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Camatte Vision: Seeing the augmented reality of Toyota Design

By - June 29, 2015 26 Pictures

Within the 2015 Tokyo Toy Show, at the end of June, Toyota displayed the fourth episode in its Camatte series of exploratory concept vehicles. This year’s story was called Hajime (begin) and was a miniature copy of the car design process. It enabled children (and adults) to create their own vehicle concepts on a dedicated tablet and then drive their designs and themselves around a model town, all in augmented reality. Gizmag went along to experience the Camatte Vision for real.

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— Electronics

Wonder-ink could soon let you 3D print objects out of stretchy graphene

By - June 29, 2015 4 Pictures

A new 3D-printing ink being developed at Northwestern University could soon make it possible to build objects which are made of graphene for 60 percent of their volume and 75 percent of their weight. This unprecedentedly high graphene composition means that the oft-praised electric and mechanical properties of graphene might soon find their way into all kinds of macroscopic 3D-printed creations, with important consequences for the electronics and biomedical fields (among many others).

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— Wearable Electronics

New conductive ink makes your clothing smarter

By - June 29, 2015 2 Pictures

A new single-step printing process uses an elastic conducting ink to turn clothing and other textiles into flexible, wearable electronic devices or sensors. Researchers at the University of Tokyo developed the ink, which remains highly conductive even when stretched to more than three times its original length. They believe it has applications in sensors built into sportswear and underwear and that it could be part of a shift toward more comfortable wearable electronics.

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— Architecture

OAS1S imagines sustainable "treescraper" communities

By - June 29, 2015 8 Pictures

Here's a concept for a forest retreat that's a little different from the norm. Holland's OAS1S has envisioned an eponymous community of dwellings that are covered in greenery and resemble trees. Constructed from recycled wood and operating off-grid with the use of sustainable technology, the whimsical homes – or "treescrapers" – would make walking along your street feel more like a stroll through a forest.

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— Automotive

Study suggests that HUD tech may actually reduce driving safety

By - June 29, 2015 1 Picture

Cruising at speed down the highway with a heads-up display (HUD) constantly feeding data into your line of sight can make anyone feel like a jet pilot on the road; totally in control of your vehicle and primed to avert any potential danger that comes your way. However, recent studies by the University of Toronto show that the HUD multi-tasking method of vehicle piloting may well not provide the extra margin of safety that we think it does. In fact, according to the researchers, it could be downright dangerous.

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— Aircraft

Flytrex Sky drone set to deliver out of the box

By - June 28, 2015 5 Pictures

While Amazon continues testing out its drone delivery service in North America, Israel-based Flytrex is already offering delivery drones and a 3G-based platform to send and receive small packages via a connected app. The company claims the Flytrex Sky, which was announced last week, is the first cloud-connected drone carrying an on-board 3G module designed to track the UAV and keep it jacked into the internet while in flight.

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— Automotive

Alfa Romeo begins brand relaunch with new Giulia

By - June 28, 2015 3 Pictures

Alfa Romeo has spent a long time out of America, but is throwing everything it has at cracking back into the market as part of plans to revive the brand there and elsewhere. The Italian automaker already has a halo in the 4C, and has now taken the wraps off its new Giulia. Going into battle with the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class and Jaguar XE, the Giulia will have to be good to make an impact. Luckily enough, the first signs are promising.

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