Portable wood-burning stove offers heat on the go

UK-based outdoors company Anevay recently unveiled a portable wood-burning stove that looks like it could be a good fit for small-living enthusiasts and off-grid types. The firm says that the Frontier Plus can be safely used in a tiny house, van, tipi, or even a tent.Read More

Mannen Caravan project puts a man cave on wheels

Man caves are great, but they are generally fixed firmly in one place, often a back shed or garage. The Dutch-designed Mannen Caravan lets the man of the house cast off the shackles and take his man cave on the road. He can tow his retractable TV, beer keg, big-screen projector system and roof-top lounge anywhere the road takes him and set up camp like a king among men. There's even a remote-controlled beer cooler.Read More

Fiat experiments with 4x4 Ducato camper van

The Volkswagen Transporter may have a richer, more nostalgic history, but when it comes to modern-day camper vans, the Fiat Ducato is the reigning king of base vehicles. Fiat goes so far as to call it "the only base created to be a camper." For this year's Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, Fiat Professional teamed with the 4x4 specialists at Dangel to give the Ducato a bit more capability. The Ducato 4x4 Expedition Camper Show Van opens up new possibilities, letting the Ducato driver stake his overnight claim well off the beaten, paved track.Read More

Beauer 3X expandable teardrop trailer gives you 3x the space

French company Beauer wants you to get more outdoor living space without having to tow a huge, bulky trailer. Its 3X teardrop features a telescopic design that gives you three times the interior space, creating what looks like a tin can in the woods. Beauer is also working to expand its lineup to include a camper van and large trailer, each with 3x expanding slide-outs.Read More

Lava Flow adventure van hauls bikes, sleeps bikers

The North American arrival of the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 has been making an impact on the camper van market with the likes of the Sportsmobile Sprinter 4x4 and Winnebago Era 4x4. Portland-based Outside Van has taken delivery of its first Sprinter 4x4s and has created the Lava Flow, a light camper van with loads of interior space dedicated to hauling sports gear into and out of the wild. It's a van for the full-time adventurer or weekend warrior who doesn't need all the weight and bulk of a fully equipped camper.Read More

Knaus Tabbert brings the Caravisio caravan concept to reality (kind of)

With a bit of inspiration from the slick, yacht-inspired Caravisio concept camper revealed in 2013, Knaus Tabbert has developed an all-new version of its Eurostar flagship caravan. While the "motorhome in a caravan" has lost a bit of the flash and feature of the Carivisio, the Eurostar is a real camper born from the same forward-looking vision: comfortable, adaptable interior, the latest in construction technology, and a touch of "yacht for the road" feel.Read More

VSSL Flask hides your favorite tipple inside a flashlight

The amount of kit needed to go camping in the great outdoors can soon add up. Which means multi-purpose products capable of catering to more than one need can be an absolute godsend. The VSSL Flask is one such item, combining a flashlight, compass and a flask for discreetly storing a beverage of your choice.Read More

ECOmbo solar-equipped camper designed to keep you comfy off grid

Designed as a compact, low-fuss way of traveling far away from the grid, the Ecombo trailer has cozy living quarters inside a rugged block that you tow with your 4x4. The camper from New Zealand-based Ecombo offers a panoramic-view bedroom, full kitchen and solar power system to keep you comfy in the remoteness that surrounds you when you put the car in park.Read More


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