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NV01 modular bookcase fits together like a giant jigsaw


March 15, 2013

The NV01 modular bookcase by Noir Vif can be configured to suit individual needs

The NV01 modular bookcase by Noir Vif can be configured to suit individual needs

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NV01 is a prototype shelving system that can be extended and adapted to fit the available space in any room – in terms of both width and height – by assembling the identical modules in different configurations.

The NV01 system is the work of Paris-based Noir Vif, a design studio founded by André Fontes and Guillaume Lehoux. The corner joints of each module, which allow each to be slotted into place like a jigsaw, are the key to the design.

Lehoux explained in an interview with Gizmag that the concept emerged from the wish to make furniture that can fit almost any kind of housing, is simple and cheap to manufacture, and provides playful and creative options for the user. The number of possible combinations is very high. "You can make a small bookcase by piling two or three modules or cover a whole wall with modules to suit your needs," says Lehoux. "There are also 'double' modules that can be integrated vertically or horizontally [to] extend the storage possibilities and disrupt the overall look of the 'grid'."

NV01 is at present just a prototype hand-crafted from wood, but Noir Vif is keen to bring the system to market and is actively seeking a manufacturer to produce the modules.

The final cost of NV01 will depend on the materials and manufacturing processes employed. Lehoux suggested that the relatively simple shape of each NV01 module means an extruded polymer could be used in order to keep costs low.

Source: Noir Vif via Designboom

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I'll stick with cinder blocks and 1 bys.


Like a giant jigsaw "puzzle". I don't see anything resembling a tool in the image.

Stan Ubeki

Slowburn, of course you would, I prefer black glass shelves on black alloy supports, things you have to keep shiny and clean, maintain, oh wait, I have those

Bill Bennett

I kinds like it, it looks like a jigsaw. It will be amazing in the right colour, will definitely light up a room.

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