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One size fits all Mobi-Lens improves the camera of almost any device


August 15, 2012

The Mobi-Lens attached to an iPhone

The Mobi-Lens attached to an iPhone

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The Mobi-Lens is a portable lens for your cell phone, tablet, and even some laptops. Instead of having a design that is exclusive to a certain device, the Mobi-Lens uses a clip-on design that will work with almost anything.

The best way to describe the Mobi-Lens is to compare it to one of those clips you use to keep a bag of potato chips sealed and fresh after you open it. You just line the lens up with your camera and clip it to your device. Once it is clipped on, you may have to fine-tune it to get it lined up perfectly. According to Evette and Aris Allahverdian, the creators of the device, “Mobi-Lens is strong enough to clamp onto your device so that it will securely stay in place, yet it is gentle enough to prevent any damages to your device.”

The device comes in two flavors. The first is the two-in-one wide-angle and macro lens. This lens is used for taking pictures of incredibly small objects that most mobile cameras would never be able to pick up otherwise. It also works for taking wide-angle photos that you would not be able to capture with your cell phone or tablet. This lens is available on Kickstarter for US$30 for the black model and going up to $40 for the red, white or blue.

The second option is the fisheye lens. This is designed for the widest shots. Fisheye lenses create that spherical distortion that works quite well in certain styles of photos. The fisheye version of the Mobi-Lens starts at $35 in black and jumps to $45 for red, white or blue.

The creators have photos comparing their lenses to photos without them and you can most definitely see a huge difference between the standard iPhone 4 camera and the same camera with the Mobi-Lens used for tests.

One thing worth noting is that having a thicker case on your device will cause there to be more black space around the edges of your photo.

Of course, it would not be a Kickstarter project without the ability to bundle. You can get both lenses for $60 in black and $80 in the other colors. The lenses are expected to be delivered in December of this year. For those interested, funding ends September 15. As yet there is no word about other means to order the Mobi-Lens after that.

You can take a look at the Mobi-Lens Kickstarter promotional video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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That thing is bigger than my camera.

Jon A.

Make one clip that has a macro and a telephoto and it would be great

Michael Crumpton

Why not go with Olloclip? Looks better...

Dmitry Sinelov

awesome idea!!!

Olliclip is cute... but if you own it you'll know you cant use any front cameras... or a tablet...or a laptop...or any android device....

Olliclip also doesn't work unless you remove your case. Who wants to keep taking off their case when they are on the go lol.

awesome awesome awesome. loved it Gizmag.

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