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Oregon Scientific reveals MEEP! tablet for kids


February 22, 2012

Oregon Scientific has revealed some technical specifications for its new MEEP! tablet for kids

Oregon Scientific has revealed some technical specifications for its new MEEP! tablet for kids

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Oregon Scientific has launched a new tablet designed specifically for kids at the recent Toy Industry Association's 109th American International Toy Fair in New York. The MEEP! tablet runs on Android 4.0, features a 7-inch Neonode zForce touchscreen display encased in toughened housing with a silicon rubber sleeve, and is Wi-Fi-enabled. Parents concerned about their kids running wild and free online will be relieved at the inclusion of intuitive Parental Control technology that can be adjusted remotely using any internet-enabled computer or mobile device.

Aimed at kids aged six years and above, the MEEP! tablet has 4GB of solid state internal storage with an SD media card expansion slot for up to 64GB of additional memory. There's also USB connectivity and an audio out jack for headphones, and the included G-sensor will ensure that the image onscreen is always the right way up. Oregon Scientific will shortly be adding a number of accessories for use with the tablet, including musical instruments.

There's no word yet on what processor is going to power this new tablet, nor what resolution the front-facing camera will be. It's scheduled for an August release at an estimated retail price of US$149. Hit the source link to sign up for news as it appears.

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Swedish chef jokes, anyone?

Joris van den Heuvel

\"Swedish chef jokes, anyone? \" Jokes? O. S. Comes out with a 7\" tablet for $149, less than the Generic Chinoise tabs out now, and you\'re making jokes? Crapity-crap-crap.

Tom Sobieski

UGHH. No kid is going to want this. Especially kids over 6. Dear parents and guardians, do not get this for your kids. It is going to be complete crap.You can get parental control apps on android! Have you ever seen those cheap android tablets $150. Those don\'t even have the android app store! Get a kindle fire and put android in it. sincerely, Fahmy


The meep tablet is great for the kids. It is a touch device and they can use it to play games, download apps, and watch movies.

Laura Anies

The Meep! tablet looks amazing! i would love to get one for my kids for christmas, looks like the perfect present for them. How effective are the parental controls? i want my children to have a level of independance what they can research but i dont want them comming across any innapropriate materails!

Lily Naomi

The Meep has the most robust parent controls out there... it's all cloud-based, so the child can't 'crack' into them from the tablet like other tablets with the controls within the tablet. You can set as much or as little control and limits as you like. You can suggest websites or videos and not allow any others, etc. The Meep has a full interface with GooglePlay as well as its own 'Meep Store'. And it's more durable than a Kindle Fire.

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