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The screen slides up to reveal the familiar gaming controls

Sony has confirmed the rumors and officially announced the updated, slimmed down version of its PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming console at E3. The new PSP go features a sliding form factor with the ability to play video and music when closed, or transform into a gaming console when the familiar PlayStation controls are revealed.  Read More

The 'eyes-free' future of mobile dialing?

Google engineers have shown an experimental “Eyes-Free” touch interface for Android powered mobile phones. Through tapping, sliding and releasing, the interface can be used to quickly enter a phone number without having to look at the screen, and it’s not only vision impaired users that are set to benefit from the technology.  Read More

Tesla delivers 500th Roadster

Tesla Motors has delivered its 500th Roadster to New Jersey Philanthropist Martin Tuchman. The fledgling electric car company - 10 percent of which was acquired by Daimler last month - also has 1000 reservations for its Model S electric sedan and plans to roll into Europe this year, opening showrooms in London, Monaco and Munich, as well as Seattle, Miami, Washington, Chicago and a second New York store in the Chelsea Art District.  Read More

PowerFlare PF-200 LED safety light

PowerFlare’s PF-200 electronic LED safety light is not your average roadside flare. Invented by Ken Dueker, a former police officer and PowerFlare’s CEO, the PowerFlare PF-200 replaces chemical flares with a reusable, non-combusting alternative. Each PF-200 features a 360-degree LED array protected by a ruggedized plastic housing that can withstand the weight of a fire truck.  Read More

Lenny with the Stereo Acoustic Guitar

The regular acoustic guitar is such a familiar and effective shape that it's hard to get past the bizarre looks of Paul Kinny's 'Stereo Acoustic' guitar - but rest assured, it's built that way for a good reason. While standard acoustics have a sound hole that faces forward, projecting the sound to a listening audience, the Stereo Acoustic's two sound holes are pointed directly up at the player. That means that it's an instrument you play for yourself, sitting right inside the sound, enjoying a huge dynamic range and the natural stereo and chorus effects it produces. We took the opportunity to put these unique - and remarkably affordable - acoustics in the hands of classical guitar god Leonard Grigoryan for a video review. Then we locked Lenny in a cage of microphones to take some studio recordings and demonstrate the gorgeous sounds these oddball guitars can produce on tape.  Read More

The Kitchen Sink by Sea to Summit

If you're the kind of person who likes to over-pack when you head out to the great outdoors, now you can say you've brought everything and the kitchen sink. The Kitchen Sink by Sea to Summit simply pops out ready for the washing up. It holds five liters of water and tucks up snugly in a convenient carry pouch that can be attached to your belt.  Read More

The Xbox 360 Project Natal concept peripheral

“You are the controller.” No, it’s not some new Zen proverb for gamers, it’s how Microsoft describes its new motion-sensing, controller-free technology code-named Project Natal. Following details leaked a few weeks ago when the US patent office released documents, Microsoft has given a demonstration of the technology that looks and behaves a little like a Sony PlayStation Eye on some serious steroids.  Read More

Panasonic DMP-B15 portable Blu-ray player

The world’s first portable Blu-ray disc player, the Panasonic DMP-B15, showcased at this year's CES bash in Las Vegas, has finally it made it onto US shelves – with a price tag of USD$799.95.  Read More

The clean, simple, functional look of the NAD Masters Series M2 Direct Digital Amplifier b...

We’ve been living in a digital age for a while now and many of us access all our music from digital formats like CD and MP3. But has anyone managed to perfect a purely digital amplifier? NAD believes it has with the Master Series M2 Direct Digital Amplifier.  Read More

Still in concept, the squidolin – named on account of its squid-like appearance – is a sel...

“I love the sound of the violin,” explains Carlos Mendez. “Since I was a kid, I wanted to learn how to play it. But born in a poor country such as Nicaragua, my parents couldn't afford lessons.” It was this childhood affection for the stringed instrument that encouraged the young industrial designer to use part of his final project at the Art Center College of Design in Pasedena, California, where he graduated with honors in product design, to come up with an affordable way of learning the violin. So was born the concept of the “squidolin”.  Read More

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