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New Year rolls around in style with ONE calendar


December 17, 2012

ONE: multi-ringed calendar and magnetic designer corporate play-thing

ONE: multi-ringed calendar and magnetic designer corporate play-thing

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For much of the socio-economic West, new year is set to roll around in approximately 14 days. For South Korean designer Jeong Yong, the rolling around is likely to occur literally as well as figuratively, being that Yong is the designer of the ONE Table Calendar, a multi-ringed calendar and magnetic designer corporate play-thing.

The ONE is comprised of three individual magnetic rings. The smallest is marked with the days of the week, the next smallest the months of the year, and the largest the days of the month.

The three rings are magnetic, and mutually attract. The rings can be arranged in at least two configurations, but in each case the date is indicated by the words and numbers on each ring at the point at which they meet.

There's no automation or underlying intelligence in the ONE Table Calendar. Once per day, its owner will need to adjust the three wheels for the date to read correctly, much like tearing the latest trite quotation from a corporate-sponsored desk calendar, except without the disquieting sense of ceaseless despair.

Yong seems to have been inspired by the motion of the Moon about the Earth, but whether that's the case or not, a more rounded visual representation of the calendar is undeniably pleasing, even if there isn't room for ONE on my desk.

At this stage we understand ONE is a prototype, but if we hear more on availability we'll let you know.

Source: Jeong Yong, via psfk

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Cool! and beautifully simple.


Looks like it would fall over quite easily.

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