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February 15, 2014

Removing the backpack

Removing the backpack

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It seems that every year manufacturers add a new function to the backpack or carry-on. In 2012, it was the Micro Luggage scooter. In 2013, it was the Glyde Gear Fly backpack-trolley-scooter. And in 2014, it's the Olaf backpack-trolley-scooter-skateboard. This 4-in-1 pack offers some serious flexibility for transporting you and your belongings.

Like the other models mentioned, the Olaf Urban has a fold-down scooter platform that allows the rider to scoot his haul across the airport floor. The single wheel affixed to the rear of the board combines with the two front wheels integrated below the pack itself.

When scooting is no longer feasible, the scooter can be quickly folded and the pack worn on the back or pulled along as wheeled luggage. The backpack can also be separated from the scooter hardware completely, which provides the user with a lighter, more comfortable pack and a standalone scooter.

The Urban's last trick, and the one that separates it from similar products we've covered, is that the handlebar folds flat around the scooter platform, transforming it into a skateboard. It doesn't look like you'll be flying over staircases or off vert ramps with this particular board, but it should be adequate as a means of wheeling across campus.

In addition to the 4-in-1 Urban scooter, Olaf is working on a 3-in-1 Business model. In place of the soft backpack, the Business version uses a more rigid, carry-on-style pack. It can be pulled as wheeled luggage or scootered via its short, folding platform. The "3-in-1" is a bit of a stretch since the third function is simply hauling it by its handles. The wheeled hardware does not remove, so it doesn't offer any skateboard capabilities.

Olaf is still setting up production and distribution. At last month's ISPO Munich show, it told us that it hopes to launch its packs in about three months for a starting price around €250 (US$340). The price is a little steep for what appears to be a cheap scooter/board and backpack, but if they can bring it down a bit, it seems like an interesting, multifunctional piece of kit.

Source: Olaf Scooter

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Wondering, what is the point of being a copycat if you're not making a better mousetrap?


Surely, if you already have a stiff or rigid framed backpack, you could strap a skateboard to it and there you are! Wear the backpack, roll with the board if you need to. A second strap would be your tow-along handle.

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