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PEIR system screenshot

A key starting point to helping the environment is determining what impact we personally have on the planet. To assist in this challenge researchers at UCLA have developed a way to generate online Personal Environmental Impact Reports (PEIR) using location data from cell phones.  Read More

Sega's E.M.A. robot

Somewhat mysteriously dubbed E.M.A, or Eternal Maiden Actualization, this 38cm tall Sega robot was designed to look and move in a distinctly feminine manner, and can seek out nearby human faces for a kiss when in “love mode.”  Read More

HD video cam with 120GB drive records 50 hours

It’s only a moment ago that a 120GB hard drive in a laptop signified a state-of-the-art machine. Now JVC Victor in Japan is planning to release a new Everio GZ-HD40video camera with a 120GB hard drive early next month for around JPY150,000 (USD$1400). With a 120GB of storage, the GZ-HD40 can hold 50 hours of full high-definition AVCHD (1920x1080i) video, the longest HD recording time of any camera available , remarkably all packed into a tiny 455g body.  Read More

Halo Pet Safety System

Designed in response to a tragic story of two much-loved dogs that died in a car due to heat stroke, the Halo Pet Safety System from Sisters of Invention uses sensor technology and an alarm to keep animals safe.  Read More

The Saleen S7 Supercar - yours to rent for US$4000 per day.

The Saleen S7 supercar: 7 liters and 550 horsepower of the most exclusive hand-made V8 American metal. Proof positive that sex itself can tear up tarmac, and a genuine contender amongst the very top echelon of the world's performance cars. It will happily accelerate through 200mph (322kmh), and rocket you to 60mph in around 3.4 seconds if you can find enough traction. At US$400,000 per unit it's one of the most expensive cars around, and it's so exclusive that apparently even Jeremy Clarkson can't get a test drive. But you can, if you're willing to stump up the US$4000 per day charge to take what may be the world's most extravagant rental car out for a spin. We recommend the extra insurance.  Read More

Bumper stickers, road rage & digital messaging

If you tend to shy away from cars covered in bumper stickers, you now have good reason. New research has unearthed an interesting correlation between drivers who personalize their cars with bumper stickers and personal markers of private territory, and those prone to road rage. Now the bumper sticker is going to new levels with personalized electronic messaging able to display messages such as the insulting gesture pictured. Is this a positive thing? Will our roads be enhanced by our newfound ability to communicate our feelings more effectively to other road users?  Read More

The 700 bhp water taxi

Outboard motors have seen enormous progress in a short time, not just in power output, but also in the sophistication of their emission-reduction technologies. We found a prime example this week in Sydney Harbour, Australia, where H2O taxis services 200 local pick-up points. The company upgraded its flagship 10.8m WaterBus from 450 bhp to 700 bhp using twin 5.3 litre V8 F350 Yamaha motors. Not only did it significantly increase cruising speeds, it halved the fuel consumption.  Read More

The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 portable speakerphone

Anticipating the changing of handsfree driving laws in the US, BlueAnt Wireless’ has released a new portable speakerphone device called the Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Handsfree, which incorporates advanced ‘Text-to-Speech’ technology with voice prompts providing guidance to help users pair the device and upload their mobile phone’s address book. The unit supports a selection of six different languages including American English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and British English, so that when a call is received, the Supertooth 3 announces the incoming caller’s name or Caller ID and the user can then verbally accept or reject the call.  Read More

Japan to get energy efficient 32-inch Bravia LCD

Massive screens are not the answer for everyone in the flat screen TV market and energy conscious consumers might be persuaded to think small with this new 32-inch addition to Sony's Bravia range which is set for release in Japan.  Read More

Flip Video Mino

In May last year we praised Pure Digital's Flip Video camera for its simplicity, ease of use and instant YouTube upload facility. Now, the Flip has been upgraded - and downsized - with the release of the Flip Video Mino, a 2GB flash video camera that's smaller than the average cell phone, with a 1.5 inch LCD screen and flip-out USB connector for immediate uploading.  Read More

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