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OdMEx concept: the billboard house that generates an income


February 19, 2012

The OdMEx house concept sees a house built onto the back of a mobile billboard

The OdMEx house concept sees a house built onto the back of a mobile billboard

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Last year we looked at Adzookie (now Brainiacs From Mars), which will turn a house into a (house-shaped) billboard and pay the mortgage for a three-month period. As part of the "House Prototype" Design Competition for Baanlaesaun Fair 2011, Bangkok, Thailand-based design firm Apostrophy S (or 'S) has come up with a similar - yet different - advertising-centered housing option. Instead of turning a house into a billboard, this proposal turns a billboard into a house.

The design team's OdMEx House blends outdoor media (ODM) with some low-rent mobile housing by attaching rooms to the back of a billboard. The three-story OdMEx house doesn't provide a lot of room to move, but is still big enough to accommodate two cars on its ground floor, with the bedroom, living areas, kitchen and bathroom located on the second and third floors.

Designed to be mobile so it can be transported from site to site, the house features a trailer base atop which the house sits. The advertising emblazoned facade takes the form of a trivision billboard so that the images on both the interior and exterior can be changed. The rear sides would be made of Thai style blending iron like many houses in Thailand, while the roof would be fitted with solar cells to act as the main energy source for the house.

Although Apostrophy S envisions the OdMEx house as an ideal option for those looking for the flexibility to take their house on the road while generating some extra income from advertising, the interior design concept illustrations are a bit too "prison cell" for my tastes. And while being eminently suited for those billboards reading, "If you lived here, you'd be home by now," the requirement for the house to be located in high traffic areas probably wouldn't appeal to everyone.

Source: Apostrophy S

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Their logo looks sooo much like that of FedEx...

Marilyn Harris

I would like this design to include air filtration so that the people residing so near the roads can breathe cleaner air.

Carlos Grados
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