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OfficeGym lets you work out at your desk


September 20, 2012

OfficeGym attaches to your chair to be used at any and every opportunity without interfering with your work

OfficeGym attaches to your chair to be used at any and every opportunity without interfering with your work

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Many of us now do most of our work sat at a desk staring at a computer screen for hours on end. While this an inevitable part of modern-day living, it does present certain challenges to our health and wellbeing. A sedentary lifestyle isn't recommended, but it's often difficult to motivate oneself to visit a gym or do any kind of physical exercise before or after a hard day at work. So, what about doing some physical exercise during work?

This is the idea behind OfficeGym, a piece of exercise equipment which is designed to be installed on an office chair at home or in the workplace. It can be used by anyone who, for whatever reason, sits for long periods of time, apart from those with serious pre-existing conditions. The make-up of OfficeGym is based on the notion of "three-dimensional exercise" and the "principle of rotation." The Osteopathy Association of Southern Germany has approved the product.

OfficeGym is keen to point out that although the product can be used for fitness training, it's designed more as a "wellness tool." The thinking behind OfficeGym is that "most common diseases, serious or minor ones, are directly caused by the lack of physical exercise," so even a "minimum amount of exercise" can be extremely important. The OfficeGym website offers a comprehensive set of reasons why you should buy the product, with a 'Who', 'What', 'Why', 'Where', & 'When' layout that is actually rather convincing.

OfficeGym can be attached to chairs with backrests measuring anywhere between 30cm and 80cm. Two pairs of Velcro straps are used to attach it to your chair of choice. The actual exercise equipment comprises two pulleys – one on either side – which emerge from an aluminum tube. These can be positioned in either up or down positions, with the exercises available changing as a result. The range of exercises available is impressive, with different routines designed for the chest, shoulders, arms, back, abs, and legs.

There are of course existing alternatives. Not only have we previously seen the GymyGym exercise chair, you could simply stand up and walk around at regular intervals throughout the day. It may not be as original or innovative an idea, but it's a good way of getting your limbs moving and your heart pumping. And best of all it's free. OfficeGym, meanwhile, is priced at 149 Euros (US$193).

Source: OfficeGym via TreeHugger

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I had this idea for use with while video gaming, The down side was I got strong enough to break the game controller. oops. now No more workouts.

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