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Ortovox Grizzly Avalanche Shovel

A shovel for snow that shovels snow. Nothing too out of the ordinary there, but look a little closer and the cleverness of this multifunctional design becomes apparent. Designed for both avalanche rescue and more mundane tasks on the mountain like digging out beleaguered motorists, the ORTOVOX Grizzly sports a large, sharp aluminum blade designed to shift compact snow quickly, but the clever bit is the folding mechanism that transforms the shovel into a pick when fixed at a right angle, or collapses fully for convenient transportation.  Read More

Sylvan GO Camper Trailer

Use the right tool for the job. So goes the old adage, but in our multi-purpose, multi-tasking modern world, if you can find one tool that can do two or more jobs, and do them well, so much the better. Mobile adventure gear designer and manufacturer Sylvan Sport has applied this principle to the world of trailers with the “GO Mobile Adventure Gear”, a multi-mode system that readily morphs from a low profile trailer to a heavy recreational hauler to a comfortable camper, catering for the adrenaline-fueled adventurer through to the family in need of a light weight trailer for weekend getaways. Add to this the fuel saving attributes of a trailer that weighs just 700lbs and the ability to be pulled behind almost any vehicle and you have a versatile product with the potential to carve out a new niche in the RV market.  Read More

Assault Force 70 Fire Suppression Unit for Kubota RTV900

With Mother Nature currently demonstrating unprecedented wildfire power in the Australian state of Victoria, cost-efficient firefighting solutions will come increasingly into focus over the coming months. One seemingly viable solution emanating from Kubota Tractor is a drop-in high pressure fire suppression system, which is performance-matched and hydraulically-powered by Kubota’s RTV900 Worksite Utility model. The new “Assault Force 70” is designed to provide a low-cost quick-response unit for a diverse range of fire situations.  Read More

The first new Swiss Army soldier knife since 1961

Swiss Army Knives have not been left behind by the advent of modern technology with the inclusion of Flash drives, MP3 players, laser pointers, recently even biometric security into the 200 strong model range to compliment the traditional offerings which began when the first Swiss-developed Soldier Knife arrived back in 1891. These knives are still part of standard kit for the Swiss Army and, following the issue of the first new specification since 1961, Victorinox has produced a new take on an old favorite.  Read More

3-in-1 Xip3 transformable jacket

Here's an article of smart clothing that doesn't involve bio-sensors, solar panels or built-in Bluetooth - just clever design. CoreGear's three-in-one Xip3 is a water repellent, fleece lined jacket that quickly morphs into a backpack and (our favorite) a pillow for grabbing a quick nap in comfort.  Read More

Volute – premium wine in single-serve aluminum bottles

Now here’s a simple but very clever idea we’re sure will catch on, through sheer necessity. Volute is a new premium wine brand producing red, white and rosé wines in a single-serve aluminum container. As the bottle is made from recyclable, unbreakable, lightweight aluminum, it can be safely taken where no premium wine has gone before – everywhere ! Concerts and sporting events ban glass bottles for safety reasons, and their use at the beach, camping, hiking ad infinitum is also impractical. The wine has no artificial additives, is sourced from small, independent Bordeaux wineries and is AOC-rated, signifying the highest quality of French wine. The single-serve bottles hold exactly one quarter of a standard 750ml bottle of wine - 187.5ml (6.3 oz). Available on-line, a three-bottle taster pack of all three varieties costs US$12 and a case of 12 costs US$49 – basically, four bucks a glass.  Read More

Hama GPS receiver

A travel diary and a pen have long been the technologies of choice when it comes to remembering exactly where you got to on your last holiday, but it seems this just won't cut it in the digital age. Products like Sony's GPS-CS1KA image tracker have been on the market for some time and cameras like the recently released Nikon COOLPIX P6000 offer in-built GPS for geotagging. Hama's solution is the i-gotU, a matchbox-sized GPS receiver that displays your holiday route on a computer and catalogues any photos taken on the way.  Read More

Sliding the safety forward activates the laser targeting on the FlashLauncher, which allow...

PepperBall Technologies has released a 100-lumen flashlight that doubles as a semi-automatic PepperBall launcher. The 2.2-pound FlashLauncher can fire up to five projectiles that, in addition to stinging like hell, release a hot pepper powder designed to subdue any assailant.  Read More

Sollight's LightCap

Sollight's LightCap and LightShip solar-powered lights are designed for camping, boating holidays or to use around the home. The LightCap fits on to a standard water bottle and turns it into a portable lantern whilst the LightShip can be conveniently attached just about anywhere for charging during the day and becomes a portable flashlight at night. Both products are perfect in an emergency situation, are weather-proof and importantly, environmentally friendly.  Read More

Cy-Fi wireless sports speaker

There's nothing like strapping on the earphones and cranking up your favorite tunes to help you through a serious bout of exercise, but in many outdoor scenarios, especially cycling, this can become a major safety risk by preventing you from hearing traffic noise and other potential hazards that might not be visible. This is the thinking that inspired Los Angeles entrepreneur Jeff Lotman to invent the Cy-Fi Bluetooth wireless sports speaker, a palm-sized unit that attaches to a bike or backpack and wirelessly transmits music and phone calls from Bluetooth enabled devices.  Read More

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