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Toyota RIN Concept

Toyota’s RIN Concept will take the stage at the Tokyo Motor Show later this week with a view not only to promote environmental sustainability, but also to encourage the healthy living and well-being of its occupants. Through features such as heated seats that help maintain good back posture, an oxygen-level conditioner and pinpoint humidifier, and the use of green glass to reduce ultraviolet and infrared light and increase cabin comfort, drivers are encouraged to turn their attention to maintaining a healthy mind and body.  Read More

Eclipse 500 light-weight jet sets new speed record using less fuel

Eclipse Aviation has set a National Aeronautic Association (NAA) performance record to claim the title of the industry’s fastest jet aircraft weighing 10,000 pounds or less with its twin-engine Eclipse 500. The aircraft averaged 393.32 miles per hour (341.79 knots or 632kph) to beat the existing NAA record on October 7, 2007 on a flight from New York (Westchester) to Atlanta (Peachtree-Dekalb) that took just one hour, 55 minutes, and eight seconds. Not only was the record broken by a margin of 20 percent, but the jet flown by Don Taylor, Senior Fellow at Eclipse Aviation, used approximately 25 percent less fuel than the Cessna Citation Mustang which set the previous mark on September 22, 2007.  Read More

Kotov and his team developed a robotic machine that build materials one nanoscale layer af...

Researchers at the University of Michigan have created a light-weight, transparent composite plastic that’s as strong as steel. The material mimics the brick-and-mortar molecular structure of mother of pearl, the iridescent lining of mussel and oyster shells, which is built layer by layer and is one of the toughest natural mineral based materials.  Read More

Boklok flats

Following our report earlier this month that applications had opened for the innovative BoKlok housing project in the UK, approval has been granted for even more of the homes to be built at Gateshead in the UK.  Read More

Pantech-au A1407PT bone-conduction phone

Korean handset manufacturer Pantech have unveiled a bone conduction mobile phone that transmits sound to the inner ear using vibration. Not only does the ongoing emergence of bone conduction technology represent a solution for using phones in noisy environments, but it’s also a boon for the elderly or those suffering hearing loss for whom the use of conventional speaker phones is problematic.  Read More

Bob Boniface, GM Director of E-Flex Systems Design, plugs into the Chevy Volt

GM is showcasing its Chevy Volt – an emission free plug-in, electric vehicle that can be recharged by plugging it into a common 110-Volt/15-amp outlet – in a tour of venues in South Florida until October 23.  Read More

BioBike - 2.2 litres per 100 kilometres

The 2007 Panasonic World Solar Challenge got underway yesterday with 40 teams from across the globe competing in the 3000 km race from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia. Among the competitors in the Greenfleet Technology Class - a category for internal combustion vehicles promoting an enhanced environmental profile - is the BioBike, a biodiesel-powered motorcycle, constructed by a group of students in Adelaide, Australia, that happily does 96kmh and returns a staggering fuel economy of only 2.2 litres per 100 kilometres. As the design is further refined, BioBike’s creators expect this to drop below the 2 litres per 100km mark (around 107 miles per gallon), and they believe it can be manufactured for around the same cost as a petrol-powered dirtbike.  Read More

Futura heat reducing laptop desk

Laptops can get extremely hot and become uncomfortable on your lap. One solution is to use a pillow or something similar between your lap and the laptop but this is a poor strategy - it might keep you cool, but a pillow conforms to the bottom of the laptop and prevents the escape of hot air resulting in parts overheating and in turn reducing the lifespan of the device. LapWorks Inc., the market leader in ergonomic and heat reducing laptop desks, has recently released their Futura model and Techwarelabs has been testing the device - read their review.  Read More

MotorBoard 2000XR: next generation electric scooter

Continuing its quest to take motorized scooters out of the realm of toys and into the arena of genuine, eco-friendly, urban transportation for adults, Roth Motor Company has released the much anticipated upgrade to their fully portable 2000X MotorBoard. The new 2000XR motorized scooter retains a safety-limited speed of 15mph but boasts improved torque, range and hill climbing capabilities over its predecessor. Since the range began in 2002 with the release of the 1500X, the power has been doubled while the weight has been reduced with the latest model now capable of carrying an average sized rider (up to 250 lbs.) between 4-7 miles on a single charge.  Read More

GEICO Chopper

Built by well-known motorcycle builder Rick “Big Rick” Hoffman, the customized “GEICO Chopper” will be auctioned online for the benefit of children’s charities with bids opening on October 22.  Read More

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