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Barz' ingenious Reader Sunglasses

Barz Optics began creating purpose-built eye-protection for extreme watersports but the company’s ingenuity has seen it diversify into an array of products pursuits involving wind, salt, water, dust, sand and glare. Now it is entering the mainstream with an innovative set of wrap-around, low-cost, lightweight, polarized sunglasses with built-in non-polarized reader lenses – so you can read your GPS, mobile phone, PDA, digital instrumentation while in roughhouse conditions. We tried them and they are bloody marvellous!  Read More

The Snowter

January 22, 2008 The winter sports market is proving a little conservative it would seem. Inventors looking to push beyond skis and snowboards in search of new ways to enjoy the ski slopes aren't getting much enthusiasm from major companies – but those that have the vision and means to bring their own ideas to the market are coming up with some very interesting results. We recently covered Venomsnow's Switchboard, essentially a snowboard with a suspended steering bar – and now there's the Snowter, which looks something like a seatless BMX with two mini skis replacing the wheels. You split your feet between the front and rear pedals as you like, then steer it with the handlebars at slow speeds, and dig the rear in to carve turns or drift it like you're power-sliding once you've got some pace up.  Read More

Handpresso portable espresso maker

January 16, 2008 The expression "roughing it" can be a little off the mark these days given the availability of increasingly high-tech camping gear designed to merge the comforts of home with the experience of the great outdoors. One definite sore point among the coffee loving travelers at Gizmag is the need to revert to the instant variety when on the trail, but French "Nomadic Espresso" specialist Handpresso may have just the solution. The Handpresso Wild is a simple, lightweight espresso maker that works without electricity and promises quality coffee with a perfect crema anywhere you can find hot water.  Read More

Rosie Roo gumboots

January 4, 2007 Most commonly women’s footwear falls into two categories – fashionable or functional – with precious little overlap. In the spirit of modern fashion, Rosie Roo from Australia is bringing a change to functional women’s wet weather footwear with their spunky new wellies/gumboots/galoshes (depending on what part of the world you’re from).  Read More

The VholdR laser-guided helmet cam

December 21, 2007 Online video sharing has absolutely exploded in the last few years – and the cresting wave of extreme sports we use to wrench ourselves out of the risk-free banality of modern life is showing no signs of slowing down. Helmet-cam technology provides a natural and easy means for the average rockclimber or motorcosser to record and distribute the action and excitement of their weekend – and latest-gen all-in one units like the VholdR push the state of the art further forward with MicroSD memory, laser dot aiming and leveling, and nearly an hour's worth of 640x480, 30fps capture out of a tiny, featherweight, helmet-mount device.  Read More

Squishy Bowls

December 12, 2007 In some situations the simplest ideas can make a big difference and these innovations from Guyot Designs are a case in point. The SplashGuard and Squishy Bowls are convenient, low cost solutions that make spending time on the trail that little bit easier.  Read More

Katadyn Vario Water Filter

December 10, 2007 The Vario from Swiss water purification specialists Katadyn provides a versatile solution to the age old problem of avoiding stomach bugs while on the trail. Capable of producing up to two liters of filtered water per minute, the Vario gives the user a choice between two or three different filtration stages - one for when speed is required and and a second for extending cartridge life.  Read More

Researchers and mountain rescue workers discuss the requirements to be met by a new, autom...

December 6, 2007 A new positioning system which will use Galileo, the future European global positioning satellite system, may prove to be a life saver for avalanche victims. Avalanches kill hundreds of people worldwide every year. In the United States annual avalanche deaths have averaged 25 for the last ten years, with 20 deaths occurring in the 2006-2007 season.  Read More

The Kabe Royal Tower

It seems whatever you want to buy, there's somebody out there making a bigger, more luxurious, more expensive version. Caravan travel has always been about bringing a few creature comforts from home with you on the road – and if your home happens to be a bit of a palace, we've found the caravan for you! KABE already make the longest caravan around with their enormous Hacienda – and for 2008 they're bringing out the tallest too. The double-storey Royal Tower might not fit under certain bridges, but it'll guarantee you're king of the trailer park, master of all you can survey from your cushy balcony view… that is, if you've got a car that can tow it!  Read More

Nissan adds new tent to outdoor accessory range

November 23, 2007 Nissan has released a second dedicated tent designed to fit onto the rear of any Pathfinder, Murano, new X-TRAIL or QASHQAI. The tent attaches onto the rear of the vehicle with the use of adjustable straps and an elasticated sleeve, which fits over the complete rear-end of the vehicle and provides enough room for the tailgate to be opened up into the tent living area. Inside, the living area measures 3 meters x 3 meters to accommodate up to four adults, six if you include the back of the vehicle, and with over 2 meters in height at the peak of the dome there is plenty of standing room.  Read More

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