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OpticPro A360 large-format scanner


June 13, 2008

OpticPro A360 large-format scanner

OpticPro A360 large-format scanner

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June 13, 2008 Plustek's new OpticPro A360 is a large-format scanner designed to combine ease of use and advanced networking with the ability to scan an A3 page in just 2.4 seconds (color at 300 dpi).

The A360 comes bundled with its own document management software allowing for fast and secure PDF conversion, highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) and easy sharing of files over a network.

Designed for industry sectors such as finance, insurance, law, healthcare, transport, education and publishing, the scanner includes seven one-touch scan buttons to simplify and automate the most common scanning functions (i.e. scan, OCR, copy, fax and email) and its graphical user interface is available in multiple languages.

The Plustek OpticPro A360 Scanner will retail for around USD$1199.

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