Snogo bike slashes fresh powder and groomed trails

Over the years, numerous tinkerers and companies have tried to transfer the fun of bicycling to the snow. While the fatbike has gained some traction, literally and figuratively, other designers still feel that replacing tires with skis is the only way to go. We've seen this trend in BikeBoards, the Skki and now the Snogo. The new ski bike uses an articulated steering system and front suspension to connect the rider to the powder or hard pack below.
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Mollusc dome tent flips open to function as a scenic sunshade

Intended as a versatile, all-day shelter for the wilderness, festival or even backyard, the Mollusc tent features a unique, nature-inspired flip-top construction. The dome tent is supported by an adjustable exoskeleton that allows for three different configurations, allowing you to lock the elements out or open things up and enjoy the fresh air and open sky.Read More

The North Face's Moon Parka is made from synthetic spider silk

Spider silk has some amazing properties. Among other things, it's as strong as steel, tougher than Kevlar, and lighter than carbon fiber. Unfortunately, however, farming spiders for their silk would be a very impractical venture. That's why some groups have looked into creating synthetic spider silk. Japanese company Spiber is one of those, and it recently joined forces with The North Face to create a parka made from its QMONOS fiber. Called the Moon Parka, the garment is reportedly "the world’s first piece of clothing made from artificial protein material."Read More

Life+Gear Survival Utility Flashlight packs its own multitool

Flashlight multi-tools tend to be highly unintuitive designs with flip-out implements integrated awkwardly into the flashlight body or tiny flashlights bolted into multi-tool casings. The Life+Gear Survival Utility Flashlight (an SUF to store in your SUV?) docks a standalone multi-tool in its handle, so you get a full-sized flashlight and six-in-one folding tool to keep you prepared for all types of situations.
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Trailpod three-wheel roller targets all-terrain gear hauling

For generations, the backpack has been the go-to means of hauling gear and clothing into vehicle-free stretches of the outdoors. Wheeled man-trailers are trying hard to catch up, though. In the past few years, we've covered the Monowalker and Armadillo trailers and have seen one or two similar designs rolling through crowdfunding and design sites. The Trailpod is yet another option, utilizing a unique triple-wheel, floating-axle construction to roll your provisions over sand, mud, grass and anything else that gets in your way.
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Barefoot Caravans sleep you in a rolling egg

Think "rounded caravan" and you probably think of the teardrop trailer. But a new British outfit has a different shape in mind for the towable living module. Go Barefoot molds the camping trailer into a more three-dimensional, egg-like shape in its Barefoot caravan. The immediately cool, indisputably classic trailer packs an interior that's cozy enough for a baby chick.Read More

Wearable airbags for ski racing move toward the start gate

We've been watching the wearable ski-racing airbag develop over the past several years, and while the technology has come to fruition, it has yet to really catch on in the sport it was designed for. If the key is to offer more options, we take another step forward with the all-new Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag Vest from Swedish safety accessories manufacturer POC and French startup In&Motion. For its part, Dainese, designer of the first wearable airbag, will get its tech on the back of World Cup racers this season. Read More


Review: Gauswheel Spirit is an urban two-wheeler like no other

At first glance, it's certainly possible to think that the Hungarian-made Gauswheel Spirit is sort of a low-rider unicycle, or that it has a motor. In fact, though, it's an inline two-wheeler that's entirely human-powered. It's also a unique alternative to a skateboard, scooter or roller blades (or perhaps a combination of all three), that'll definitely get you noticed. We recently had a chance to try it out for ourselves.Read More


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