Bolt tent protects against lightning strikes

Industrial Design student Kama Jania from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland has created a working prototype of a lightning-proof tent. The Bolt tent is part of a series of three different tents that are each designed to protect users from direct lightning strikes and step voltage (when lightning current or discharge flows between the ground and the feet of a person).Read More

Fuel cell lantern ditches batteries for salt water

For many people, camping/emergency lanterns are one of those things that may sit for months without being used, only to have dead batteries when they're finally needed again. While solar-powered lanterns are one alternative, they do still need to sit in the sunlight for a few hours in order to charge. That's where Hydra-Light's PL-500 comes in. It's a fuel cell-powered lantern that's ready to shine as soon as it receives some salt water.Read More

Runtimate magnetic running belt keeps your gear secure

Keeping light and comfortable during a run and carrying a bunch of personal belongings are diametrically opposed concepts. Even small items like keys and cash can quickly overwhelm the tiny amount of pocket space on running shorts and shirts. There are already plenty of solutions for this problem, but hydration armbands, running waist packs and bottle-securing gloves aren't right for every runner. Italian startup Runtimate uses the power of magnets to create a gear-carrying belt it believes is a better fit for those keeping fit. Read More

The Whip FR-II could be that "stealth snowboard" you've been seeking

To the casual observer, a snowboard is simply … well, an oblong board with boot bindings on it. Cheetah Ultra Sports' new carbon composite The Whip FR-II, however, looks decidedly more high-tech. Reportedly "inspired by fighter jets and exotic cars," it's claimed to offer several advantages over conventional boards – besides looking like something that Batman would take to the slopes.Read More

Lightweight Sk8-Booster e-drive powers up your skateboard

The electric skateboard is an intriguing short-distance transportation solution for some, and just plain fun for others. But e-skateboards tend to be large, heavy and priced into the four figures. A new aftermarket electric drive called the Sk8-Booster could help attract potential e-skaters scared off by those cons, giving them the fun and mobility of electric power with less fuss. The clamp-on e-drive is even designed to work with folding skateboards, making electric transportation more portable than ever.
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Infuze boosts hydration-pack water, after it leaves the pack

For many people who perform high-output outdoor activities, straight-up water in their hydration pack just isn't enough – they want water with an added energy supplement. The problem is, the pack's bladder can retain the color and taste of such concoctions. That's the reason Infuze was created. It adds a supplement to hydration-pack water, downstream from the bladder.Read More

Light, funky TigerMoth caravan swings and slides into cozy, breezy living space

The brainchild of former NASA engineer Garrett Finney, Texas-based Taxa isn't the camper company to call if you're looking for a run-of-the-mill teardrop or fifth wheel. It's a place where trailer building mixes with science and art, resulting in otherworldly campers like the Cricket and the FireFly. Its latest effort, the TigerMoth, is a small, 910-lb towable that uses some innovative solutions to camp two in blissful, breezy comfort.
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Zyntony's flexible, wearable Ra light keeps heads and hands free

Even the best flashlights aren't as effective when your hands are busy with other tasks. Headlamps provide convenience and freedom, although visibility is limited by direction, with the potential to blind others upon eye contact. That's why Zyntony has created a new type of adventure light that pairs high lumen output with versatile mounting. The Ra is designed to magnetically strap to clothing, backpacks, or gear for broad area illumination.Read More


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