Gidget teardrop camper takes sliding approach to extra space

Outside of the basic ground tent, the timeless teardrop trailer remains one of the lightest, simplest ways to take a camping trip. While they're small, light and efficient behind your vehicle, teardrops can feel a bit tiny and cramped at camp. The Australian-made Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper packs more livable space by borrowing the idea of a slide-out living module from larger campers like the Bett Mobil and DoubleBack.Read More

Modular Pod Tents bring campers together under the one roof

Every day we see new evidence that the world is becoming more connected thanks to technology. Activities that were once enjoyed solo or in a small group are now shared with virtually everyone you've ever known via social networks. Even camping, an activity that once meant quiet, secluded escapes into virtually human-less wild spaces, isn't immune to the trend. POD Tents, designed by the UK's M2C Innovation, make camping more social by transforming the typical small tent into an indoor community.Read More

nipi cooler stays icey for a week, powers your gadgets

Above all else, it's important that any device does its bread-and-butter functionality well. The nipi cooler, which is currently the subject of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, is said to keep ice frozen for six full days, and comes packed with what its makers are calling "21st century survival features."Read More

Tetra-POD clamshell trailer pops open into a boat

At first look, the Tetra-POD is a large, capable ATV trailer that can haul gear, tools and debris as an open tub or an enclosed box. A closer inspection reveals that it's also a boat. With a few simple steps, the lid swings down to join the trailer body in creating a hull that can be motored out onto the open water.Read More

Haz umbrella forecasts the weather for you

Umbrellas never seem to be around when you need them and even if you do have one in hand when the rain starts to fall, they can often be a struggle to put up. The motorized, push button-operated, weather-sensing Haz Umbrella is designed to tackle these issues.Read More

RECCO streamlines helicopter search and rescue

RECCO is well known within skiing and snowboarding circles. For decades, the Swedish company has been supplying ski patrols and rescue agencies with an avalanche rescue system that helps locate buried victims. It is now working on a more versatile, year-round system designed to make helicopter-based search and rescue faster and more efficient.Read More


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