O-range Connector Vest backpack replaces straps


August 10, 2012

A vest with extra storage in back

A vest with extra storage in back

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O-range is an Italian design studio-turned-manufacturer that builds a line of distinctive backpacks and bags. Its new Connector Vest strips the straps off the backpack and replaces them with a vest. It's designed to be a more ergonomic, comfortable solution for outdoor enthusiasts.

O-range told us that the Vest was designed with skiing and snow sports in mind. It could presumably be useful for anything from daily commuting to hiking, as well. It adds a little extra insulation while keeping the backpack cinched down against your body for added comfort.

The zippered Connector Vest essentially replaces backpack straps. It includes an adjustable system that you can use to dial in the correct fit. It can be used with the gamut of O-range bags, providing several different size and configuration options. We don't know for sure without testing it, but it looks like it should minimize the amount of bouncing and shaking while moving. The O-range system is modular, and the vest and straps can be used interchangeably, assuming you have both.

O-range plans to get the Connector Vest to market later this year. The full vest + backpack system will retail for around US$260. The vest component will also be sold without the backpack for around $190.

Source: O-range

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Hot. That contraption looks like it would boil a person alive. Did any of the designers take a quick 20k x-c ski tour with one of those things wrapped around them? My latent inner sadist wants to see video..

Alan Belardinelli

If you wear a backpack strapped firmly at both the shoulders and waist it will mess up your back by not letting it move freely. It looks to me like this combination could have the same problem.


After checking out their site, the stuff looks well designed and made. This new product is clearly not meant to be used in an aerobic sport, but as stated in the article could be useful in downhill skiing or snowboarding. That said, it seems to me that taking the form of a vest adds a measure of difficulty for access. With a daypack, simply pull it off one arm and you're nearly in. With a vest it's more like having to partially undress! While it's a cool concept, I'm not sure what particular problem a vest solves that isn't solved more consistent or eloquently with a properly fitted daypack.

For motorcycle touring, this seems like a good solution - especially the pack model with solar charging panels...

Vince Pack

It reminds me more of my personal flotation device than a vest or a backpack. I can hear all of the Marty McFly references to his "life jacket" being repeated to the wearer daily.

Gene Jordan
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