One Fast Cat is an exercise wheel for cats. As you'd expect, it's very much like a hamster wheel except it's larger and has a soft surface rather than a rough or grated surface. The goal is to prevent house cats from getting bored and/or developing weight problems. The fun the owners can elicit from watching their cat run on an exercise wheel is just an added bonus.

Cats allowed outside will have no need for this exercise wheel, as they'll get all the exercise they need while hunting. One Fast Cat is therefore aimed at house cats which, for whatever reason, are kept indoors at all times.

One Fast Cat solves two problems inherent in house cats: boredom and a lack of exercise. Boredom can lead cats to destroy furniture or go to the bathroom in places other than their litter box. A lack of exercise can lead cats to become overweight and lethargic.

Though One Fast Cat is not the first exercise wheel for cats, it has been designed to be lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to put together. It's made from sections of recycled plastic, with a 10-inch (25 cm) running tread made from a closed cell EVA foam which prevents the cat's claws from catching. The components are reported to clip together quickly, and the whole thing is shipped in a small box.

One Fast Cat is currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign, and the creators have already raised more than their original goal of US$10,000.

The early bird specials pitched at $175 have all gone, so backers will need to pledge at least $199 for a One Fast Cat exercise wheel. The campaign ends on August 7, and if all goes according to plan, delivery within the Us only is estimated for September. House cats in other parts of the world will have to remain fat and bored for the time being.

The pitch video below shows One Fast Cat in action.

Source: One Fast Cat, Kickstarter

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    • Funny...but I think some people have too much time on their hands! Ha. I hope they do well just because it is so funny! It might make for some great cat videos on youtube!!!

    • it needs something to get the cats attention maybe a laser dot or a dangling cat toy that should reduce the need to "train" your cat to use it

      Lol training cats i have never known that to end well except for the cat

      Bruce Mawby
    • 1 Catnip + 1 dangling cat toy + 1 generator = 0 electric bill.

    • You don't often find the words "training" and "cats" in the same sentence.

      One has to remember: you don't have cats, they have you.

      Mel Tisdale
    • It 'seems' like a wonderful idea. But I have had cats for a large part of my life, and one thing I have learned is that, no matter how fascinated a cat is with anything initially, once that thing is fully explored, the cat's interest plummets to ZERO. That's no big deal if you purchased some cheap toy, but this exercise wheel is no cheap toy.

      (I will say that I have found that the ONE great exception to my statement above, is—the laser pointer. Wiggling that tiny bright spot seems to get them every time.)


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