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Ouya console to hit retail in June for $99


February 5, 2013

The OUYA console

The OUYA console

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It wasn't long ago that a tiny video game console known as the OUYA gained public attention. This little machine promises some interesting gameplay and integration with popular services like XBMC, OnLive, and TuneIn Internet radio. Now, we have a June release Window and a final retail price of US$99.

Interested buyers can preorder the device directly from OUYA's website. The company is also working with some big retail partners to sell the device. Currently, Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, and Target are listed as stores where buyers can grab themselves a OUYA of their own. Each of the retailers are accepting preorders for the console as well.

Unfortunately, June is as specific as the creators were willing to go in terms of a release date, so while we don't have an exact day, this is the most specific timeframe we have received since the initial Kickstarter campaign.

In addition to the console itself, OUYA lists an additional wireless controller available for $49, also with a release date in June 2013.

Source: OUYA Product page via WSJ

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I think this is awesome news for OUYA. It only means more developers will begin to take them seriously. There are already 450 confirmed games coming to OUYA, and this should help add several hundred more. See the list at http://ouyaforum.com/showthread.php?18-List-of-Games-Coming-to-the-OUYA

Eddie Krassenstein

I'm seriously considering getting this thing. Every time I see it, the more I like/love it. Just show me some games and I'm sold.

Kevin Jones

If it weren't for the fact that the products web site is built like a vaporware business I'd be more exited. They hype the number of games without demonstrating the quality of game that can be expected. With a $99 price tag I would expect it to produce Wii (Not Wii-U) quality graphics at best. I can not find any examples of decent quality games being run on their device or hardware specs on it.

So what they are marketing is a box and a bunch of hype about the number of games being produced for it. Without backing up what it is actually capable of doing.

Until I can see it's specs or demonstrations of very high quality games running on it I'll stick with the asus tf201 I already own and can carry wherever I like.



The $99 price tag is less than manufacturing costs because they make money on game sales.

It will have enough power to play all Android/tablet games but not stuff like the latest AAA titles for PS3/360.

I like how you can demo all the game and how it supports other stuff like TuneIn, Vevo, Plex, XMBC etc. No Netflix yet but it wouldn't surprise me.

It also supports a couple emulators (SuperGNES, Mupen64Plus).

They are planning to release a new $100 version each year which will help the hardware keep up with the latest titles but it also means after a couple upgrades it would cost more than a 360, PS3, or Wii that have 5+ year life spans.

I mostly agree with you though. A dedicated console that uses generally underpowered mobile components seems silly. I'd rather spend extra up front for something with more power than I have on my tablet but at the same time it won't be long before some of the mobile technology passes PS3 and 360 that launched in 2005.

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