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Numark Redphone: The one-sided headphone designed to set DJs free


January 28, 2013

Numark's Redphone is a professional DJ stick that has one headphone with a 50mm driver mou...

Numark's Redphone is a professional DJ stick that has one headphone with a 50mm driver mounted on a cushioned, ergonomic handle

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If you've ever seen a professional DJ at work, you've probably seen them holding a pair of headphones to one ear to monitor the audio and cue up tracks. That's part of the reason professional headphones can swivel one cup outward, but it's not the most comfortable way to quickly check on the music. Numark may have a solution to this with the Redphone, a professional DJ stick that has one headphone mounted on a cushioned, ergonomic handle.

The Redphone is designed to easily pick up and listen to music without remaining tied to a console or clumsily holding up a full-sized pair of headphones to one ear. A swiveling, padded ear cup allows users to fully enclose and muffle outside noise in one ear to make sure their audio is cued up correctly. The handle is also designed to be cradled on a person's shoulder like a land-line phone, for those moments when they need two hands on the console.

The headphone uses a 50 mm driver with a maximum input power of 3,000 mW, ensuring that every aspect of an audio mix is piped through loud and clear. A three-meter (10 ft) cable is also long enough for a DJ to freely move around even a larger rig.

This isn't the sort of thing you'd use for extended listening, but it could be an incredibly useful tool for DJs who just need to monitor their music. Numark is currently selling the Redphone through its website for US$69.95, which includes a detachable 1/8-inch-to-XLR cable, a 1/4-inch adapter, and a carrying bag.

Source: Numark

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