Zyntony's flexible, wearable Ra light keeps heads and hands free

Even the best flashlights aren't as effective when your hands are busy with other tasks. Headlamps provide convenience and freedom, although visibility is limited by direction, with the potential to blind others upon eye contact. That's why Zyntony has created a new type of adventure light that pairs high lumen output with versatile mounting. The Ra is designed to magnetically strap to clothing, backpacks, or gear for broad area illumination.Read More

ENO improves hammock comfort with integrated LEDs and mattresses

Hammock camping is far from a new phenomenon, but it's one that's gained some attention from the industry in recent years. Established brands and startups have been flooding the market with a variety of new designs, including flatter, more adjustable hanging beds like the Amok, more structured hammock-tent hybrids like those from Tentsile, bivy-hammock combos like the Alpine Hammock, and add-on shelter systems like the Nube. Hammock outfit Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) adds a bit of comfort and convenience to its 2016 line of hammocks with new products like an LED hammock and purpose-built inflatable mattress. Read More

Boarder Kontrol Skateboard keeps its brakes on a short leash

The prospect of skateboarding down a steep hill can be a daunting one. Having a brake-equipped board can make things a bit safer, although a sudden application of those brakes can still send you tumbling off the front. That's why Australia's Streetboardz created the Boarder Kontrol Skateboard. Not only does it have rear brakes, but they're activated by a leash that keeps the rider in place on the deck.Read More

Connected fishing rods ping your phone when you've got a bite

Some anglers are more attentive than others when it comes to monitoring their lines, but all feel the disappointment of an opportunity gone begging. Seattle-based startup FishSentry has developed a set of connected fishing rods designed to make reeling in the big one a more frequent event by nudging the user's mobile device when there's a nibble on the end.Read More

Zuca All Terrain roller cases haul gear where the road ends

Outdoorsmen (and women) looking to drop their backpacks have a number of new alternatives for hauling gear into the wild. New personal trailers and roller bags, like the Armadillo and Trailpod, have been popping up in recent years, pulling gear weight off the back and putting it in tow. Zuca adds the new All Terrain, a burly, aluminum-framed roller with large, knobby tires and a hunger for rough, open spaces.Read More

Hercules WAE Outdoor Rush "oceanproof" speaker shreds waves and snow

Plenty of Bluetooth speakers can get outside and play music at the beach, campground or poolside. Not as many are purpose-built for paddling into the waves and catching the big one, though. Designed to stand up against rolling saltwater, shock and other hazards of the great outdoors, the Hercules WAE Outdoor Rush speaker can mount to your surfboard or snowboard and bring the tunes along for the ride.
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Transformis Inspire expandable houseboat spends the night on land or water

A few weeks too late to be considered for our 2015 best caravans or water toys lists but an early candidate for next year, the Transformis Inspire is an interesting twist on the trailerable houseboat. It borrows from several other innovative products, including expandable boats and slide-out camper modules, to provide a comfortable land/water living space for touring the world by highway and waterway.
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Fimbulvetr channels Lamborghini in short, quick Hikr snowshoe

Back in 2013, we wrote about Norwegian company Fimbulvetr and its ideas for what a snowshoe should look like. Its unique honeycomb-style thermoplastic elastomer shoe was designed to glide through deep snow. This winter, it's launched a new model called the Hikr. The short snowshoe comes with promises of Lamborghini-inspired design and quick ascents up steep, snowy mountains.
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