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Sony BRAVIA W4500

Sony has announced the BRAVIA X4500 and W4500 series wide screen LCD TVs with full HD 1080p resolution and DLNA connectivity. The X4500 is available in 40-inch, 46-inch, and and an 8-speaker 55-inch model, all of which feature the BRAVIA ENGINE 2 PRO for filtering, cleaning and optimizing image data before it’s displayed.  Read More

CMI's SYVIO-200 HD Player

After Popcorn Hour made their networked media tank (the A-100), a Chinese company named CMI produced what looks like their own copy of the product – the SYVIO-200 HD Player. In fact, the model number A-100 was accidentally left in the SYVIO-200 specifications on CMI's web site (which were clearly copy/pasted from Popcorn Hours website).  Read More

The Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

Further proof that innovation and compelling feel in a mobile handset do not require an Apple logo arrived from Nokia this week when it introduced the 8800 Carbon Arte, a new premium variant of the Nokia 8800 Arte range with materials such as carbon fibre, titanium, polished glass and stainless steel. Apart from evoking an intensely functional F1-like feel with its carbon fibre woven pattern, extreme light weight, seamless surfaces, and an almost sensual slide mechanism, the Carbon Arte has some elegant and useful functionality too. Frinstance, consumers can tap the steel surface below the display twice and a clock appears on the screen. The turn-to-mute silencing mechanism allows individuals to silence incoming calls in a discrete manner by turning the phone over, screen-side down.  Read More

The RJ vertical Cabestan Tourbillon and the Day and Night watch.

Romain Jerome offers unique watches that fascinate the technophile and fundamentally defy logic. The Day&Night watch, however, takes the cake for sheer outrageous “I-don’t-give-a-flying-toss” (but-really-I-do) elitism. It’s a limited edition of just nine watches costing US$300,000 apeice and all were snapped up immediately they went on sale. Here’s the kicker – the watches have no hands – they do not indicate the time in any way other than simply day and night – it’s the watch for people who are of such “independent means” that they do not care what the time is. Go figure!  Read More

Solar Powered Necktie

It might not be the most chic of clothing items, but form takes a back-seat to function with this solar powered necktie. Designed to charge a mobile phone, the concept tie was created by researchers at Iowa State University (ISU) whilst experimenting with uses for photovoltaic (PV) textiles to create smart garments.  Read More

Max Robson with the low-cost turbine

A student from the University of Portsmouth in the UK has created a wind turbine made totally from recycled matter. Aimed at servicing the renewable energy needs of some of the word’s poorest countries, the low cost wind turbine is designed to be built by unskilled workers in less than a day using locally sourced scrap materials.  Read More

Lexus LS 460 goes All-Wheel Drive

The importance of the growing Russian luxury marketplace will be highlighted later this week when Lexus (AKA Toyota) will publicly debut its new LS 460 All-Wheel Drive at the Moscow International Motor Show. The all-wheel drive system is a three differential configuration featuring a highly compact TORSEN® Limited Slip Differential (LSD) – shared with the LS 600h - which distributes drive torque between the front and rear axles with a 40:60 rear axle bias in torque distribution.  Read More

AeroVironment's Wasp III UAS

AeroVironment has been awarded $4.6 million in funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a new generation small Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) with "perch-and-stare" surveillance capabilities. The micro-air vehicle will be based on the company's smallest existing UAS platform - Wasp.  Read More

Guitar Hero and Rock Band peripherals set to make beautiful music together

Sony has been working with rhythm based games developers to ensure compatibility between the various companies’ peripherals on the PS3 for Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Revolution titles.  Read More

'As robots enter our everyday life, they need to have sensors everywhere on their bodies l...

Scientists at the University of Tokyo have created a material with the texture and flexibility of rubber, but possessing more than 570 times the electrical conductivity. Made by grinding carbon nanotubes with an ionic liquid and adding it to rubber, the material could be used to make intelligent steering wheels and mattresses, stretchable television displays, or sensitive e-skin for robots.  Read More

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