Waist-worn flashlight gets hip with hands-free high beams

What happens when you want directed illumination, yet also need to keep your hands and forehead clear for other tasks or gear? One startup is looking to address such situations with a new generation of flashlight. The Repulsor is designed to be worn about the waist, delivering bright beams that rival those found on many cars.Read More

Super-tough portable box keeps gadgets safe, dry and charged

Your smartphone likely has no difficulty keeping up with you during normal days in your home or at work, but how good does it do when you head off into the wilderness for some recreation or relaxation? Drops, mud and water tend not to be such good friends of electronics. If you cage them up in the now-being-Kickstarted RokPak though, they'll reportedly be able to take the best that Mother Nature — or your own clumsy hands — has to throw at them.Read More

All-terrain, three-wheeled Triborg e-board brings dirt bike design to skateboarding

Rugged, all-terrain electric skateboards like the Dominator Pro and Gnarboard had better watch their backs. The Triborg Skateboard is about to hit the dirt and street. Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, this funky aluminum block features a dirt bike-inspired three-wheel design with plenty of power to kick up dirt and roll over obstacles. Its designers think it's the strongest, most versatile board on the planet – will riders agree?
Read More

Crazy-X tent dwellers meet in the middle

Often, part of the fun of camping is spending time with friends or family. With this in mind, the new Crazy X tent is designed to make sleeping under the stars an even more sociable experience. Shaped like a cross, the tent has four sleeping pods that face each other so campers can commune under canvas.Read More

Automatic climate control lets Flexwarm jacket adapt to individuals

When it comes to regulating body heat with most jackets, they're either on, off, or in some state of partial-zip. But the latest in all-weather clothing permits greater manipulation by packing smart tech between premium layers. The battery-powered Flexwarm smart jacket is designed with sensors that automatically adjust the temperature based on personal preference.Read More

Smart umbrella doubles as a weather forecaster

Conventional umbrellas have at least three common issues: you often get caught without one when you most need it, it can easily be left where you last used it, and it can collapse in high wind. The oombrella tackles all three by telling you when it's going to rain, alerting you when you've left it behind, and sports a Kevlar frame to keep its form when the wind picks up.Read More

Folding helmet inspired by the pangolin and honeybees

Scientists and inventors have been taking their cues from nature for centuries, but who would have thought the somewhat exotic pangolin (aka scaly anteater) and honeybees would influence a bicycle helmet design? That unlikely pairing is what inspired Golem Innovation to create the Alpha helmet, a folding noggin protector that retracts around your neck when not in use.Read More

Portable Hotaru shower applies pressure on the road

Portable showers, like this car-mounted version, have been around for some time, but they have a couple of disadvantages. First, their reservoir tanks can only hold a limited amount of water. Second, the pressure in most portable showers tends to be pretty feeble, as they usually rely on gravity for water flow. The Hotaru shower exhibited this week at SXSW tackles both problems, providing plenty of water pressure and reusing the same water for weeks at a time.Read More

Smart paddle coaches kayakers

Sea kayaking is like a lot of other activities, in that just because you enjoy doing it, doesn't mean you're doing it right. If you aren't out there with more experienced kayakers, though, how will you know what to change? Well, that's where Motionize Paddle comes in. It's a system that uses your smartphone to assess and improve your paddling.Read More


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