Xraycer goes sledding on mountain dirt and rock

Most adults are happy to remember sledding as a fond childhood memory, perhaps something occasionally enjoyed on a snowy weekend with children of their own. A small but dedicated group, however, refuses to let go, sledding snow right into adulthood and tinkering together new ways of enjoying sledding during the other three seasons. The new Xraycer all-terrain summer sled was developed by just such a small, passionate group.
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USB-powered Evolve Hoodie keeps you toasty warm with tech

Whether or not you're the type that owns articles of clothing for every reason and season, you may want to make a little extra room within your winter wear collection. One of the latest wearables uses modern tech to keep you more comfortable when it's chilly out. Venture Heat has launched its Evolve Heated Hoodie, a zip-up sweatshirt that's powered by a USB power bank.Read More

Life-size Lego teardrop trailer earns world record

Teardrop trailers always seem to bring out the nostalgia in us, so a Lego teardrop is like a hard-hitting nostalgia double-dose. Designed for this week's Motorhome & Caravan Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK, the world's largest Lego caravan stands 7.2 feet (2.2 m) tall and uses more than 200,000 blocks in its construction. And it actually sounds like it could offer a (semi) comfortable night of sleep, complete with running water, working lights and a place to lay your head. Read More

Grillrider rolls a full grill-out by bike or foot

Grilling in the backyard is great, but it can be even better in the scenery of a beautiful park or the company of a pregame tailgate. If you don't plan on driving, however, getting your grill, fuel, food, utensils and other gear there may become so challenging that you call it quits before you ever hear the sizzle of a burger or bratwurst. The Grillrider lets cyclists and walkers roll everything they need for a cookout to the park, tailgate or campground. It's a bike trailer and hand trolley built specifically for grilling, and with its removable modules, it also works as a more general cargo hauler.

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Modular eGroov AWD scooter rolls through beach, forest and city

If you wanted an automobile to drive over sand, dirt and rock, as well as pavement, you'd probably start and end your search at models with 4WD. So why shouldn't the same apply to your scooter selection? The eGroov scooter uses an all-wheel electric drive to keep you rolling forward and a modular hardware set to keep you comfortable.
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Opus Moto folding camper houses your family and your bike

You want to go camping with the family, but you also want to sneak out and bike a bit of the enticing weave of scenic roads just outside camp. You can do both, and you don't even need a camper van towing a toy trailer or a seven-figure expedition vehicle with a bike lift. The new Opus Moto trailer packs the fold-out comfort of the original Opus together with a trailer-top motorcycle carrier and lift system.Read More

Ponsse timber harvesters: The ruthlessly efficient modern lumberjack

Tree-choppin’ was once a man’s man’s game, an art so physically demanding that they still hold wood chopping competitions to this day. But no matter how buff and bearded the chopper, there’s no chance of out-logging one of these things. The modern lumberjack is a rugged all-terrain vehicle with a tree harvesting head that hugs a tree trunk like a koala, then executes it with extreme prejudice, strips off bark and branches, and sections it into logs of a pre-determined length in a matter of seconds. It’s mesmerizing to watch, and kind of terrifying, even if you’re not a tree.Read More

Suunto introduces streamlined Traverse navigation watch for simpler adventures

Back in 2012, Suunto set a high benchmark in outdoor navigation watches with the Ambit, now in its third generation. While the Ambit series has comprised some venerable performers, not every outdoor user needs a high-powered, multi-sport wrist computer. For "aspiring outdoor enthusiasts" Suunto has added the Traverse – a simpler watch with key features like GPS/GLONASS navigation.
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Cypress Umbrella doesn't flip out, thanks to automotive-inspired rib suspension system

Quality products generally make tasks easier to accomplish while lasting longer than their cheaper counterparts. When it comes to staying dry outside in tempestuous weather, however, almost all umbrellas tend to suffer similar shortcomings. The Cypress, however, may be the last and best umbrella you'll ever own, as its telescopic suspension system is designed to be stronger, durable, and more resistant to flipping inside-out.Read More


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