SylvanSport's ultra-versatile camping trailer GOES solar

SylvanSport offers outdoor enthusiasts some of the lightest, most versatile trailers in the business. Now it's teaming up with Goal Zero to bring solar power to its flagship gear-hauling, overnighting GO trailer. The trailer is part of Goal Zero's Solar Ready initiative, which looks to integrate solar panels and battery packs into a variety of common outdoor gear.Read More

Tree-O Hammock Frame creates a cozy dangling hammock community

It's easy enough to group camp chairs next to each other or even zip tents into a large indoor commune. But it may be difficult or impossible to string several hammocks up close enough to interact with friends. You'll need the right set of trees – or the new Tree-O Hammock Frame. This specially designed accessory takes care of the logistics so three hammockers can chat, play cards, share food and drink, and simply relax.Read More

Princeton Tec Helix collapsible lantern gives light control to your smartphone

Even outdoor gear, designed to function far beyond the limits of Wi-Fi and cell phone coverage, is getting smarter and more connected. The new Helix Bluetooth lantern from Princeton Tec turns your smartphone into a camp-lighting remote control. The funky-looking lantern also collapses down with an accordion-like body and folding legs.Read More

IKamper Hardtop One tent expands for roomy car-top camping

The hard-shell pop-top roof tent is a popular style of vehicle tent that features a cube-like fabric body below a hard-shell roof. Such designs offer a number of advantages but are usually limited in space because they're only about as wide as the car itself. The iKamper Hardtop One is billed as the world's first expandable hard-shell roof tent, offering an extra-large footprint that extends off the side of the car and sleeps a family of four.Read More

Polarmond sleep system rolls three camping essentials into a warm personal cocoon

A waterproof shelter, sleeping bag and sleeping pad are three of the most important pieces of kit you'll need when bedding down in the great outdoors on a cold night. Usually those three things are purchased, packed and set up separately, but Swiss startup Polarmond has a different idea. Its All-In-One sleep system rolls all three components into one unit with the goal of delivering a warmer, more comfortable night of sleep in temperatures down to -22° F (-30° C).Read More


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