If the sensor goes pink, then don't drink

Unlike wine, beer doesn't age well. It goes stale, becoming a foul-tasting concoction that breweries certainly shouldn't be sending out to stores or bars. While brewers do already perform tests to gauge freshness, those typically involve expensive gas chromatography equipment and take time to conduct. Soon, however, a simple color-changing sensor and an Android app may be all that's required.Read More


Transforming tricycle hauls kids or cargo in comfort

Bicycles are fantastic modes of transportation when it's just you and maybe some gear in a backpack. But things start to get a little complicated if there also happens to be groceries to grab and/or toddlers to tote. Well, the latest from Taga Bikes is able to handle all that and more. The Taga 2.0 combines the features of a family bike with the load capacity of a cargo bike.Read More


Modular music stand is like a multitool for musicians

Described by its creators as a "Swiss Army Knife" for musicians, the Senstand multi-function music stand can be set to different heights and be transformed into instrument storage, a standing desk, drinks holder, accessory minder and more. The strap from the custom carry bag it collapses down into can even be used as a guitar strap for your guitar or bass.Read More

Tiny Houses

A tiny house with big home comforts

With their focus on downsizing, tiny houses are often lacking in home comforts, but Tiny House Lumbec's recently-completed dwelling proves that doesn't always have to be the case. The TH2 tiny house is a 24 ft (7.3 m)-long towable home that includes a relatively large kitchen and lounge area, a wood-burning stove, and even a small bathtub.Read More

Nokia name to re-enter the world of phones and tablets

Remember Nokia? Surely you do, the brand used to make mobile phones. Tough phones that could take a beating, phones that could go for weeks on one charge. Gosh, those were the days. The Nokia name is coming back, thanks to a new license agreement that allows Finnish company HMD to sell phones using the name over the next 10 years.Read More

Bicycles Review

Benelli Achle 29: Three weeks commuting on an Italian eBike

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli has branched out into eBike territory and hit the market hard with no less than 19 separate models. The Benelli Achle 29 is a hub-drive electric mountain bike with stylish looks, nice componentry and some 250 watts of pedal-assist power to turn uphills into no-hills and long torturous commutes into something much more manageable for people who don't spray on lycra shorts each morning. Loz Blain is the polar opposite of a granite-calved fitness freak, so he's been commuting on the Achle for the past few weeks to find out what the fuss is all about.Read More


Self-charging battery stretches over skin to power wearables

While we've seen promising prototypes of computers that conform to the contours of human wrists and forearms, the technology isn't quite ready for mainstream adoption yet. But this hasn't stopped one forward-thinking team of researchers from coming up with a new way to power these wearable electronics, developing a soft, millimeter-scale battery that can be stretched over the skin like a band-aid.Read More


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