Origami stroller folds up with the push of a button


November 29, 2011

The Origami is a stroller that automatically folds itself up, with the push of a button

The Origami is a stroller that automatically folds itself up, with the push of a button

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Appropriately enough called the Origami, the new baby product from 4moms is billed as "the world's first power-folding stroller." This means that it will fold itself down into a compact car-trunkable bundle, at the press of a button - another press gets it to open back up again. Evidently, however, that one feature just isn't enough. It also has running lights and headlights, plus it will charge your cell phone. There's no word yet on whether or not in can perform diaper changes.

First of all ... no, it cannot fold itself up with a baby still inside. A sensor in the seat is included to keep that from happening. Also, a ring must be turned before the activation button can be pressed, to minimize the likelihood of accidentally-triggered foldings. Additionally, the folding process will pause if an obstruction is detected.

The aluminum-framed stroller's lithium-polymer battery pack can be charged from a wall outlet, although a built-in wheel-mounted generator will reportedly keep it fully charged, too. Should that battery still manage to be dead when folding or unfolding is required, parents can stoop to performing the process manually.

The Origami also features a handlebar-mounted LCD screen. This displays data such as battery level, trip meter, speedometer (really?) and temperature, plus it confirms that the seat sensor is active and registering the presence of the baby. Other fanciness includes four-wheel independent suspension, four cup holders, and the optional device-charging USB cable.

All of this doesn't come cheap, however. If you want an Origami of your own, be prepared to part with US$850. At that price, you'd better plan on getting your money's worth, by having at least two or three kids.

The buggy can be pre-ordered via the 4moms webstore, with shipping scheduled to begin on January 6th. Its Transformer-like folding prowess can be witnessed in the video below.

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They should add a feature that applies a brake when no one is touching the handlebars.


Much more fun if it ejected the infant prior to the folding process, rather than merely grinding to a halt when it senses its presence. Think of the games you could play, like \"Catch The Flying Baby\" or \"Hit The Bucket\". You could have teams of Yummy Mummies in inter-kindergarten competitions. This could be a new Olympic sport... the possibilities are endless. There would have to be controls of course. No manufacturer would be allowed to supercharge the ejector mechanism - 5 metres range should be enough - and scrutineers would have to be appointed to ensure no post-production modifications. Hmmm, there may be some mileage in this idea. ;-))

Mike Hallett

Is this intended for the more money than brains crowd, or the terminally inept?


It is hardly compact in its collapsed mode. Bad design.


Where does the baby fold into?

Mike Biagio

It is a nice stroller but who in their right mind would actually by a stroller for $1000.00.?????????

Mary Fomby
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