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3K RazorBook 400 Mini Notebook

The RazorBook 400 Mini Notebook from 3K Computers may be tiny, but it’s packed with features. The hand held PC weighs less than two pounds and comes fully internet ready.  Read More

Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer

The new Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer allows users to print photos from their mobile phone or digital camera as soon as they take them. The pocket-sized inkless printer is portable, stylish and easy to use.  Read More

Macroswiss's Hydrobot mimics a seagull floating on the water.

Video capture and transmission technology has become so compact, reliable and cheap that remote-controlled spy-cams are making their way into general military use in a variety of creative packages. That seagull bobbing quietly up and down on the water, for example, could be one of Macroswiss's electrically-propelled remote control surveillance cameras. The company also manufactures small gun-mounted targeting cameras that allow operatives to point their firearms around corners and shoot whatever's on their wrist-mounted screen like it's a video game. And then there's the short-range throwing camera, which can be lobbed grenade-style into a dangerous or hostile area. It automatically rights itself and transmits a remotely-controlled rotating view back to an assault team so there's no surprises when they enter the area.  Read More

Geared Turbofan engine cuts emissions and running costs

Pratt & Whitney’s Geared Turbofan demonstrator engine has been cleared for flight-testing. By incorporating a gearbox system into the engine, aircraft can achieve a 12% reduction in fuel burn and CO2 emissions, a 50% reduction in NOx emissions, and a 50% reduction in engine noise. The GTF engine has been chosen by Mitsubishi to power the company’s Regional Jet (scheduled to enter service in 2013), and the upcoming Bombardier CSeries.  Read More

The Motorola Blaze with its protective flip-cover.

Motorola’s yet-to-be-released iPhone competitor is the Motorola Blaze, which boasts a haptic-feedback touchscreen with a protective flip top transparent plastic cover which also allows for the unit to be used with the cover closed. The phone also sports a 2 megapixel camera, EV-DO, GPS, Bluetooth and MobileTV.  Read More

The PANGAEA Expedition.

The 35-meter two master PANGAEA is the largest and most flexible polar expedition sailboat ever built. It can navigate through tropics and rivers as easily as it can through polar regions, and will travel to five continents, including the North and South Pole.  Read More

The G24 with the matching Aspire Predator PC.
 Pic courtesy engadget

Acer’s new G24 LCD monitor is the first in the world to claim a 50000:1 contrast ratio courtesy of Acer’s Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM), which Acer claims produces dramatic improvements in gradation and detail, especially for dimmer and brighter scenes as well as enabling the G24 to use less power. Designed to entice PC gamers, the G24 supports high-definition (HD) graphics in a high contrast orange-black colored package that matches the Aspire Predator desktop PC.  Read More

The T.25, so called because it is Murray’s 25th design, is expected to get between 60-70 m...

Gordon Murray Design’s T.25 concept car has reached the halfway point in development, with the first prototype build scheduled to begin in early 2009. Though Murray, (the brains behind the McLaren F1 road car), has remained tight-lipped about the specifics, he is adamant about delivering a small car that will be more cost-effective at every stage: cheaper to produce, purchase and run.  Read More

New BMW 7 series gets pedestrian recognition

The launch of the fifth generation of the BMW 7 Series will include several technical innovation firsts, including the World’s first Night Vision system with individual pedestrian recognition, the first production car with front side view camera, the first BMW Saloon with speed-related Integral Active Steering and the first BMW with Lane Change Warning. It will go on sale later this year.  Read More

Toyota’s premium ultra-compact  iQ concept becomes a reality

Toyota showed its iQ Concept at last year’s motorshows, creating a new class of premium ultra-compact vehicle, capable of carrying three adults plus a child in comfort. Now, in a move that foretells a coming era of much smaller cars, the iQ is set for production in 2008 and availability in 2009. The iQ was a sensation, proving emphatically that small does not mean basic, and drawing huge crowds – the message sunk in quickly, and now the production version (pictured) offers a completely new proposition for urban motoring that is stylish, sophisticated, technically advanced and kinder to the environment.  Read More

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