Timber-clad teardrop trailer chases the sun

Trailers may come in all shapes and sizes, but we've always had a soft spot for the teardrop. Homegrown Trailers' charming timber-lined debut model occupies that fuzzy space between a small tiny house and large trailer. It boasts a pop-top roof, sleeps four, and operates exclusively off-grid with solar power.Read More

Winter innovations and ski gadgets for surviving the cold

If you're currently in a state of perpetual misery because of the bleak, damp cold outside your window, help is on the way. After looking at the new gear and clothing revealed at major sports shows like ISPO and SIA, as well as through the latest crowdfunding campaigns, we've found the newest, most innovative gadgets and wearables for beating the cold and frost, on the slopes and on the streets.
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KarTent designed to be recycled after the festival's over

If you've camped at music festivals, you'll know that tents are often discarded afterwards for campsite crews to clear up. This is, obviously, incredibly wasteful. Recognizing this, a pair of Dutch designers decided that, if people are going to leave their tents, they might as well be recyclable.Read More

SteriPen's UVR tech amplifies UV rays to speed up water purification

There are many ways to filter and purify water out in the wild, the MSR Guardian and Oasis being a couple of the most recent we've looked at. Since 1999, Hydro-Photon has gone with ultraviolet light, offering lightweight, compact SteriPen purifiers that quickly zap away microorganisms. With its new Ultraviolet Reflection (UVR) technology, it makes the UV purification process even faster, so outdoor enthusiasts can get clean water more efficiently than ever. Read More

Hillstrike is made to be your hills trike

If you're a downhill mountain biker who lives in a cold-winter climate, chances are that you switch to snowboarding or downhill skiing once the snow sets in. Matic Hriba and a group of fellow Slovenian cyclists, however, really liked the idea of sticking with the handlebars/seat/pedals format. The result is the Hillstrike.Read More

Sled Legs wearables are set to race on the snow

If you believe the hype, you're soon going to have wearable electronics strapped, wrapped and dangling all over your body. Better save some room for wearable sports gear, though. We've seen a steady flow of sporty wearables, and they're not all performance-tracking wristbands. We covered one wearable sled not 10 months ago, and now we have an alternative design. Sled Legs strap to your legs, letting you kneel down and take off down the snow like Clark Griswold.
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Modular backpack switches things up for work and play

One of the biggest problems when traveling is how to pack everything from clothes to laptops to gym gear – and maybe even a wrinkle-free suit – into one bag. The Slicks Travel System created by Flink claims to solve that issue with a modular design that lets you pack according to purpose.Read More

Crossblades split the difference between backcountry skis and snowshoes

At ISPO 2012, Hive took the snowshoe in a different direction with a design made to glide downhill in addition to climbing uphill and traversing across the hill. While an interesting concept, the short, wide shoes didn't look particularly well-designed for downhill gliding, and they didn't exactly take the winter sports world by storm. The recent ISPO 2016 show brought another skiable snowshoe design to light, and though the all-new Crossblades probably won't shake up winter sports any more than the Hives, they should make for more convincing descents.
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