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Firmware upgrade gives Samsung NX10 i-Function lens compatibility


October 12, 2010

i-Function lens technology featured on the NX100 (pictured) is now compatible with Samsung's NX10

i-Function lens technology featured on the NX100 (pictured) is now compatible with Samsung's NX10

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Samsung has announced a firmware upgrade to its small interchangeable lens NX10 mirrorless camera that gives it compatibility with the company’s new i-Function lens technology. Making its first appearance recently on the NX100, the i-Function lens communicates with the camera body to allow photographers to control camera settings using the lens. Samsung also announced that all NX system lenses launched from now on will feature i-Function capability.

i-Function lenses feature a one-touch button that activates common shooting controls like aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. Shooting parameters are displayed on the camera’s display and users can cycle through settings and change values by rotating the lens’s manual focus ring. Samsung has implemented the system to allow photographers to keep the camera focused firmly on their subject while making changes to the camera settings.

The 1.20 firmware upgrade provides compatibility with a range of lenses, including a compact-zoom 20-50mm lens and a 20mm wide angle Pancake lens. The upgrade also gives a boost to the NX10’s AF speed, includes Lens Distortion Compensation (LDC) and updates the camera’s GUI to support the i-Function lens technology.

We want to ensure that all NX system range users can experience the same pioneering technology,” said Mr. SangJin Park, President of Samsung Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics. “All NX system lenses launched from now on will feature the groundbreaking i-Function capability, so all our customers have the perfect picture at their fingertips.”

The 1.20 firmware upgrade is available for download from Samsung.

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