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Olive limited edition multi-room music system


April 28, 2010

A limited edition Olive 2 zone player styled by Karim Rashid

A limited edition Olive 2 zone player styled by Karim Rashid

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Acclaimed designer Karim Rashid has provided two new designs for audiophile-grade digital music manufacturer Olive to screen onto new limited edition versions of its number 4 music streamer and number 2 zone player. The pairing is capable of delivering lossless audio to up to ten rooms around the home, storing thousands of CDs and offering access to numerous Internet radio stations.

Olive last appeared on Gizmag in November 2009 when it announced the release of the O4HD 2TB high resolution music streamer which was claimed to play back music at "250 times the resolution of CDs". Its latest offering is a limited edition restyling of the number 4 music streamer and the number 2 zone player.

"We design products to fit perfectly into your living environment, not to meet the antiquated conceptions of conventional electronics design," said the company's Oliver Bergmann. "Beautiful form always follows smart functionality. We are honored that Karim Rashid has developed two beautiful design patterns, reflecting the diversity and vibrance of music."

Custom-built in the U.S. from fine grade aluminum, the 1TB music server is reported to be the first to feature a high-resolution color touch-screen and, along with the zone player, can stream high-fidelity music to up to ten rooms. The system can store and play up to 3,000 CD lossless audio conversions and gives access to the thousands of internet radio stations currently gracing the web.

Rashid said of his styling overhaul: "I am interested in having the Olive 4 speak to us about our new sound landscapes and the spirit of the digital age. The new movement of technographics I have done for Olive is a epistemic landscape that is hypergraphic, hypertrophic, and energetic."

Crisp audio and high design does come at a price though, the limited edition Karim Rashid Olive 4 music server is available direct from Olive for US$1,999, with each similarly styled Olive 2 zone player costing US$799.

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