Photokina 2014 highlights
Parrot Specchio digital photo frame by Martin Szekely

Parrot has collaborated with French artist Martin Szekely for its latest digital photo frame offering - Specchio. The frame sports a range of connection options including Wi-Fi but its unique feature remains hidden until it's switched off - rather than showing a blank screen the Specchio becomes a minimalist mirror.  Read More

The self-contained module of the rover allows crew to discard their spacesuits while insid...

NASA’s 12-wheeled Small Pressurized Rover raced (by lunar rover standards) across the moon-like Arizona outback at 6mph this week as part of the 11th annual Desert Research and Technology Studies (RATS). While the buggies on the Apollo missions only provided a 6 mile range, the presence of two or more SPRs on a lunar landing will provide a range of over 150 miles.  Read More

Sony Ericsson's first collection of Bluetooth watches for women

Have you ever missed a call while frantically searching for your mobile in the bottom of your handbag? Sony Ericsson has followed on from the MBW-150 Bluetooth watch range with the announcement of the MBW-200 series, the first from the company designed specifically for female consumers.  Read More

The Edifier S2000V premium audio system

In part created by renowned loudspeaker designer Phil Jones, the S2000V from Canadian based audio specialist Edifier International boasts a total power output of 80 Watts RMS with a newly developed 5.5” subwoofer with HSCC (high strength cotton composite) cone designed to deliver impressive bass and mid range performance.  Read More

iPhone 3G unlock coming...

The iPhone Dev Team has posted a video showing their recent progress with the iPhone 3G. They have hacked their way in to the PMB8878 baseband processor, which gives them unrestricted access to the iPhone 3G hardware - and, you guessed it, the means to unlock the phone for use on any carrier.  Read More

Apple's iPhone - our pick of the best free apps

The all-conquering iPhone is a pretty impressive gadget out of the box - but it's the fantastic App Store that really keeps the honeymoon going, giving users access to literally thousands of downloadable third-party applications. From the sublime to the ridiculous, they're only a few taps away - and a large number of them are free. Useful? Sometimes. Perfect? Rarely. Addictive? Hell yes, show me an iPhone user that hasn't thumbed through the app store late at night and I'll show you somebody who should have bought a Nokia. Here's a few of our favorite freebies - and a couple of things we want to know why we can't have!  Read More

Ford Kuga gets clever rear-view camera

Tailgate mounted cameras are nothing new, but Ford’s new miniature rear-view camera system is enhanced by a very simple idea. Two yellow lines indicating the total width of the vehicle including mirrors are superimposed onto the camera image while a third line marks the vehicle’s center line. The lines move to show the path of the vehicle based on the current steering angle and, while the two lines indicating the width of the vehicle help drivers reverse safely and accurately, the third center line assists in lining up a tow hook with a caravan or trailer.  Read More

The project will utilize Vergnet turbines

With its nation in need of additional energy resources, the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEEPC) has announced it will build Africa's largest wind farm - a 120MW facility to be based in Ashegoba in the country’s north.  Read More

The Nissan Nuvu concept car

In addition to the futuristic Nuvu concept car premiered in Paris, Nissan also provided a taste of what's in store for the more immediate future with the new Pixo - a five-door, four-seater that boasts very low fuel consumption and emissions - a revised version of the Note compact car and the introduction of an all-new combined satellite nav and infotainment system known as Nissan Connect.  Read More

iBangle wearable design concept

Apple has a well deserved reputation for churning out slick designs and is equally adept at keeping us guessing as to what's around the corner. Designer Gopinath Prasana is one aficionado who has decided not to wait and see, instead coming up with his own take on what the iPod of the future might look like. Dubbed the iBangle, the concept design turns the iPod into a wrist worn, aluminum bracelet complete with an adjustable air chamber on the inner face that can be inflated to ensure a snug fit.  Read More

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