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NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro has professional market in its stereoscopic sights


July 28, 2010

NVIDIA is targeting the professional market with its 3D Vision Pro solution

NVIDIA is targeting the professional market with its 3D Vision Pro solution

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It seems that barely a day goes by without some new 3D product hitting the shelves. With 3D technology having obvious applications for engineers, designers, architects and computational chemists it’s not surprising to see NVIDIA is set to bring out a new 3D stereoscopic solution aimed at just these markets. The company’s 3D Vision Pro brings true stereo 3D to the desktop along with support for LCD panels to offer a practical way to provide a 3D viewing experience for large scale visualization environments like video walls and collaborative virtual environments (CAVEs).

The 3D Vision Pro system incorporates active shutter glasses and a radio frequency (RF) communication system that provides long-range connections of up to 150 feet, with no crosstalk, blind spots, or other transmission issues between multiple systems. The glasses feature a wide range of panel and projector support and come with rechargeable batteries that provide up to 20 hours of continuous viewing. Positioning itself as a professional stereoscopic solution, status information is transmitted from the glasses back to the host for effective IT management.

The RF transmitter hub and active shutter glasses of NVIDIA's 3D Vision Pro solution

The system will also require a compatible NVIDIA GPU running on a Linux or Windows XP, Vista or 7 based system, a 3D display or projector and an application supporting Quad Buffered Open GL stereo or NVIDIA Stereoscopic 3D driver.

Unlike NVIDIA’s consumer-oriented 3D products, such as its GeForce 3D Vision system, NVIDIA is aiming at the professional market with the 3D Vision Pro. It offers physicians the ability to view volumetric scans like ultrasound in 3D, while businesses could use the system to provide large-scale visualizations such as video walls. It is also aimed at people who work with complex 3D designs, allowing them to see their work in much greater detail.

“With their launch of a professional 3D solution, this technology can easily move beyond the entertainment viewing experience for individual consumers," said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research. "By providing large scale visualization capabilities and remote management capabilities, NVIDIA is pioneering 3D technology for the enterprise, opening the door for professional users and large scale visualization system integrators to utilize 3D in ways not thought of before."

NVIDIA's 3D Vision Pro will be available in October directly from NVIDIA and from authorized resellers at MSRPs of US$349 for the glasses, and $399 for the RF transmitter hub.

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