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Sea King Mk IV-X used by QinetiQ during HawkOwl trial

Helicopter pilots are often faced with demanding environmental conditions that make navigation difficult and lead to grounding of the aircraft as the only safe option – fog, cloud, rain and snow along with flying over featureless terrain or “brownout” conditions caused by dust all present problems for pilots, particularly when landing. International defence company QinetiQ has developed and successfully flight trialled a solution that integrates a range of imaging technologies into a single system with the aim of expanding the operational envelope of the aircraft under these circumstances.  Read More

ASIMO on stage

ASIMO is quite possibly the world’s busiest non-human celebrity with recent appearances in Estonia, the Isle of Man, Barcelona and even Disneyland in the US as part of a stage show. His world tour continues with a trip now planned to the land downunder, Australia.  Read More

Aeroscraft ML866: superyacht for the sky officially launched

It’s as big as a superyacht and not quite as fast as a supercar, but it does have a range of over 3000 miles and can do it over land, sea or snow, lingering anywhere you like the view. A new category of aircraft that fits somewhere in between a blimp, airship or dirigible, the Aeroscraft ML866 project was recently presented at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) show in Atlanta, Georgia. The key factor of the ML866 design is that it offers superyacht size and comfort in a platform that can operate independently from airports, meaning that a new class of luxury conveyance is about to become available which appears to trump them all.  Read More

BoKlok housing design

IKEA has accepted applications from potential homeowners for the first release of Boklok houses in the UK. Gizmag has been following the progress of this innovative housing development that aims to create affordable and sustainable housing to offer space and flexibility to low income families.  Read More

Boeing Lab Technician Julie Eberley conducts automated freeze-point testing on jet fuel sa...

In a move designed to accelerate the development of viable and sustainable clean fuels for commercial aviation, Boeing will team up with Air New Zealand and Rolls-Royce to conduct a biofuel demonstration flight planned for the second half of 2008.  Read More

Aprilia's V4 superbike engine

Aprilia tell us their much-anticipated V4 engine is currently undergoing durability testing in four states of tune – from a huge 185 horsepower up to an eye-watering 220 horsepower. Which one will we see in the road-going superbike they’re building?  Read More

Nissan's Pivo 2 concept – your robotic automotive friend

Nissan’s Pivo concept was the most popular concept car of all time on this site, so we’re expecting a similar reaction to the Pivo 2, an advanced electric concept car that will debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Powered by advanced compact Lithium-ion batteries, Pivo 2 employs ‘by-wire’ technologies for braking and steering and features a 360 degree turning cabin and 90 degree turning wheels that makes reversing a thing of the past. The second generation Pivo also uses a Robotic Agent to create a unique owner-vehicle relationship that is akin to that of a friend.  Read More

Cannondale's Quantum Leap in bicycle design: the ON concept

Early forms of the bicycle emerged as early as 1791 when one Monsieur de Sirvac is said to have added a second wheel to a child's hobbyhorse. The “draisienne” – which was propelled by riders pushing their feet on the ground - was invented in Germany around 25 years later and the basic design platform we recognize today took shape at the end of the 1800’s with the addition of pneumatic tyres, derailleur gears and hand-operated cable-pull brakes, but if this radical prototype from urban solutions company Cannondale is any indication, the continuing evolution of the bicycle as we move into the 21st century might yield some very surprising results.  Read More

Formotion: billet bolt-on timepieces for motorcycles

Tired of working out dodgy ways to attach a clock you can read while you’re riding your motorcycle? Formotion has released a range of great-looking and affordable bolt-on clocks and thermometers to fit to any bike.  Read More

US109,500 SkyCatcher light sport aircraft

Own your own brand new Cessna for a touch over a hundred grand – it’s an offer many are finding too good to refuse. The Cessna SkyCatcher Light Sports Aircraft seems to be the right product at the right time – the all-metal, high-wing twin-seater monoplane is easy to fly (or learn to fly), very good looking and at a price point that's within a wallet’s stretch for aviation fans. Plus it has one of the most trusted names in aviation written down the side. Perhaps this is why it’s been selling like crazy since its July launch with the company now reporting orders for more than 850 aircraft.  Read More

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