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Hama GPS receiver

A travel diary and a pen have long been the technologies of choice when it comes to remembering exactly where you got to on your last holiday, but it seems this just won't cut it in the digital age. Products like Sony's GPS-CS1KA image tracker have been on the market for some time and cameras like the recently released Nikon COOLPIX P6000 offer in-built GPS for geotagging. Hama's solution is the i-gotU, a matchbox-sized GPS receiver that displays your holiday route on a computer and catalogues any photos taken on the way.  Read More

Sliding the safety forward activates the laser targeting on the FlashLauncher, which allow...

PepperBall Technologies has released a 100-lumen flashlight that doubles as a semi-automatic PepperBall launcher. The 2.2-pound FlashLauncher can fire up to five projectiles that, in addition to stinging like hell, release a hot pepper powder designed to subdue any assailant.  Read More

Sollight's LightCap

Sollight's LightCap and LightShip solar-powered lights are designed for camping, boating holidays or to use around the home. The LightCap fits on to a standard water bottle and turns it into a portable lantern whilst the LightShip can be conveniently attached just about anywhere for charging during the day and becomes a portable flashlight at night. Both products are perfect in an emergency situation, are weather-proof and importantly, environmentally friendly.  Read More

Cy-Fi wireless sports speaker

There's nothing like strapping on the earphones and cranking up your favorite tunes to help you through a serious bout of exercise, but in many outdoor scenarios, especially cycling, this can become a major safety risk by preventing you from hearing traffic noise and other potential hazards that might not be visible. This is the thinking that inspired Los Angeles entrepreneur Jeff Lotman to invent the Cy-Fi Bluetooth wireless sports speaker, a palm-sized unit that attaches to a bike or backpack and wirelessly transmits music and phone calls from Bluetooth enabled devices.  Read More

The Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle
 Photos: Lotus

August 24, 2008 Look closely and you'll see a Lotus badge on the side of this fascinating device. Built to act as a scout to plan routes for heavier vehicles on flat, hard-packed ice, the Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV) is set to perform its first tour of duty in Antarctica with the Moon Regan Transarctic Expedition. Three oversize, suspended skis give the ultra-light CIV a low friction contact patch, and handle the steering as the biofuel-powered propeller drives the vehicle forward. Braking is another issue - a large, spiked metal arm is forced down into the smooth ice, dragging the CIV to a halt - and it comes equipped with a radar to detect hidden ice crevasses that could spell trouble for the rest of the team.  Read More

Suunto X10

Suunto has unveiled an upgrade to its X9i flagship outdoor GPS wristop computer. The more powerful X10 model features improved tracking, longer battery life and faster performance, including the ability to track better in difficult conditions such as heavy foliage.  Read More

The US$40,000 Leatherman Charge Dorado

In the spirit of finding any excuse to bling up just about anything, Leatherman are celebrating their 25th anniversary with the release of the Argentum Collection – a line of limited edition leatherman tools hand crafted by silversmith Adrian Pallarols that range in price from US$240 to US$40,000.  Read More

Beach Pockets umbrella

We've encountered solutions to the problem of runaway sun umbrellas before, but there's a practical simplicity about this one. Beach Pockets from Seebreeze is a simple way to secure your umbrella by using sand on the beach to weight it down and prevent it from blowing away.  Read More

The Garmin nuvi 550 GPS

July 23, 2008 If you're the kind of explorer who tackles driving, cycling, boating and hiking in the space of a day or weekend, Garmin's new nuvi 500 series is the GPS you shouldn't leave home without.  Read More

Banana Guard – protecting your banana

Bananas have been one of the world’s staple foods for at least 7000 years and remain popular due to their nutritional value and instant energy boost. Sadly, for all their virtues, bananas don’t travel well and just aren’t as appetizing when they’re squashed. Now you can carry and store your banana safely in a backpack, pocket, school bag or sports bag.  Read More

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