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June 2, 2011

The OSTRICH provides a refuge for a mid-afternoon power nap (Photo: Kawamura Ganjavian)

The OSTRICH provides a refuge for a mid-afternoon power nap (Photo: Kawamura Ganjavian)

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All of us feel the need to make like an ostrich and hide from the world around us now and then. Could this be the answer? Lying somewhere between a travel cushion and a soft bag to put over your head, the OSTRICH is a design concept that aims to provide a portable retreat from any waking daytime environment where the stresses and strains of the day can melt away.

Made from soft flannelet, the OSTRICH can be slung over one shoulder as you traverse from train to work, or head for a quieter empty meeting room for a mid-afternoon nap when your caffeine levels hit an all-day low.

Madrid-based architecture and design studio Kawamura Ganjavian created the Ostrich as part of a new paradigm for adaptable work and rest space.

This could be one of the most appealing snooze-related ideas we've seen since the bed that you don't have to make in the morning came to our attention. It could also be a recipe for suffocation or a great way to make yourself a target of office pranks.


I want one of these...

Windmaster Hiroaki

Pas si mal pour un petit repos :-)

Richard Bourdon


Михаил Финогенов

After laughing for a good few minutes at how silly it looks, I have to admit it\'s not a bad idea. I used to sleep in exactly that position in library cubicles during marathon study sessions at uni. It\'s a surprisingly comfy posture. Add a little alarm clock/mp3 inside and \"do not disturb\" signs = gold. Some sort of snorkel could improve airflow and add to the hilarity. Love the name.


I love sleeping like that but I couldn\'t do it with anything touching my face - I\'d get claustraphobic... clawstrawfabric? what was it??? :-)) and what if you sneeze while inside it? (sorry)


I think I have few fellow students in my college classes that could benefit from this. I would benefit as well as I would no longer have to watch them drool on there textbooks during lectures. We all need more sleep and this is a clever solution.


Isn't suffocating yourself counterproductive to good grades?

Bob Tackett

Every laptop thief should supply one.....anyone considered that all this is a an expensive way to suffocate yourself!

Richard Corso
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