Base Camp customizable trailer supplies a rugged box of adventure

Utah's Mobilight International knows a few things about building rugged trailers designed to roll over tough, foreboding terrain. It butters its bread by building mobile light towers for use at mines, oil fields, and other job and event sites. The company recently brought that experience over to the recreational camping and overland market with the Base Camp, a tough steel box built for exploration, adventure and a bit of backcountry comfort.
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Bivak camper turns a pickup truck into a capable expedition vehicle

BundutecUSA already offers a solid line of slide-in pickup truck campers for trucks of all kinds. Its latest model, the Bivak, launches as its simplest and most affordable. Built for the off-road market, the compact camper shell organizes your expedition gear, gives you an optional place to sleep and makes the unpredictable backcountry just a little more manageable. The highly customizable Bivak is the camper for 4x4 pickup drivers looking for "something more than a topper but less than the conventional truck camper."
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Shreddin' teardrops and other off-road camping trailers of Overland Expo 2016

We're just back from a long, windy extended weekend at Overland Expo 2016. In the past when we've made the trip to Northern Arizona, monstrous expedition vehicles like the EarthCruiser FX and EarthRoamer XV-LTS have always made the biggest impression. This year, the big story was really small ... teardrop size, in fact. There was a veritable explosion of interesting off-road trailers, everything from single-person teardrops, to bruising boxes, to simple steel cargo beds with roof tents.Read More

Timberleaf teardrop trailer keeps one eye on design

Exploring the great outdoors doesn't mean you can't enjoy high-quality design and fittings. That's the view of Timberleaf, a small company making teardrop trailers out of Denver, Colorado. With an insulated cabin, anodized aluminum exterior and beautifully wrought kitchen, the trailer combines rugged capability with an eye for detail.Read More

Hand-held microwave takes home convenience into the wild

Flicking on a gas burner or cobbling together a fire might be the most common way of cooking in the great outdoors, but another option is on the way. The Wayv Adventurer is a battery-operated radio frequency cooking appliance that's small enough to fit in a backpack. In other words, it's a hand-held microwave.Read More

Mountain meets the sea in new diving fin design

Inspired by modern click-in/click-out ski binding systems, Italian entrepreneur Paolo Piumatti figured that scuba divers could benefit from something just as convenient. The resulting Finclip system lets divers get their fins on with no awkward bending over or sitting down.Read More


Review: A snorkel that makes you feel like Aquaman

A swimmer's snorkel can dramatically change the way you bang out laps in the pool. Unlike a regular snorkel, these devices typically have a single tube that extends from a special mask up the center of your head so that you can swim without the need to turn your head from side to side to breathe. Ameo announced that it was fundamentally changing the design of the swimmer's snorkel in 2012 with its Powerbreather model. The company has finally released it and we had a chance to try it out.Read More


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