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Nucleus modular wine rack is flexible and beautiiful


April 9, 2013

The options for the Nucleus wine rack are numerous

The options for the Nucleus wine rack are numerous

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There's more to enjoying wine than just the act of drinking it. For people who collect wine, displaying it for guests is almost as important as enjoying the aroma and flavor of the drink itself. The Nucleus modular wine rack is designed with this in mind. It's minimal, and completely customizable, so it can cater to as many or few bottles as a collector needs.

The rack was created by Dutch designer Thijs Goossink with versatility in mind. Besides being able to accommodate as many or as few bottles as needed, the pieces can be assembled in all kinds of shapes, so it can match the look and feel of any room. The creators describe the Nucleus as "an interactive piece of art for your wine bottles."

Besides having a distinct look, the creators also wanted a wine rack that could be used in small spaces, such as within an apartment. The variety of possible shapes allows it to be placed inside of a small cabinet or on a section of countertop, when space is at a premium. Some of the demo photos also show Nucleus mounted on a wall, which would most certainly be a good way to make the most of limited space.

Nucleus is made from aerospace-grade aluminum with a scratch-proof anodized surface. The interlocking pieces form a sturdy structure, and the openings are wide enough to suit a bottle with a diameter of up to 90 mm (3.5 inches).

Three colors are available for the Nucleus modular wine rack – silver, orange, and blue. The product is available in a pack of 16 elements for €115 (US$150) in all three colors. Individual elements are also available for €8.25 ($11).

Source: Esthys via Appliancist

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Good idea, looks nice and think the price is good to. They should consider building a wood model aswell as nice quality wood is the look alot of people want for their wine shelf.


Thanks Arahant! I think wood isn't so suitable for the interlocking mechanism we use. But it would indeed be very nice to have aluminium elements and wood elements in one assembly. We will keep it in mind, nothing is impossible!

Esthys DesignProducts

This is nice... but I much prefer the Wine Hive. Same materials, similar interlocking mechanism, but the interior of the Wine Hive has a curved shape that better cradles bottles. Plus, it's made in the USA.


Round off the sharp front edges, as they would not only cause injury to the bottle & label, but also possibly the user. Maybe a wooden front bullnose to soften the opening.

The size does limit the bottle diameter, but one could place larger bottles on the open top section.

Bob Flint

@beardofdoom -- I appreciate your preference for the WineHive, which is indeed a much cleaner design. The 120-degree joints of the honeycomb also distribute weight loads far more efficiently and with less material than any manmade 90-degree structure. Nature knows best :)

Cheers, John

John Paulick
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