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Sputnik 1 launched on October 4th 1957

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Sputnik satellite. Even half a century on, the impact of the October 4th 1957 launch that saw the Soviet Union’s satellite became the first to be put into orbit still resonates as a momentous achievement in the history of human endeavor. Considered the first real blow in the "Space race" between the USSR and the USA, the launch provided the springboard for an exciting period of space exploration carried out by the two countries.  Read More

The Mazda Taiki concept car

Mazda is set to continue its stunning array of concept cars over recent years with the first images appearing of the Mazda Taiki concept car which will be shown at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show later this month. The company will also unveil the new Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid, a series of future-oriented powertrains, and a variety of environmental and safety technologies at the show.  Read More

Panasonic reveals its new DIGA range

Panasonic has released a Blu-ray disc recorder with a stonking 1-terabyte hard drive built in. That’s a mind-warping 381 hours of full HD video.  Read More

The Sony Reader

Many bibliophiles feel that paper is an irreplaceable medium, but the inexorable march of the digital age is bringing new products into the marketplace that bridge the gap between the traditional book and the sheer convenience of electronic storage. Sony has just released the upgraded second version of its Reader digital book - a compact, comfortable and lightweight viewing platform that allows you to carry up to 160 full novels around at any time.  Read More

The Mazda Roadster Prestige Edition

Mazda has released a blinged-up MX-5 for its domestic Japanese market. Known in Japan as the Mazda Roadster Prestige Edition, the suave convertible gets heated leather seats, 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels, fog lights, Dynamic Stability Control as well as several other baubles and trinkets.  Read More

Honda's 2008 CBR1000RR Fireblade

Details have finally been officially released of the Honda Fireblade’s end-to-end 2008 overhaul... and here they are: wet weight drops 6kg to 199kg, power climbs 7hp to just under 180hp. The ‘Blade finally gets a next-gen slipper clutch, as well as a remodelled HESD steering damper. It’s also had a complete style overhaul – not to mention a stubby underslung exhaust. In fact, just about everything except the already-superb suspension has been completely redesigned. Honda’s clearly seeing this model as a big jump forward for the “friendly” superbike, a makeover they’re hoping will be as stunning as the one the GSX-R got in 2005.  Read More

Nissan's all-new Skyline Coupe

Nissan has introduced its all-new Skyline coupe in Japan, and the specification, design and driving performance of the new grand touring coupe put it in a category normally reserved for machinery with a price tag several factors greater than the Skyline Coupe 370 GT Type SP which goes on sale in Japan for less than US$40,000.  Read More

Sharp shows the future of touch screens for micro devices

Sharp yesterday began publicly demonstrating a new technology that could have far reaching effects on the way we interact with the mounting tide of mobile information available to us through diminutive devices such as smart phones, PDAs, cameras and UMPCs – the marriage of sensing function with an LCD screen is not new, but Sharp’s technology puts an optical sensor into each pixel enabling the screen to become a multiple touch-point screen and a scanner.  Read More

AnyTrack GPS-130

Real-time GPS tracking device and service provider Anytrack has announced two new products for both business and consumer markets designed to keep track of everything from important cargo to vehicles, pets... even grandpa.  Read More

The rolling road in situ - when completed, the floor will be level with the steel belt.

The Windshear rolling-road wind tunnel in North Carolina will be one of the fastest and most advanced facilities in the world, and the only in America capable of 180mph (around 300kph) testing. The US$40 million complex will be an excellent resource for Formula One, NASCAR and most other racing teams – but interestingly, street-legal supercars like the Bugatti Veyron at the forefront of high-speed aerodynamic design still have nowhere to test their 250+mph models.  Read More

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