Urban Transport

Russian Hyperloop could become a 21st-century Silk Road

Traveling along the ancient routes of the Silk Road could take months, with danger and disaster never too far from hand. One day, a new Silk Road might exist between China and Europe – and it should be a lot more secure and only take a day to move goods between the two regions. That's at least one of the idealized goals of a new partnership announced between Hyperloop One and Russian company The Summa Group today.Read More


The new beatbox: Cardboard drumkit puts a basher on your back

Cardboard. As we've already demonstrated, it's not just for packaging. Signal Snowboards, Earnest Packaging and Fender Custom Shop added to that list of clever uses last year with a one-off Stratocaster that sounded much better than it looked. Now French startup Obilab is introducing a new member to the band in the shape of a cardboard drum kit that collapses down to be carried like a backpack between gigs.Read More

Digital Cameras Feature

Getting out of Auto: Understanding the different modes on your camera

So you've got a new camera and are probably getting some great shots. But if your mode dial is still pointing at Auto, you probably have a pang of guilt that you're not making the most of your camera every time you press the shutter. Here we look at modes such as Shutter or Aperture Priority, along with the sometimes daunting Manual mode, to make getting out of auto that one bit easier.Read More


Intelligent bike helmet brings brains to head protection

While the basic helmet may keep your cranium covered, it's probably doing little more than that. Newer "smart helmets" combine modern features with protection, but the latest from Brooklyness may offer an experience like no other. The Classon bike helmet is designed to improve safety and visibility with gesture-activated turn signals, automatic brake lights, blind spot detection, and more.Read More


Ergonomic mouse tells you when to take a break

If you use a mouse on a daily basis, you'll know that gripping the little device for all those hours can easily cause discomfort. A crowdfunding project is looking to help, aiming to bring a new ergonomic mouse to market, combining an upright, neutral gripping position with visual signals telling the user to take regular small breaks.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

FitSleep wants to beam you with alpha waves to provide better sleep

Thanks to stress, device overload and other factors, the world is getting less sleep and, as a result, the gadget market is becoming increasingly populated with sleep devices that promise better rest. One of the latest concepts comes from Xuan Yao, a Chinese designer and entrepreneur whose company FitSleep is trying to break into the market with a new device called the FitSleep α1 that uses alpha waves to beam us into better sleep. Read More


Polarized lasers zap dyed DNA into super resolution

DNA may be one of the most basic molecules of life, but it's not easy to study. Despite being a very long molecule, it's only about 2.2 nanometers wide, so it's hard to see. Attaching fluorescent dyes to it can help, but until now, knowing how those dye molecules were behaving wasn't possible. A team of scientists at Stanford University has built on a technique called "single-molecule microscopy" to see just how DNA-bound dye molecules orient themselves, flop around and glow in the presence of polarized laser light.Read More


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