV

Among the forest of flat screen TVs on display at IFA 2008, Samsung's 52" UltraSlim LCD TV grabbed our attention in terms of sheer head-turning good looks. While not achieving quite the wafer thin profile of the Sony ZX1, which is under half an inch (9.9mm) at its thinnest point, Samsung's offering makes up or this with a silkily attractive design which looks almost as good from the back as it does from the front.  Read More

LG’s new PG6900 50” plasma TV features a twin HD digital tuners, a built in hard-disk drive, electronic program guides and timer record function for versatile PVR like function all in one neat package. Freeview Playback allows you to also pause, slow down and rewind live TV. The 160GB HDD allows for more than 48 hours of recording time at full quality and more than 86 hours at standard quality.  Read More

ESF initiative to re-energise mathematics teaching

Mathematics is the only truly universal language. It describes the world and facilitates the vast majority of our advances in understanding. Mathematics underpins education: the only surefire cure to the world’s ills. Mathematics teaching is as vital as ever both in support of key fields such as life sciences, alternative energy development, or information technology, and also through its unique ability to develop problem solving skills. It should be highly relevant not just for the elite few but for all people in education. Recent research has shown that school students’ mathematical achievement is directly influenced by the students’ beliefs about mathematics and its teaching, teachers’ beliefs about mathematics and its teaching, and the ways in which teachers initiate and sustain learning opportunities. An attempt to re-energise mathematics teaching in Europe is being made in a new European Science Foundation (ESF) project examining a range of factors thought to influence achievement.  Read More

Arctic ice set for another all-time low

The global warming debate will get even hotter in the near future with the news that current observations from ESA's Envisat satellite suggest that the extent of Arctic polar sea-ice may this year shrink to a level very close to that of last year's record minimum ice cover. Envisat observations from mid-August depict that a new record of low sea-ice coverage could be reached in a matter of weeks. This animation is a series of mosaics of the Arctic Ocean created from images acquired between early June and mid-August 2008 from the Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) instrument aboard Envisat. The dark grey colour represents ice-free areas while blue represents areas covered with sea ice. The image at right shows sea-ice coverage as of mid-August 2008 with the red line indicating the all-time minimum Arctic sea-ice coverage in September 2007. Anyone know of any DIY Ark-building courses?  Read More

Apple planning touch screen tablet

Apple was the company that first took the mouse and the Graphical User Interface to market and it has continued to lead the world in CHI design ever since, with its iPod scroll wheel and iPhone touch screen interface triumphs just some of numerous significant contributions since then. Rumours of a touch screen Macintosh have been rife recently and AppleInsider report earlier this week of a raft of new patent applications seem to indicate a new and no doubt elegantly usable interface is nigh. AppleInsider believes the applications pave the way for tablet Macs that display a near full-sized multi-touch keyboard and run an undiluted version of the Mac OS X operating system.  Read More

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