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Overfinch introduces GTS-X and Range Rover Evoque 2012 GTS


August 14, 2012

At 575-hp, the GTS-X is Overfinch's most powerful Range Rover Sport

At 575-hp, the GTS-X is Overfinch's most powerful Range Rover Sport

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UK-based Range Rover tuner Overfinch has revealed a pair of Range Rovers that it describes as "the first of a new breed of high performance SUV."

The halo of the two new models is the Overfinch Sport GTS-X, which Overfinch describes as the most powerful, high performance Range Rover Sport in its stable. To reach that claim, Overfinch has remapped the ECU on the supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 and upgraded induction, boosting output to 575 hp - 65 hp over Land Rover's own "most powerful, high performance Range Rover Sport ever created." In order to send that message to the world around, Overfinch adds the grumble of a driver-controlled valve release exhaust system. Overfinch claims that the GTS-X has a top speed of 145 mph (233 km/h), a 5 mph (8 km/h) increase over the Range Rover Sport Supercharged HSE.

The GTS-X gets a few other enhancements, including a roof spoiler, upgraded Brembo brakes and an electronic lowering system. It rides on 22-inch forged alloy wheels.

To the eye, the GTS-X is defined by its copper-and-black color scheme. Outside, the copper body is accented by gloss black vents and two-tone Overfinch lettering on the tailgate and hood. The color scheme continues inside, where the Nappa leather interior is outlined in orange contrast stitching. The instrument panel is black with orange lettering. Carbon tread plates and a GT steering wheel with carbon inserts help complete the package.

The Evoque 2012 GTS is hard to miss

Overfinch revealed the GTS-X at the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier this summer. It will next show the car at London's Salon Privé, which begins on September 5. The model will be joined again by the Range Rover Evoque 2012 GTS - the bright, loud "ultra violet" SUV pictured above. That model has a cowhide-like combination of Lotus White leather interior and piano black veneers and contrasts. It sits on 22-inch diamond-turned black alloy wheels.

The GTS-X has a retail price of £147,500 (approx. US$231,500) and the Evoque 2012 GTS costs £89,995 (approx. $141,000). Buyers of both models can further customize their SUVs using Overfinch's suite of options.

Source: Overfinch

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Ye Gods and little fishes! As someone who worked in the experimental department of the Rover company way back when the original Range Rover was being developed it saddens me to see just how far the model has drifted from its original specification.

When it was first produced it had twin beam axles with long travel coil springs and a central self-levelling unit on the rear axle. That combination gave it maximum ground clearance and axle articulation, which meant that there were few competitors that could come even close to its all-terrain capabilities, including its stable-mate, the Land Rover.

Now look at it! Getting out of a slightly damp field at Henly Regatta being about the most it is capable of. But, of course, we must remember that it can do it at 145mph, which must be quite spectacular, especially if pointed towards the Thames. But that is what it is really all about these days, making a splash.

Mel Tisdale

Wow lets take an vehicle designed for off roading and strip all of it's off road capabilities and turn it into a super car that can't compete with super cars because it was designed for off road. WTF?

Jon Smith

Does anyone else see a Ford Flex?

Fairly Reasoner

Agree with Funglestrumpet. Spen King, the 'father' of the original Range Rover, deplored the way in which a car which was designed to be a functional off-roader had turned into a blinged-up upmarket pose-mobile which became far too expensive to actually use off road. In fact, there are various YouTubes showing recent Range Rovers getting stuck in grassy car parks, either because their owners were clueless and wouldn't even know how to use a transfer box, and/or they had inappropriate tyres.

These 'Underpidgeon' conversions take poor taste to a new low. 'Gangsta' wheels, 'boob job' body kits, and vile colours are bad enough, but why the hell would anyone need to increase the power of the already far more than adequate supercharged V8 in a car that is never going to handle well enough to use safely?

Nasty, nasty, nasty.

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