Onni Smart Care gives the baby monitor an upgrade


July 21, 2014

Onni Smart Care is an enhanced baby monitoring system

Onni Smart Care is an enhanced baby monitoring system

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Onni Smart Care is a new baby monitoring system which promises to do more than allow parents to see and listen to their (hopefully sleeping) little one. In addition to streaming HD video and audio to a smart device or computer, the Onni Baby Pro monitor features a room temperature sensor, a remote controlled nightlight, and the ability to play soothing MP3s to your child via a built-in speaker.

The system consists of a web portal and a series of apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) which can be used with the Onni Baby Pro smart monitor, or your own webcam. This allows parents to keep track of, and share, practical information such as diaper, feeding and sleeping habits, in addition to monitoring. This could be particularly helpful for parents changing shifts in the middle of the night … or those who are simply too sleep-deprived to remember.

The Onni Baby Pro smart monitor is a quirky-looking device which connects to a Wi-Fi network. Monitoring duties are dealt with by a 5 megapixel camera with an infrared light for night-time viewing, and a high-fidelity microphone. When streaming video to a smart-device or computer from within the home network the footage will be HD 720p resolution, but slightly lower when being used remotely away from the home.

Alerts can inform parents when a baby is crying, or if the room's ambient temperature is too high/low, and come through as push notifications to the selected devices. There are also warnings if there's no Wi-Fi or if the battery is low. The smart monitor can wirelessly connect via Bluetooth 4.0 to an optional sleep sensor, which is placed under the child's sheets and warns if life signs aren't detected.

Using the app or web portal, parents can control a built-in multicolor nightlight and upload MP3 files which can be played through the monitor's speaker (such as soothing lullabies or a parent telling a story). There's also the option to grant user rights, allowing other family members to view the video stream at set times. Using the web-portal there's the option to compare a child's development against World Health Organization Child Growth Standards.

An Onni Baby Basic subscription option allows parents to use the apps and a version of Onni Baby web portal with their current webcam rather then the Onni Baby Pro smart monitor. With either package users will also be able to use additional webcams to monitor other rooms or children through the Onni Baby system.

The Onni Baby Pro monitor, which comes with 24 months access to the service, will go on sale in October for around US$320, or $400 with the optional wireless sleep sensor. The Onni Baby Basic subscription optional is available now and costs $150 for 12 months access to the web services, with an extra 12 months currently thrown in for free.

You can check out the Onni Smart Care system in the promo video below.

Product pages: Onni Baby Pro, Onni Baby Basic

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