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Apple iPhone

Did Apple upset its biggest fans in delivering a significant discount on the iPhone so soon after its record breaking launch? If you forked-out $600 for the sought after device in the first days after the release only to find the price dropped by a third just two-months later your answer might well be yes. But is it simply a question of dollars, or is there something a little deeper at work here - Gene Heratori at delves deeper into this question with an interesting discussion on the issue of what makes an early adopter tick.  Read More

Runco WP-42HD outdoor flat-panel

Feel the need for some fresh air but don’t want to miss your favorite TV show? Joining an emerging trend towards televisions geared to take the rigors of exposure to outdoor environments, Runco has released their first flat-panel weatherproof LCD display. The 42-inch WP-42HD features a 1366 x 768 native resolution panel housed in a weatherproof enclosure which ensures protection from adverse environmental conditions including temperature, exposure to moisture, dust, oils and intermittent direct water spray.  Read More

Shock-proof blood pressure meter

Despite being sensitive instruments, blood pressure meters are often carried around in doctors’ coat pockets and as a result they're exposed to being bumped or dropped. Because they contain very fine mechanisms that react sensitively to any form of shock this causes them to produce false readings without the doctor necessarily noticing the problem, in turn leading to disastrous effects on patients’ treatment, as drug doses may have to be changed if the blood pressure exceeds a certain value. This new pressure meter, created by the Rudolf Riester company and researchers at the Fraunhofer Technology Development Group TEG in Stuttgart, employs a delicate damping system to protect the integrity of the meter.  Read More

Suunto Core - Extreme Mountain biking

Outdoor sports instrument specialist Suunto has added the Suunto Core to its range of wristop computers. Billed as the “the ultimate instrument for any adrenaline-packed outdoor activity” the new ABC (altimeter, barometer, and compass) wristop includes a digital thermometer, altimeter, barometer, digital compass and a weather trend indicator incorporating a storm alarm that kicks-in when a rapid drop in air pressure is detected. Features new to the ABC line include a depth meter, sunrise and sunset timer, four language menu and the ability to automatically switch between altimeter and barometer depending on your level of activity.  Read More

Ford engineer Karsten Foese with the AFS

Ford has incorporated an adaptive front lighting system (AFS) which beams light around corners into its new Modeo model.  Read More

Hawley F140 concept yacht

If you liked the sleek speedster looks of the Hawley F140 concept yacht we wrote about in September – and it seems a lot of people did – you’ll be interested to know that our feature on the stylish yacht design helped put Hawley in touch with a top-rate marine construction crew, and the rights to build the stunning boat are currently up for auction.  Read More

LG's 32-inch 32PC5RV plasma

Oct. Recent trends have seen LCD screens growing large enough to rival their plasma cousins, but now LG have announced its first 32-inch plasma TV, giving consumers the option of a plasma screen in the fast growing small TV market where LCDs are dominant. The new 32PC5RV will be released in Brazil this month followed by a worldwide rollout to 27 countries by November.  Read More

Nissan's Intima concept

Perhaps the least outrageous of the Japanese concepts to be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show – and thus the most likely to directly influence a production model, Nissan’s Intima concept saloon lays out the company’s definition of modern luxury. Slick exterior looks sit well with a glass-roofed interior that’s designed to soothe its occupants in an aesthetic sense as much as physically. Wide-angle barn doors on the driver and passenger sides give exceptionally easy access, and they’ve even included an 80-degree swiveling motorised passenger seat to assist the elderly or disabled in a comfortable and dignified entry and exit.  Read More

Artists rendering of the 200 Eleventh Avenue 'En-Suite Sky Garage'

Parking is the cause of much stress in any major city around the world and New York is definitely no exception. The tiny island of Manhattan has a land area of just 22.96 square miles (59.47 km²) but is home to more than 1.5 million people. With limited space and residents needing somewhere to park their cars, one property developer is planning to take to the sky to accommodate residents.  Read More

Sansa TakeTV

Most of us watch video content, movies and TV shows from the Internet via our PC or laptops screens but it’s not always the best avenue for viewing quality visuals. In response to this, SanDisk has released a new device that aims to simplify the process of taking videos from your PC and watching them on your TV.  Read More

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