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The 2009 Lincoln C Concept

The oil price bonanza seems to have given the U.S. auto industry a much-needed kick in the pants - pity it was closely followed by a crippling recession. While last year's petrol prices in America still seemed outrageously cheap to many Europeans, the spike was enough to finally put fuel economy and smaller cars on Big Auto's agenda. Take this concept from Lincoln, Ford's luxury brand, better known for its enormous presidential limousines. The 'C' Concept is Lincoln's vision of a luxury compact. Its 4cl, 1.6l, 180-horsepower Ecoboost engine gets 43mpg on the highway, 25% better than the Ford Focus manages - and its reconfigurable dash, hubless steering wheel and spooky KITT-style omnipotent conversational computer ("Eva, I need the most fuel efficient route to Luciano's") combine to make it one of the most unabashedly "futuristic" concepts shown at this year's Detroit Auto Show.  Read More

Powermat display at CES 2009

The promise of wireless electricity has been around for over 100 years but the technology is only just reaching the point of commercial viability. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, half a dozen companies are demonstrating wireless power products that will be on sale as early as April this year to recharge your laptop, iPhone or power tools.  Read More

Google Earth now takes you inside the Prado Museum, Madrid

Google has become by default the gatekeeper of global information for this generation, and the company frequently takes great pains to demonstrate how seriously it takes this responsibility. In the latest of a series of moves to catalogue and present the vast amount of human knowledge and achievement it doesn't already index, Google has harnessed some wonderful technology to present some of Europe's greatest artworks in 14 thousand-megapixel resolution. Using Google Earth, you can now browse through some of the finest works in Madrid's Prado museum in detail so fine that you can see every crack in the paint and almost smell the canvas.  Read More

Schwinn Tailwind electric bicycle

Bicycles are a fun, environmentally friendly way to get from A to B under your own steam, but we're not all Tour de France cyclists, so the addition of electric assist systems helps to increase our range and leave the car in the garage more often. The latest offering from Schwinn - the Tailwind - will hit US dealers at the end of this month and arrive in Europe in Spring equipped with a battery that not only charges in a world beating 30 minutes via a standard outlet (or a lightning 7 minutes via a 40 amp commercial charger), but also guarantees 2000 cycles before it's full capacity begins to diminish. We took a closer look at the Schwinn at the 2009 CES.  Read More

Victorinox Presentation Pro

Victorinox used the 2009 CES as the platform for the launch of their new Presentation Pro, a compact Swiss Army Knife that includes a laser pointer, Bluetooth remote control and USB storage of up to 32GB which, in a first for the company, integrates biometric fingerprint security.  Read More

Samsung Pico Projector mobile phone

The advent of handheld Pico Projectors created a buzz throughout 2008 and although they make very useful stand alone devices, we've been eagerly awaiting their integration into mobile phones. We wait no longer. Samsung has produced the first cell phone featuring Texas Instrument's DLP Pico chipset and like the mobile phone camera - which not so long ago was seen as the "latest thing" - we expect to see tiny projectors quickly become a standard addition to mobile phone features.  Read More

Disney Star Guitarist

US Music Corp., parent company of several music brands including Washburn Guitars, have partnered with Disney to create the Disney Star suite of applications - which unlike console-based music games, will teach children to play a real guitar or piano using familiar songs from Disney franchises like Hannah Montana and High School Musical.  Read More

Sony's prototype OLED TVs

While Sony's XEL-1 OLED TV represents a leap forward in technology, the 11-inch size leaves a lot to be desired for applications like the living room. It won't be long though, as Sony showed off their prototypes for larger OLED TVs including 21-inch and 27-inch models at CES 2009. Don't miss the gallery.  Read More


One of the carmakers showing off its electric power at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit is from China. The Shenzhen-based company BYD — which stands for Build Your Dreams — has built the world's first mass-produced, plug-in hybrid car, beating both Chevrolet and Toyota to the punch. BYD is targeting 2011 to get into the United States market.  Read More

ioSafe Solo: the world's first affordable high capacity disaster proof hard drive

Ya call that a hard disk? This is a real hard disk - it’ll withstand fires up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit and can be submersed in salt water for three days and it’ll still protect its precious data. The ioSafe Solo offers disaster protection to a price range that everyone can afford with capacities from 500GB for US$150 through to 1.5TB for US$300 based on the introductory pricing and it’s an enormously compelling proposition if you have data that’s irreplaceable. It isn’t portable, with a weight of 15 pounds and dimensions of 5x7.1x11 inches but it’s just the ticket for that priceless customer database, or the family photo album.  Read More

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