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Robotics Technology is developing the self-fueling EATR robot

Expected to survive autonomously for extended periods of time in hostile conditions, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) could be seen as decidedly unglamorous in comparison to their airborne cousins – and none more so than the proposed Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (EATR) from Robotic Technology, which will suffer the indignity of ingesting and expelling biomass to fuel itself, presumably with no toilet paper. Scatalogical humor aside, it's a remarkable project which promises to greatly extend the capability of unmanned roving bots with researchers estimating that 150 pounds of vegetation could give it enough juice for 100 miles of driving.  Read More

Palm Pre

Announced at CES 2009, Palm's Pre is a 3G smartphone set to take on the iPhone and the G1. Read on to find out why we think it's got a fighting chance of becoming the next "must have" handset.  Read More

Flower - a game with a difference

Anyone who has played thatgamecompany’s previous offering, flOw, will know that they march to the beat of a slightly different drum, aiming to produce games that touch players on a different emotional level than the majority of video games on the market. Their new game "Flower" certainly achieves this with its beautiful graphics, relaxing soundtrack and instantly accessible control system combining to give players a memorable and unique gaming experience.  Read More

HeadsetPresenter – the EUR10 remote controller for your PC

If you have a Bluetooth headset for your mobile phone, HeadPresenter software can now turn that headset into a remote presentation tool for Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Presentations or Open Office Impress. Indeed, the just released V 3.0 of the EUR 10 (USD 12.85) HeadsetPresenter software can turn hardware you probably already own into a miniature remote controller for any Windows software, which can be very handy with f'rinstance, Media Player or iTunes. But wait, there's more! The new version incorporates voice recognition meaning you can combine speech and button control, and there's a Mac version imminent.  Read More

Less waste = reduced construction costs

When we think green house emissions, fume spewing factories and highways choked with gas guzzling vehicles are usually the first images that spring to mind, but it may surprise some readers to learn that buildings represent a sizeable chunk of our collective carbon footprint. In America, it's estimated that buildings contribute to 36% of energy consumption and 30% of green house gas emissions and it's an area that's ripe for improvement. Innovative American building company Vitruvian is doing just that by offering a full service green building system that utilizes pre-engineered modular construction consisting of inter lockable panels to form a complete, weather tight building shell. As well as delivering extremely low energy bills, Vitruvian has calculated that if its process was used for all building replacement and construction in America between now and the year 2030, its environmental impact would be the equivalent of removing more than 80 million cars from the road.  Read More

It's busier up there than it looks. Concentration of orbital debris in low Earth orbit wit...

When we are born, we soil ourselves and other people clean it up for us. As we mature, we take responsibility for our own excrement. Strangely, as a society, we're not at all good at toilet training ourselves regarding the excrement produced by industry, transport or agriculture. Human beings capacity to eschew short term gain when faced with long term harm is notoriously woeful so it’s not surprising we've done exactly the same thing in space, leaving so much debris that it's now dangerous to be in the orbital band around earth due to the likelihood of being hit by junk traveling at 18,000 mph. The latest evidence: last week saw the first ever accidental collision between two intact spacecraft, a deactivated Russian satellite and an Iridium 33 satellite, which left a fresh cloud of debris 497 miles above the Earth.  Read More

Slot machines - insidious invention

Further irrefutable proof that the slot machine is one of the most insidious inventions in history came from the 800 year old University of Cambridge this week. Researchers used fMRI brain-imaging to find that near misses (two identical fruits on the pay line and another just above or below) activate the same reward pathways in a gambler's brain as a win. What's more, slot machine manufacturers seem aware of this, as machines are programmed to deliver near misses almost one in three, enticing losers to keep gambling. Hardly seems fair does it?  Read More

An illustration from the IBM Patent Application.

IBM has retained the Number One Plate Holder's title at the US Patent Office for 16 years straight, with 2008 issuances greater than Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Apple, EMC, Accenture and Google combined. On February 3 it astounded even seasoned patent watchers when it filed a patent for bionic body armor which not only recognizes a bullet has been fired, but delivers a shock to the target's appropriate muscles so they step out of the bullet's trajectory.  Read More

Michelin Tweel becomes Lunar Wheel for NASA Lunar Rover

The Tweel is an non-pneumatic Tire/WhEEL combo which offers an idiot-proof, no-maintenance, easily-retreadable tire for consumers and the holy grail for the military - a tire that can't be “shot out.” You won't see the Tweel on your sandmobile any time soon because it has noise, vibration, heat and wear problems at highway speeds, but its unique construction enables it to be specifically engineered with ideal characteristics for highly specialized low speed applications. The ultimate badge of credibility was bestowed on the design when it rolled down Pennsylvania Avenue on NASA’s Small Pressurized Lunar Rover prototype during the Obama presidential inauguration.  Read More

The Panamera's interior truly is a 'cockpit for four'

The Porsche Panamera is quite unlike any sports car that has been before it in that it was conceived to offer equal comfort and luxury for four occupants. Porsche has previously released external images of the Panamera, due for showrooms in September/October this year, and the image gallery contains the first images of the gran turismo’s knockout interior. With a continuous center console that extends from the dashboard to the rear seats, the Panamera offers a new spatial experience for the driver and passengers featuring optimal ergonomic seating with an individual cockpit-like environment for all.  Read More

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