3D Printing

MIT brushes up on 3D-printing hair

Researchers at MIT Media Lab have developed a method for 3D printing hair structures with a diameter as small as 50 micrometers each, to create finely detailed surfaces, touch sensors and even actuating motors, which can be used to make customized paint brushes, Velcro-like mechanical adhesives, and touch-sensitive plush toys. Read More


Saab rolls out latest-generation Gripen E fighter

Saab has unveiled its next-generation multi-role fighter. The Gripen E prototype 39-8 "Smart Fighter" is the latest product of the Swedish/Brazilian fighter program and is aimed at markets not cleared to purchase the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. According to Saab, the single-seater E is a major advance over previous Gripens with greater range and endurance, as well as more advanced weaponry and electronic warfare capability.Read More

Urban Transport

Boosted's upgraded electric skateboards double down on range

Boosted Boards has won a lot of fans since it built what was claimed to be the world's lightest electric vehicle in 2013. It may have since been overtaken in the weight stakes, but it is lifting its game in other areas to try and stay ahead of the curve. Its freshly announced second generation of electric skateboards address a major shortcoming in its first bite of the cherry with the ability to travel twice as far on each charge.Read More

BMW i8 Futurism Edition is a beautiful tribute to Italy

Over the years, BMW has teamed up with individuals like Andy Warhol, Ken Done and Frank Stella to create some incredible art cars. It might not strictly fit into that art car lineage, but the newly unveiled i8 Futurism Edition wouldn't look out of place alongside the work of such legendary artists. Read More


New soft actuator endows robots with a bit of give and take

The first law of robotics, according to Isaac Asimov, states that a robot must not injure a human being, or through inaction, allow a human to come to harm. But until robots are smart enough to understand such a law, we have to rely on other techniques. With this in mind, a team of researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems has developed a new soft actuator that makes it safer for humans and robots to work alongside one another.Read More


Honda launches sleek, new Acura RLX automated development vehicle

Brands like Audi, Mercedes and Volvo have taken a lead in autonomous vehicle development (or at least in media/PR campaigns related to autonomous vehicle development), but that doesn't mean other luxury brands aren't out there researching and developing, too. Acura (and parent company Honda) revealed its second-generation automated development vehicle this week. The specially equipped RLX hybrid boasts an updated hardware and software suite designed to take automation a step further. Read More

Fighting Zika one smartphone at a time

IBM's World Community Grid (WCG) is a program that links the processing power of the phones, tablets and computer of ordinary citizens to tackle world health problems like tuberculosis and cancer. To date the program has supported 27 different research projects, and is now setting its sights on the Zika virus.Read More

If the sensor goes pink, then don't drink

Unlike wine, beer doesn't age well. It goes stale, becoming a foul-tasting concoction that breweries certainly shouldn't be sending out to stores or bars. While brewers do already perform tests to gauge freshness, those typically involve expensive gas chromatography equipment and take time to conduct. Soon, however, a simple color-changing sensor and an Android app may be all that's required.Read More


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