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OUYA launches matte black console with double the memory, for $130


January 31, 2014

OUYA is offering a matte black console with 16GB of internal storage

OUYA is offering a matte black console with 16GB of internal storage

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OUYA, one of Kickstarter's big success stories, is rolling out a new model of its Android micro-console. While the bulk of it remains the same, it has introduced a new color and increased the amount of storage for downloading games. Of course, the price tag of this new model has also seen a slight jump to US$130.

The new model comes with 16GB of internal storage, whereas the base OUYA model only includes 8GB. While neither of these sound like a ton of storage when compared to the 500GB offered in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, when you consider that games on the OUYA are actually Android games, 16GB should go a long way.

Instead of the mix of black and gray on the normal OUYA, this model comes with a matte black finish on both the console and controller. Other than that, and the improved memory, all the other specs of the device are the same.

This is not the first time OUYA has offered a console with extra memory for a limited time. It actually offered a white version, so buyers who missed out on that and wished they could get a console with some extra storage have another chance to do so, albeit for an extra $30. OUYA is selling the black version directly, via the source link below.

Source: OUYA via Engadget

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Why not just have an SD card slot, or two?

Gregg Eshelman
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